Texas Council Member Who Wants Blacks Off the School Board Defends Remark

by / June 11, 2014 Black News 51 Comments

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A Texas city council member is standing behind racially inflammatory remarks she made whileTrube discussing troubles at La Marque Independent School District.

Connie Trube was discussing the school district’s financial and academic issues with the husband of a political rival, but what Trube probably didn’t know was that she was being recorded.

“It’s not going to get any better until you get those blacks off the school board,” Trube explains during the recording. “She really turned black. She got on the school board with the rest of the blacks and they all just ganged up and that’s why the school system has gone to hεll.”

Although some in the community have called on Trube to resign, she has defended her remarks.

“What is on the tape is nothing more than me stating my honest opinion, and I don’t back down from that,” Trube said. “I never denied what was on the tape.”

“If you’re heard on tape making disparaging remarks, I’m just saying, it’s time that you resign,” said resident Geraldine Sam, according to Click2Houston.

A candidate for council has also chimed in.

“It really casts a negative shadow on the city. We can’t move forward with those dark clouds hovering over the city,” said council candidate Christopher Lane.

Trube has already been censored by the city council and a formal investigation is ongoing.

“Racism will not be tolerated on any level in the city of La Marque,” said Mayor Bobby Hocking.


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  1. Typical White Racists Texan! No they don’t back down that’s why Davey Crockett and all his friends were killed at the Alamo – Texans are stubborn and think they are all that. Just get rid of her – she should be forced to resign. Racism is alive and well in Texas and all over the United States. We might as well be back in the thirties and forties – its getting worse by the minute and I am sick of it!!

  2. Connie Trube looks real racist-her hateful face. Racists cannot believe Blacks have caught up with them in academics, job tech and now politics. We have a racial minority as President of US. That is hurting racists. They were raised to believe Blacks were intellectually inferior to them. Now they are disappointed what happened to the world. Trube should resign and go home to be re-weaned by her mother.

  3. Well sure. It’s completely inappropriate for Negro’s to be in the same district with white children, much less on the school board.

    Negro’s are just different, and it’s just better for everyone if we have separate school districts. Just sayin.

    • I agree mark. We are different. It’s sad when we are made to sit beside whites in school, and to serve with them on the school board.


    • If such racists are in school admin, we must have racists as federal judges. We have one in Madison, WI who claimed Blacks could not be as smart as Whites. She was surprised I scored the highest on state job exam. She thought I was a ghost. I have filed a recusal from my cases. She refused. That will be decided later. A mentally sick and ugly federal judge.

      • While we were asleep for the past 60 years there has been an ongoing movement by white supremacist to permeate all forms of government local and federal. The movement has been very successful in penetrating policed armed services, military, politicians, certain corporations, judgeships – and yes the school board. Not all white people are racist – just these idiots. Check this old documentary which speaks to this very old but successful plan. http://youtu.be/tK_vFc46hrI

      • It’s just that this is no longer the 50’s where we just scratched and head and wondered why Negro’s we’re so different.

        This is the 21st century and now we KNOW why. Negro’s are a significantly differing species with very violent evolutionary behavior traits and an extremely diminished IQ.

        Troublesome Inheritance – The Bell Curve – Jason Ritchwine

        Given these facts it just doesn’t seem practical that we should have them walking around unleashed and wild amongst white people. It’s just dangerous and creates confusion and disorientation for the Negro.

        It’s just better for everyone if they have their own grassland/preserve kinda place where they can be among their own kind. Just sayin.

        • “Negro’s are a significantly differing species with very violent evolutionary behavior traits and an extremely diminished IQ.”

          You are hilarious with the whole violent evolutionary behavior bull. Perhaps you might refer to the history of how this great nations of ours began. It was started in bloodshed and violence and if you watch the random shootings, you will see the same bloodshed and violence – today in 2014! Have you not noticed the latest national massacres have been done by – certain white males. Coward asses who will suicide right after killing others. And you Marky likely fit the profile of a domestic terrorist now.

          I often ask why do good people of all colors permit ignorant people such as your self to walk around free and unleashed. But that’s right because this is America, and you are an Amuorikkkan. Your brain probably didn’t get that. I try to speak in a language you understand – something to do with fear.

