Terry Crews says every child needs a father, and is pummeled for it on TV

The world is heavily politicized, and people are picking their camps.  They are also fighting over even the smallest issues in the gender wars and there is no end in sight.  Actor Terry Crews was taken to task during an episode of “The View” recently when speaking about the importance of children having a father.

In the clip below, Crews says that a father gives many important things to you a child, including his inheritance of a legacy, his confidence and his name.   But he’s not talking about the words behind the name.  Instead, he is referring to the identity that children keep with them when they go through life.

Mothers are precious and necessary in the life of a child, most people would agree with that.  Would it be wrong to say the same thing about fathers?

During the debate, Sherri Shepherd comes to Terry’s defense.  Shepherd deserves credit for her support of Crews, since she is in the middle of an ugly divorce and has both of her ex-husbands filing court documents against her at the same time.  Whoopi Goldberg, however, seems to strongly disagree with Crews, along with the lone white female on the show.

Watch the video and tell us what you think.  Do children need their fathers or are fathers easily replaced?  Would we say the same thing about mothers?


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  1. Bobby Fisher at 7:06 pm

    ok lest hear more ignorant racism… wish people like this weren't allowed to have internet and give there unwanted viewpoint

  2. Bobby Fisher at 7:22 pm

    a woman can NOT take the place or truly do the job of a father… all these single moms telling themselves and telling other single moms that they can are whats called lying to themselves and others… fact is only a woman can fully do the job of a mother and a man IS the only one who can do the full job of a father…. only a truly ignorant and full of themselves person would argue with that…. plus what dose that do to the little boy hearing " don't need a man' witch moms growing up seemed to say freely… come on people… help build better or the best u can lives for children and tell the ego theres a time and place for everything…. its sad really

  3. Darrell Mills at 9:59 pm

    A boy resonates with his father differently than he does with his mother. The same with a daughter and her father. Conversely the same dynamic operates in reverse when it comes to mom. We have been socially engineered to believe that there is no difference…There is a difference. A mother can can instill manly swagger in a young man. She cannot understand the influence of testosterone when it becomes active in a young boy. A father cannot fully understand the roller coaster experience a young girl will experience when estrogen kicks in. Blah blah etc, etc…Terry Cruse is on point.

  4. Micole Spicer at 12:15 am

    You are right. Fathers are needed! It takes a man and a woman to create a child. Even though faithlessness is in every culture African Americans seem to be getting hit the hardest in this area. We have much work to do in the African American community.

  5. Micole Spicer at 12:28 am

    Floyd Patterson You are so right! God created a man and a woman who create children. You can't have one without the other for the creation of children. Ladies who have children need to stop saying I don't need a man or their children do not need their father. Even with single dads raising their children by themselves the mother is still needed.

  6. Kareem Sharif at 1:35 am

    It is what it is ..you want to hear some fake fantasy euphoric shit then go to Hollywood. …but it's the truth. ….She is self hating and has no respect for her self.

  7. Kareem Sharif at 1:39 am

    If you are looking for a fake euphoric response then go write a script for Hollywood movie with a happy ending. …because What I said was the truth. ….Self hatred is Whoopi's marquee

  8. Garry J. Anderson at 3:00 am

    I actually saw this episode and it was disgusting how whoopi and Jenny did their best to undermine what Crews was saying. This society has fathers optional, and women believing they don't need a man in their sons lives. But will take him to a preacher to be mentored…nevertheless, Crews was on point, and sadly his message was hacked to pieces by those two. The ORIGINAL design was man AND woman. That's the pattern I represent.

  9. Sylvester Hall at 2:02 pm

    Terry is right, A woman can't replace the father and a man can't replace the mother. So for all the single parents out there, make sure your child has a relationship with their fathers.

  10. Batuur Nidas at 3:39 pm

    the fathers main job is to be the protector. A mother can try to be the protector but its not her duty to do so. Every child knows the difference between there mother or father growing up and then they start assimilating the either the daughters to the mothers or sons to the fathers. With single motherhood you see a lot of effeminate males around who don't truly know there role. Is a football coach the best source to learn basketball from? is a hockey coach the best source to learn baseball from? NO. If a boy wants to know how to become a man he needs to go to the the source. if a girl wants to know how to choose a real man to be her husband she needs to go to the source. THERE FATHER.

  11. Daven J. Oglesby at 3:43 pm

    I dont care what black women have to say about it, young boys NEED a father, I for me especially having two younger sisters and being mostly raised by my mom, having my dads presence meant everything to me. I wouldnt be the man I am without some of my pops guidance.

  12. Mary Campbell at 11:58 pm

    The only reason I watched the show that day was because of Terry Crews. I couldn't believe the backlash he received from Whoopi and McCarthy. I stopped watching that show years ago because everyone wanted talk at the same time. No respect then and no respect now.

  13. Jocilyn Hudson at 1:36 am

    Terry Crews is RIGHT on point with his message. But I believe he may have been preaching to the choir in a sense…The Males who don't realize that should be getting these direct messages! I have an awesome Daddy…and wish everyone ( friend or foe ) had one just like him! But that's not the world we live in…men you all should take heed to what he's saying and hold those infidels to those words…they wont listen to the women…they won't listen to the kids…they need men putting them on the right path and in check ALL THE TIME! Until they get it right!

  14. Lachandra Helovesme McCovery at 10:54 pm

    AMEN. Yes, we can do it alone but if we are honest with ourselves, then I'm more than certain that we Don't want to do it alone.
    Since a child is the result of the sperm penetrating the egg, then I do think anything else really need to be said or up for discussion….

  15. Gregory G Gatewood at 4:07 pm

    Statistics prove that prisons are saturated with prisoners whose father'swere "Not" aactively present in their lives. Coincidentally they are filled with people who were raised by single parents…. (mothers) Nothing against mothers they are needed to nurture and guide children as well…….but a father establishes the child's identity and their self-esteem. Although a mother gives birth to a child, it is the father who gives life to the child.

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