Transgender woman charged with murder for illegal rear end injections

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Padge Victoria Windslowe, a transgender Goth singer, is being charged with murdering a stripper via butt-injections.

In February 2011, the male-born singer hosted a butt-injection party in Philadelphia in which she pumped silicone into 20-year-old Claudia Seye Aderotimi’s buttocks for free, according to the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office. She sealed the exotic dancer’s wounds with super glue and cotton bαlls.

Reportedly, when Aderotimi complained of feeling chest pains after the injection, Windslowe told her to drink lots of fluids and call an ambulance if necessary. Aderotimi died shortly after from pulmonary embolism which, according to law-enforcement officials, was caused by Windslowe’s silicone.

The singer, also known as Black Madam, was charged in July 2012 with third-degree murder for Aderotimi’s death. Windslowe has now offered to plead guilty to involuntary manslaughter and serve 2.5 to five years in prison. Still, Windslowe has tried to convince the public that there was no malice behind her actions.

“The Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office would like to promote [the] thought that it was greed, recklessness and malice that fueled my conduct,” the 42-year-old wrote in a letter to the Daily Mail.

“However, I swear that my aim was noble in nature. I simply really just loved the feeling of . . . helping others feel more beautiful, wonderful and magical about themselves – just as someone once helped me.”

A statement from the DA’s Office reflects that they do, indeed, believe that Windslowe’s motivation was greed.

“Her conduct cost one young woman her life and placed countless others in danger,” said D.A. Seth Williams. “The defendant put her own greed above the public’s health and safety, and instead of being remorseful she bragged about prospective clients.”

At the time of Windslowe’s arrest, she had already been charged four months earlier with aggravated assault for causing injury to a 23-year-old woman with her silicone injections.

“Perhaps someday there will be no need for such a barbaric, dangerous and deadly practice as the free deposit of silicone into the human body for female enhancement,” wrote Windslowe.

Windslowe’s trial is scheduled for February 2015.





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  1. I was confused by the title…I thought it was a woman turned man…but its really a guy!!!

  2. Tragic! You can call him a woman, transgender or what ever; bottom line he's going to a male penitentiary, that's some gay equality for your as.

  3. What difference is it that this individual is transgender and how does that add to the story? The real story is someone practicing medicine without a license–poorly–and killing another person as a result. That should have been the focus, not the person's sexual identity.

  4. Agreed! The author is just aiming to demonize her.

  5. IKR, it's like when they say "the 25 yr old blonde"

  6. Why are people still doing that when they know the risks? Makes no sense trying to get a bu++ you won’t live to enjoy.

  7. DUMB ASS!!!!

  8. Windslowe's actions were stupid and neglectful. I disagree that greed had anything to do with her actions.

  9. Michelle you are so right

  10. A person should be happy with the butt the good Lord gave you!!!!

  11. If a person is guilty of a crime, the public has the right to know even if they're Transgender, race, whatever, its relevant to some of us.

  12. It was an irresponsible act that demands an even harsher punishment, since this individual didn't learn the first time that practicing medicine without a license is illegal and potentially life-threatening. I also hope that people who are seeking this kind of body modification in such a barbarous way would just save their money and go to a LICENSED plastic surgeon, rather than risk death in order to improve their appearance.

  13. No, the focus should have been on this fucking racist, transphobic society, where trans women of color face higher unemployment and incarceration rates than literally any other demographic. This woman wasn't greedy; they were someone surviving in a society where it is virtually impossible for a working class trans woman (and especially if that trans woman is a woman of color) to find meaningful employment. They were someone who figured out a way to make enough money to survive while providing a vital service for other trans women in their community in the pretty much the only capacity they could (legally or otherwise). The fact that this person is trans IS important; but its important in demonstrating that we live in a society where trans women in particular have no way of being anything other than criminalized: our mental health and access to lifesaving surgeries is treated as secondary or frivolous all while we have virtually no employment opportunities. And when we attempt to take matters into our own hands (without the medical degrees that most of us don't have access to) we're still fucking demonized. What the fuck are we supposed to do? Just hate our bodies and hope that one day enough money will fall into our laps so we can afford expensive surgeries that are sometimes necessary for our daily survival?

  14. This young lady’s death was a tragedy.

    When will we, as females, stop doing dangerous things all in the quest to have a perfect body.

    I bet you there are no men out there who would be willing to have silicone injected into their penises to have the “perfect” sex organ.

  15. Damn Fools

  16. know thy self, love thy self!

  17. 2.5-5 yrs???? Not enough!! Don’t let this clown back on the street for a very long time!!

  18. The killer’s gender should not be an issue. Stick to the facts of the case and stop the childish game of the Howard Stern shock jock schtick.

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