          People of other races actually like it when ignorant white people give in to the stupid idea that they are somehow the most intelligent and superior. Keep believing that – because it makes it so much easier to out think you in the long run. And we’ll be here for the long run buddy – unleashed and all! There are so many lovely surprises coming. LOL. Sleep well tonight. Kling to your fear, guns, and religion. Boo. Ha ha ha ha.

        • Mark, Mark, Mark,

          You need to read the news and realized that the most violent people of them all are White’s. Look at the news it isn’t blacks shooting up schools and colleges. It is a bunch of white males that think that they should be superior and what the reality is your not. What should happen is people of your sort should be put in some type of isolated camp in the middle of the desert, maybe Arizona and live your life of judgment, condescension and evil diatribe. And the rest of us that want to excel, encourage, enjoy, accept and love life live in the rest of the world. One more thing your group would be cut off from the media. No one wants to hear your nonsense.

          • Oh My God -Go Brothers and Sisters – Yea! I was awaiting your help with this headless, dumb jerk of a cracker. He wants us to call him “Massa Sur” Mwstudy and De u guys gave him a good history lesson. Yea, Homeboy( Kling) you white folks didn’t invent half the things you say you did – those old slaves like you like to call them invented most of the things and never given credit for. Since you are white and so superior contradict that smart ass!! You will never have a “ALL WHITE WORLD” so get over it and put on your white sheet and shulk. And if the world was all white how would you survive – you cant weaklings. The first open heart surgery was done by a black man, etc, etc, etc,!!

  5. I really can’t understand why the ugliest, wrinkled faced White folks dislike Black people so much. Are they just jealous because we are not as ugly as they are at a certain age or what? Why does she think there is a need to kick all the Black people off the board? Apparently she is not having her racist way. I would suggest to Ms. Ugly, go home… stay home… and allow your city, county, state, etc., to move into the 21st century!

  6. So here's the problem. The woman is probably racist and she should be censured for her remarks. But nobody ever gets past the comments to see if they are perhaps true? Maybe there is a group of black school board members who are doing the wrong thing. Take away the stupid comments and look into her concerns. But that will never happen.

  7. Perhaps the African-Americans on the board aren't doing the things the way she sees fit. Doesn' t mean they'r e doing it wrong, or they're what' s wrong. Truth be told, there are far more caucasians holding offices and messing up. Let's not get on the so called judges allowing white males to get away with heinous crimes suchas, murder with vehicles, while driving drunk as hell, and this by far has been the worst, raping and molesting minors. Each pervert used the defense of Afluenza, which is a bunch bs! Perverts are getting a slaps in the wrists for ruining lives. The truth of matte, it's because their white and ric, because a rich black male eould have to do some prison time for the crimes mentioned. As far as this racist broads concerns go, it's all about the color of their skin. For if it wasn't, she would have given all the particulars of the black board members' wrong doings. So, you can go on with that mess you posted. Anywhere but here.

  8. Well, I just think that most are now realizing it’s really inappropriate for Negro’s to have citizenship in a White country founded by/for White people. It just makes no sense.

    And given the innate violent and anti-social behavior of Negro’s it’s probably best we remove them to some type of reservation or preserve area for everyone safety, and a more benign and reasonable social society?

    • Black people are violent! How about the kid who gunned down 26 children; How about the kid who gunned down movie goers, How about the kids who stabbed a girl in Wisconsin; how the California College kid who gunned down girls recently. These were not Black kids. They were White gunners. Violence can occur in every race.

  9. Funny how!… no one makes " stupid" comments when their in the Hospital and they need a heart or a kidney transplant? These are our kids for God's sake!. If you teach Hate… they will learn it and learn it well. You can't direct young peoples lives in the Right direction, when you Hate some of there advisors because of the color of there skin. No one ever thinks that the Dr. that cures Your sick racist self might be someone of another race.

  10. Hey Mark

    Typical white racists comments. First of all the White didn’t find this country dumb dumb – it was the Indians – Violence? look how the white man kills so many children in the schools – please Mark get a hold of your white self and be gone – you belong in the dark ages. White are much more violent than the blacks – they kill more….. If we go to a reservation – we taking you with us old cracker!!

    • I agree. Look at my latest posting. It’s as if you were reading my brians.

  11. Mark Kling, are you a member of the present US Supreme Court? You sure sound like you are. You are an idiot and a racist which is consistent with the present members of the US Supreme Court.

