Woman’s Tongue Is As Long As An IPhone

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Twenty-one year old California student Chanel Tapper has earned the unique distinction of having the world’s longest tongue by the Guinness Book of World Records.  Measuring 3.8 inches (9.75 cm) from tip to top lip, her tongue is twice as long as the average persons.  To give it some perspective, it is as wide as the average palm and nearly the same length as an iPhone.

During an interview with Guinness World Records, Chanel discussed her record breaking body part.  She reveals that she was around 8 years old when she discovered that her tongue was distinctively long.  While taking pictures for Halloween, she noticed that her tongue was significantly longer than the friend she was posing with.  She also says that people began to comment on her tongue in middle school.

Chanel says that she does not wish she had a normal tongue.  Since she was born with it, she would not choose anything different.

She mentioned that she does take note of her surroundings before acting goofy or sticking her tongue out because of the reactions she normally gets.  Some people find the length of her tongue amusing while others are freaked out by it.

Chanel believes she inherited her long tongue from her mother.  While her mother’s tongue is longer than average, it is not quite the length of Chanel’s.

Chanel says that she is always conscious of her tongue.  She feels that it does affect her relationships because most guys “have their mind in the gutter.”

She is hoping that her 15 minutes of fame from appearing in the Guinness Book of World Records will possibly help her pay for the rest of her schooling.  She is currently a full-time student and works part-time.

Check out the following video to see Chanel’s epic tongue for yourself:

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