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July 8, 2014

Man Wearing Uncle Sam Hat Arrested for Threαtening Obama

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Secret Service agents arrested an Alabama man who threαtened President Obama while wearing an Uncle Sam hat. Deryke Pfeifer, 54, was arrested on Monday, according to The Smoking Gun, after he recorded himself making video threαts against Obama. Pfeifer is currently behind bars awaiting a hearing. Secret Service claims that in addition to making several Facebook videos where he wore a red, white and blue hat with stars and stripes, Pfeifere…

Mellody Hobson: Determining Your Own Financial Destiny No Matter Where You Come From

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Mellody Hobson’s story is one of inspiration.  She rose from an unstable home environment to become a prominent leader in the academic and business worlds, inspiring many to reach for something higher by deciding they want more out of their lives.  She graduated from Princeton University in 1991 and began at Ariel Investments, LLC as an intern shortly after.  By 2000, Hobson had ascended to the role of president of…

How Do You Budget To Save Money For What Your Really Want?

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Michelle Singletary is a nationally syndicated, award winning columnist for The Washington Post.  She graduated from the University of Maryland at College Park and Johns Hopkins University and has a Master’s degree in business and management.  Her column, entitled “The Color of Money,” is runs in over 100 newspapers and focuses on personal finance issues and advice.  The column as won multiple awards including being nominated for a Pulitzer, receiving…

People “Still Think of Obama as a Nιgger,” Writer of “N” Word Column Tells Don Lemon

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James Collier, author of the controversial “N” word column, defended himself on CNN by saying he called Obama a nιgger because that’s how many people still think of him. During the CNN segment, Don Lemon asked Collier what prompted him to write the column titled “The Nιgger in the White House” to which Collier replied “a great many people in the United States continue to think of President Obama as…

Carolina Panthers Running Back DeAngelo Williams Gave Up His Seat to a Marine

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Whenever an NFL player finds himself in trouble, it makes headlines, but players do good deeds every day that never make the news. For example, did you know that Carolina Panthers player DeAngelo Williams gives up his business class seat to members of the military when he flies? Williams tweeted a picture of the Marine he gave up his seat for on Monday. “He doesn’t know it yet but he…