  12. Hey Mark

    Did you take over for the Grand Dragon David Duke of the KKK?
    We aint going no where Brother!!

    • Negress – Surely you would much rather graze in your own land among your own kind with those your own culture and behavioral traits? Better for Negro’s better for White peoples.

      Govern yourselves (LOL) your own way, have your own school boards and engage in behavior socially that to you and yours would seem normal and natural. Be your own king beast so to speak. Surely, that must make sense?

  13. Negress??? lol, ok old Plantation owner – You one of those that pretended you hated us black women but you loved us didn’t you? That’s why theres so many half breeds…You probably have some running around. You have to be an old fart because no one can possibly remember that name – let me guess an old white cracker from the South with KKK ties. Be gone ghost!!
    Whose your daddy?????

  14. Mark go dig a Big Hole and get in it!!! We will never ever leave – you will first – you will never ever see separatism ever – your worse nightmare is that they will be more of us. Like the Mexicans they taking their country back. Good for them by the way you do sound like you on the supreme court and what are you doing on this website – go to the skinheads website – I think you would be more comfortable there boy!

    • Yea, but wouldn’t you want an all black country? Just think about it. All Negro’s on TV ALL THE TIME. Negro Heros’, Negro Brain Surgeons, Negro Astronaunts and ONLY Negro’s, Negro EVERYTHING. In your own Negroidal country!

      Everyone understanding everyone’s be dat’s and be fo’s, come’on, that’s got to appeal to you. Yes?

      • @ Mark-I say yes we can have our own communities with our own banks, stores, etc. However, it wouldn’t be ours for long because all of the white women would come in and try and take the black men….We would also take all of the inventions and patents that we possess which you-white people-would have to pay us for if you want to use it…White people did not discover America. You cannot discover something that is already occupied (ignoramous). Christopher Columbus was drunk and dumb which is the reason he ended up on the shores of now America because he couldn’t read the map (not smart at all)! Therefore, yes, you and your people can have your school boards and whatever else, but remember you have to watch what you use because it could’ve been invented by someone black/African and you would have to pay us Boyeee!!!

        • LOL

          • Mark, please read my latest posting. We Blacks are at disadvantage -conspiracy against us. But we are catching on faster than they thought.

        • De, remember for centuries Europeans had a conspiracy against Africans: “Don’t share advancement with Blacks wherever they are. Once Blacks know what Europeans are doing the whole world will not be Black, not White -but tan.” This conspiracy has failed. We have now a racial minority as US President – supervising people of all races and creed. Watch out those racist federal judges – they want to perpetuate this conspiracy. But we have also Blacks in that group: Herman Cain, Allen West, Michael Steele, Deneen at FoxNews etc. These are dangerous to Black people.

          • I doesn’t make sense. White people hiring a NEGRO to run a WHITE country. OK, maybe to do the lawn, but run the country… it’s nuts.

            Negro’s in colleges, judges, congress, it’s ridiculous, it’s like that picture of dogs playing poker come alive.

            Surely, just because some school falsifies some Negro as a “graduate” LOL and gives a Negro a lab coat or a Judges robe any White person actually BELIEVES they are in any way qualified?

            They’re NEGRO’s for gods sake! The Bell Curve. Come’on, you guys know nobody actually believes any of that nonsense. Right?

          • You’re a dreamer for return of 50s and 60s. Look at my posting above. I recently took exam and ranked No. 1 on Wisconsin state job exam. Candidates’ exam papers were sent to neutral ground – UW processors. When ranking came – the whole department went nuts -a Black man beat Whites! They can’t deny me the job – I scored not 2nd but highest. Too late racists have now lost every excuse. In fact, as stated in another posting, I sued the State of Wisconsin in federal court: A white federal Judge, Crabb a bigot, presiding asked me:
            Crabb: What was your score and rank on exam?
            Balele: I scored 94.6% and I ranked number 1 or highest.
            Crabb: No!
            State Attorney: Yes, your honor. He ranked highest
            Crabb: How many people took the exam?
            State Attorney: A lot of people, your honor
            Crabb: Were there Whites taking the exam?
            State Attorney: Yes, your honor
            Crabb: I can’t believe it. It was not an exam:
            State Attorney Yes your honor. It was an exam – here is copy of his slip
            Judge Crabb almost peed in her pant. Crabb was raised to believe Blacks were intellectually inferior to Whites. But that was in 1994. Now we have this Board member behaving the same as Crabb. Thank God Crabb is soon retiring. She will be like Margret Thatcher who had a stroke- for hating racial minorities in England. When Thatcher died, Britons–Whites and racial minorities danced in the streets. I really don’t know what racists get-losers! They will go to hell when their time on this earth expires. No rational God will allow them in Heaven.

