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July 23, 2014

Black Jesus Official Trailer: What Would Jesus Do In Compton?

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Aaron McGruder is most famous for creating the show “The Boondocks,” which originally appeared as a comic strip.   MCGruder was born in Chicago but grew up in Maryland where he later attended the University of Maryland and earned a degree in African American Studies. During his time in college, The Boondocks debuted in the campus newspaper, The Diamondback.  The comic strip premiered as an adult animated sitcom on Cartoon Network…

Developer Extell has created a separate entrance for the poor in luxurious NYC condo. www.blacklikemoi.com

The New Jim Crow? NYC Condo Creates Separate Entrance For Poor Tenants

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Reported by April Taylor A New York City developer has been given the go ahead to construct separate entrances for low income residents of a condominium being built on the city’s Upper West Side.  The city approved the proposed design submitted by the developer Extell.  The condominium will house tenants who will receive rent subsidies as well as tenants who pay market rent. Low income tenants will be housed in 55…

Judge Raps Verdict to Man Convicted of Stealing $2,000 Puppy

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An Oregon judge must’ve been a rapper in a former life, at least that’s the only explanation for why she recited a rhyme during a convicted man’s sentencing. After JaJuane Etheridge was convicted of stealing a puppy at gunpoint, Judge Susie Norby rendered her decision with Dr. Seuss precision. “You lied and lied; I can’t put that aside. “It was your car; you went too far. You hid the pup;…

Dr Boyce Watkins: Facebook trends that come off a little bit confusing

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by Dr. Boyce Watkins Soooo, the latest Facebook trend must be to say something like “I’m so (fill in the blank – name any city) that I blah blah blah…..” OK, I get it. For example, “I’m so Louisville, KY that I used to get into fights with other kids over whether we could beat Kentucky.” But I admit that I don’t like that trend. Here’s a better one: I’m…

Min. Louis Farrakhan Explains Why African-Americans Don’t Care About Black People

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Although African-Americans may care about what happens to their brothers and sisters in America, they don’t care about blacks in the international community, said Min. Louis Farrakhan. During an old interview with KISS-FM, Farrakhan said one of the ways this shift came about was through the loss of black media. “In New York city there were several black shows… there was Black News, Positively Black… There was the national program…