Tracy Morgan in critical condition after serious accident

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We received this news this morning, and are in hopes that Tracy is OK.  Car accidents can take away the things you value the most in an instant, so we encourage those who are reading this to be careful on the road.  Tracy is a tremendous talent, and we want him back and healthy. 

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Famed actor and comedian Tracy Morgan is in critical condition after a late night car accident that cost another person his life.  The actor was in a limo bus, according to CNN, and the accident took place in Mercer County, New Jersey.

Sgt. Gregory Williams of the New Jersey State Police says that the bus overturned at the New Jersey Turnpike in Robbinsville.

“The limo bus is the only vehicle that overturned,” Williams said. “Looks like one of the tractor-trailers may have rear-ended that limo bus, but that’s preliminary at this time.”

The actor is currently in critical condition in the hospital, and the causes of the accident are under investigation.  Sgt Williams says that he doesn’t believe alcohol played any role in what happened, but the case is still under investigation.

One person was killed and seven others had to go to the hospital due to their injuries.   The man who died was named James McNair, a 63-year old man from Peekskill, NY.  He was riding in the limo bus along with Morgan.

Morgan got his first big break as a cast member of the show, “Saturday Night Live.”  This led to other opportunities, including the NBC Show, “30 Rock.”   The incident occurred Saturday night at 1 am during Morgan’s tour for his “Turn it up funny” stand up comedy tour.

Morgan has overcome a great deal in his life.  When he was 17, he found out that his father had AIDS.  A year later, his father died from the disease.  That same year, Morgan married his girlfriend Sabina, and began selling drugs.

After having only limited success selling drugs, Morgan spent some of his time doing comedy in the streets.  His best friend told him that he should be doing comedy for a living and a week later, his friend was killed.  This inspired Morgan to pursue the outstanding career that he has today.

We send our condolences to Morgan and his family and wish for him to have a speedy recovery.

Below is an appearance that Morgan made on the Arsenio Hall Show.  He’s as interesting as ever:


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