  15. @ Tom Hodgson.

    OK. Let's not pretend that folks upset about this don't have common sense and were born this morning!

    1. If Trube had such moral qualms about some Black school board members doing the wrong thing, she would have put it into the moral context of right and wrong and not skin color….like all people do when they are TRULY concerned about an immoral person. This is just common sense.

    2. If she wanted people to "look into her concerns", a smart educated woman like Trube would have put emphasis on her "concerns" related to the problems of the school district.

    3. When given the opportunity to clarify her concerns…which would help folks to "get past the comments" she made, she stood by her comments…which was a blanket statement obviously implied that no Black people on the school board = no problems left in the school district!

    4. If the situation was reversed, no White person with any ounce of sanity would allow a hater of White folks to be a member of a school board that ultimately determines the type of disciplinary policies, resources, and education their White child would receive in the school district! Therefore, censuring Connie Trube isn't good enough…resignation/firing is.

    Miss Trube is racially prejudiced. Generally speaking, I would not be too concerned about that, since I run into "Trubes" a few times a month, at the least…and being from Texas, was used to it long before I left home and experienced the same anti-Black racial prejudice in various parts of the globe! However, she sits in a position of relative power, which involves creating policies that will effect Black youth in the school system, and it's natural for her choices within the school board to be guided by this racial prejudice. This makes her a racist. And her desire to make sure that Black folks don't have representatives on the school board to represent and protect the educational interest of Black children, makes her an evil person, in general, and an evil racists, in particular!

    It's amazing to me that after a minimum 400 years of living next to Black folks here in the North American continent, some Whites still, while claiming not to be racist, or claiming to be a "fair" judge of character, do not mention the above concepts when they accuse us of being "overly sensitive" to race, or "too emotional", or "jumping to conclusions".

    If they would call something that waddles and quacks like a duck…a duck…then maybe meaningful dialog between Blacks and Whites could occur and we would be more inclined to actually care what the general White population thinks! Judging by the current social, economic, political, military…and even school-board education policies of this society, in relation to how they treat Black folks…it may be sadly true that "that will never happen".


  16. Samuel Burnham I started out by saying she was probably a racist. And a secretly recorded conversation with another white person will make a lot of honest talking folks look stupid. Be honest, don't you think private conversations between blacks would often sound racist? All I'm asking is that maybe we should consider what she said as having some merit. If she were at a public forum and announced at the microphone that the school board members from the following six neighborhoods should resign because they have a history of self dealing (then name the neighborhoods) she would have been talking about specific issues with specific individuals. Instead, she said something stupid in private. She should probably go, but I bet there are issues in that school district that will now not be discussed.

  17. I expect a comment like that from a white person. If she had specific concerns about certain blacks, then she would have said it. I guess you are like her huh? We are all painted from the same brush.

  18. Be gone Mark. You are like General Custer – he thought he was the Almighty White God until the Indians killed all of his regiment.
    We not as weak as you think but then you don’t have any brains to think with – I feel sorry for you Mark – you will be in for a rude awakening. Like I said before Mark – go put on your Big White Sheet and burn some crosses on some lawns mainly your white counterparts. Power to the People!!!

  19. Samuel Burnham, well said. I wish I could like you comment twice.


  21. Racist heifer!!!!

  22. I don't have a problem being honest. Rather than focus on a conversation that " would often SOUND racist" (implying doubt), I peronally look at what is racist. I know some Black folk who don't like White folks and visa versa. I look at their reasoning for their beliefs (or lack of reasoning, depending) and go from there. However, some things are crystal clear. This situation is clear, no gray area. She said left no doubt. It's unfornate…for her…that this was supposedly a private conversation. However, modern racists in her postion would be stupid to go back to the "good ol days", when they could overtly herd our Black children into special education classes due to their racial bias, or set us up for what many activists…White and Black…now call "pre-prison academies"! Or,like what they did to 16 year old Kiera Wilmot in Florida…exelled her from school for a science experiment bursting in a 8 ounce water bottle on an open campus…with no one close to the accident except Kiera! By the way, she was a staight A student with no history whatsover of behavioral issues.

