Carolina Panthers Running Back DeAngelo Williams Gave Up His Seat to a Marine

Whenever an NFL player finds himself in trouble, it makes headlines, but players do good DeAngelo_Williamsdeeds every day that never make the news. For example, did you know that Carolina Panthers player DeAngelo Williams gives up his business class seat to members of the military when he flies?

Williams tweeted a picture of the Marine he gave up his seat for on Monday.

“He doesn’t know it yet but he will be sitting in this seat when he boards the plane I always give up my 1st class seat! #isalutethetroops,” Williams wrote on Facebook.

It wasn’t long before the naysayers on social media accused the running back of crafting a publicity stunt, so it appears that sometimes celebrities can’t win for losing. If Williams had posted a ratchet video, he would’ve been assailed for being just another mindless athlete with money, but when he posts an image of his good deed, he’s accused of being fake.

Either way, Williams didn’t seem bothered by the criticism and judging from his posts, has always viewed himself as patriotic.

“I always do that and for those of you that are saying I shouldn’t have posted keep calm and enjoy my page and happy 4th of July (it’s called being patriotic for life),” Williams wrote.

A lot of people on social media showed Williams love by giving his post almost 26,000 likes and over 200 shares.

Williams lost his mother to cancer in May of this year so it’s wonderful that he is able to still open his heart. Williams started a cancer foundation on behalf of his mother and says both his mom and her sisters died of cancer before they turned 50. He took several photo shoοts with his mom that were placed on cancer awareness billboards around the city.

Williams is a pro-bowler who has played eight seasons with the Carolina Panthers.





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