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July 29, 2014

White Teachers Shouldn’t be Instructing Brown Students, Say Protesters

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A group of activists gathered in California to protest the hiring of a white teacher for a cultural studies class say it’s nothing personal, just that they’d like to see teachers who reflect the student body. Community and church leaders present at a news conference on Monday say they want the Fresno Unified School District to reconsider its hiring of a white teacher to instruct minority children on cultural studies….

Marvin Gaye: Sexual Confusion, Bittersweet Success, and Murder

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Marvin Gaye is considered to be one of the most iconic soul singer/songwriters to come out of Motown and was known as the “Prince of Soul.”  He was born on April 2, 1939 in Washington D.C..  He was named after his father Reverend Marvin Gay, who raised him in a strict environment.  Gaye learned to play the piano and drums in his childhood and sung in church until he reached…

7 Strategies for Creating $1M Profits In Any Economy

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William R. Patterson is a renowned executive coach, award-winning lecturer, and national best-selling author.  He is the CEO and co-founder of The Baron Solution Group; the company holds business and personal finance workshops in cities across the United States based on the strategies Patterson outlines in his book, “The Baron Son.” The Baron Solution Group integrates over 1,000 wealth-building resources and 250 proven business and financial accelerators to instruct people…