    How we found out about Miss Trube is generally the only way to "prove" racism in todays so-called "colorblind America". Furthemore, most anti-Black supremacist are smart enough to have private conversations about how they are going to and are currently attacking Black folks in various ways (subtilely, overtly, covertly, false charges to throw us in prison, Michael Dunns picking fights with our youth and shooting them when they stand up for themselves, etc). Since that mentality is what anti-Black racists would call a "race war"….and they aim for nothing less than either overt genocide, deportation to Africa, modern slavery (prisons), or triage (slow, gradual genocide)…

    then the privacy of anti-Black racists…including Miss Trube…is no longer a concern of mine. Her part in this "war" on Black folks…of all…our very children…should mean that no one in her target group should care either! An anti-Black racists who's in charge of the education of Black children is nothing less than exacting triage on them and shoudl be removed.

    Also, there's no "merrit" in repeating the implication that Trube did when she had chance to clarify her comments. Now if she decides to critisize the Black board members on their "merit", she would be rightfully accused of having her judgement influenced by hatred of Black people.

    No body that truly focuses on a real problem between human beings will bring up race as the problem and then "stand by" their statement,unless race truly is what they consider the problem to be.

    The fact that she was willingly talking to the spouse of a rival also gives me reason to doubt the extent of this private concersations" privacy", but that's another story. Bottom line, her racisim in that influential position of hers will allow her to make choices that will harm Black youth in the school district. She needs to be fired.

  23. Lol, Fellow African- American, ignore Mark Kling. Obviously, this idiot just climbed from off of his sister and came out of the cave they dwell in , like the filthy trash buckets they are,to comment on this post. The joke is, he actually believes this country was founded by white me for white men. More like stolen by paled skinned theives, for their incestuous inbreeds. How the hell can you claim land that’s already inhabited? Get the hell out of here you filthy scumbucket! Hell is to good for trash like you and the other kkk trash in the world. And the other commenters already stated, your kind is the most violent race on the planet. The same field you tried to put Afican-a Americans in to run wildly,.instead. ask your whore ,black penis loving, slut bucket mammy ,to go out into field, because she’s the real animal.

  24. Lia I just got to work and I am reading your comments – If I have to say it myself they were awesome!! I laughed so hard it made my day. Thanks for that. Kling seems to think he can go toe to toe with Blacks but its impossible – he better get it soon
    or shut up.

  25. The lady was probably right about getting the blacks off the school board as the majority of them are nothing but trouble. Most of them are extremely violent. When they do not get their way, the first thing they want to do is fight. They lack the necessary verbal skills to communicate intellectually so they resort to cursing and fighting. They do not know any better. I repeat – THEY DO NOT KNOW ANY BETTER.

  26. Anatasia – Be gone – read papers and listen to news the most violent people are the whites – with that name you are probably an illegal alien (lol) German maybe? – All races curse and fight dumb dumb – Go back to your country NAZI – I was born here were you????? All of the things you said are untruths and wishful thinking on your part. You wish All of Us were lacking in being able to communicate intellectually but those days are over – Our President is Very Smart and can communicate with the best of them that’s why you white people are so jealous of him – Bush was white but dumb as hell! Now take that wench! Blacks have been suppressed for centuries but we still excelled in Sports, Education and communication. Our inventions are awesome.


  28. Get out of here, you moron.



  31. Mrs/s. Elouise, don’t sweat Anastasia either. She’s another one that probably envy you and for our beautiful skin-tone. She probably gets to rhe tanning salons before it opens. Nit mention, she more than unlikely sits up daydream about all the black men she would love to lay with, just like her stringy-haired, lice carrying, filthy, mammy, grandmammy, and great-grandmammy. I work in the school system and boooooy let me tell, it’s not one particular race who’s out of order, it’s the whole damn generation. So, sister Winbush, please don’t get to upset with a Anastasia’s comment, she ugly and sick. The hole they try to dig for us, is the same hole they’ll see dirt being shoveled over their heads.

  32. Tom Hodgson
    What you saying is 100% correct but when you are in a position of power and influence you need to curb your racist views.

  33. Lia, Thank you for that…


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