4th of July Visitor Trapped in Chicago Jail for 30 Hours

A man visiting his son in Chicago’s Cook County Jail over Independence Day weekend ended Cook county jailup trapped there for 30 hours.

The man became trapped after he walked into an empty visiting room. The door was wedged open because contractors had been installing cameras in the room, but when the door shut behind the man, it locked, trapping him inside.

“Unfortunately the door locked behind him,” Cara Smith, executive director of the Cook County Jail said, according to CBS Chicago.

The man remained trapped in the area over the holiday weekend, from around 6 o’clock Saturday evening until 1 o’clock Monday morning.

“For approximately 30 hours. A very, very long time by any measure,” said Smith.

There were stools inside the room, so the man thought he was waiting to visit his son.

“After about two hours he realized he was in the wrong room,” Smith said.

The man says he yelled and banged on the door to try to get attention, but in maximum security the walls and doors are extremely thick so no one heard his cries for help.

“There’s about two feet of cement and two steel doors between him and the outside,” Smith told the Chicago Sun-Times.

He finally got help by breaking a fire sprinkler which resulted in the fire department being alerted.

“Brilliantly, he broke the sprinkler head off which alerted the fire department so they were able to identify where it was coming from and they went in and found him,” Smith told the Chicago Tribune.

Authorities want to know why the door was left open and why no one noticed the visitor trapped in the room.

“We’re been looking at how and why and what went wrong,” Smith said. “Multiple things obviously failed including a contractor leaving a door open while they did work in our jail. It was a perfect storm of circumstances that led to this horrible incident.”










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  1. Don't visitors have to sign in and out? Nobody noticed he didn't sign out?

  2. Exactly. A lot of people were asleep at the wheel.

  3. I Do believe this really did happen the other day I was talking with an officer and was told that happen. The reason that happen is because the people that are working in the jail are to scared to do any thing, that’s because they are hiring the wrong people for the jail. The man should be paid for being locked in there for three days, also the only way they new he was there is because he broke a pipe an flooded the place and the firemen found him.

  4. I use to work in crook county jail and that did not happen never because the people that was working there were not scare and warden English wood not hire you if you could not fight it was nice working there, we were very well respected in the jail and on the out side of the jail. Thanks to Warden English and Danny Robinson.

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