Unemployed George Zimmerman Spends $200 a Month on Therapy and $100 on “Vacations”

by / June 30, 2014 Black News 6 Comments

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George Zimmerman’s divorce filing reveals that not much has changed in the life of the manZimmerman_interview who gunned down unarmed teen Trayvon Martin.

Since being acquitted in the kιlling of Martin, Zimmerman hasn’t gotten a job. During trial he collected hundreds of thousands of dollars to pay his legal fees from people who believed he was well within his rights to have used lethal force against Trayvon Martin, but most of that money is now gone.

The $400,000 Zimmerman raised for his legal defense is now down to $300, according to Zimmerman, and he still owes his lawyers.

Zimmerman quit his job and went into hiding after news of him gunning down Martin made national news. Initially the Sanford Police Department in Florida refused to arrest Zimmerman, sparking outrage across the country.

Although Zimmerman is a member of the long term unemployed, he still somehow finds the money to spend $200 a month on counseling and $100 a month on vacations, according to the financial affidavit filed as part of the divorce hearing.

In September of last year, Zimmerman’s soon to be ex-wife, Shellie Zimmerman, cited irreconcilable differences in her divorce papers.

“I have selfish husband,” she said. “George is all about George.”

Shellie said her husband would disappear without letting her know where he was going.

“I stood by my husband through everything, and I feel like he left me with a bunch of pieces of broken glass, that I’m supposed to now assemble and make a life,” she said.

She also said she didn’t even recognize the man she married.

“I think I’m realizing that I have been married to a person for almost seven years, and I don’t think that I ever really knew him at all,” she said.


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  1. STOP GIVING THIS GUY INTERNET SPACE ON B.L.M!!!!, This guy has caused so much pain, I'm sure most of us don't want to see articles on this guy at all regardless of what he's doing or not doing, Unless that articles is " ZIMMERMAN GOES TO JAIL ", nothing else period.!!!

  2. By the way I've not even read the story, just the headline, and it makes me sick when I see the man.

  3. Okay, my question is where is he (or anyone else) receiving therapy for $200 a month?? Where does one vacation for $100 a month. Even a tent and S’mores in the backyard would run you more than $100. This guy is such a liar.

  4. Who the hell cares the media keep on making this bastard famous crawl under the nearest rock and do the whole world a favor and die already

  5. He is a NON- Mother F— ing Factor!!!!!!!!

  6. Oh my goodness! an outstanding post dude. Thanks a lot Even so I

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