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July 27, 2014

Man who filmed Eric Garner says police have harassed him over the video

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April V. Taylor Imagine planning to eat dinner with your friend and deciding on a restaurant but never making it because police officers murdered your friend.  That is what Ramsey Orta experienced on July 17 when he filmed NYPD officers placing his friend Eric Garner in an illegal chokehold that eventually led to his death.  Had Orta not filmed the incident, internal police memos indicate that the officers involved had…

Facts in the Marissa Alexander case make her appear guilty

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  The community has been outraged over the conviction of Marissa Alexander, who was allegedly sent to prison after firing a warning shot to escape her abusive husband, Rico Gray. But facts are emerging which state that things may not be as simple as some might have thought. A recent interview with her husband shows that Gray was often times the aggressor in their relationship. Also, there is evidence presented in court…

Rev. Al Sharpton Throws United Negro College Fund Under the Bus Over Koch Donation

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The United Negro College Fund has taken a lot of heat for accepting a $25 million dollar gift from the conservative Koch brothers. Most recently, AFSCME, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, cυt all ties with the UNCF for accepting the gift, and now Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network is piling on. Last week NAN released a  statement siding with AFSCME over UNCF. “While National Action Network…

Compton Official Who Called Trayvon Martin a Fαggot Accused of Having Sεx With an Unconscious Person

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A  Compton school board member who once called Trayvon Martin a “fαggot black dude” was arrested on Thursday for sεxually assαulting an unconscious person.  U.S. Marshals arrested Sky Fisher, 32, at the Los Angeles World trade center on suspicion of oral cοpulation with a person who is asleep or unconscious. Fisher’s spokesperson refused to comment on the allegations. He was booked into the Vista Detention Center in San Diego County on…