Teens Spent Weekend In Holding Cell Without Water, Food, And Toilets

by / June 25, 2014 Black News 41 Comments

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Douglas County Sheriff Phil Miller discusses the embarrassing incient that left two juvenlies in holding over the weekend. www.blacklikemoi.com

Douglas County Sheriff Phil Miller discusses the embarrassing incident during a press conference

Reported by Krystle Crossman

Two teenagers in Douglas County, Georgia spent this past weekend with no water, no food, no toilet, and no lights. They had been put into two separate holding cells at the Douglas County Jail on Friday. At the end of the business day, a routine check that is supposed to be done to ensure that there is no one in the cells was not completed. This left the two teens in the cells over the weekend when everyone left on Friday evening.

The Douglas County Sheriff, Phil Miller, stated that he was ‘as embarrassed as he could possibly be.’ Multiple people on duty that night failed to perform one simple task that resulted in the teens being locked up all weekend without basic needs. A thorough investigation is being done to see exactly who failed to perform the check and why protocol was broken. Miller also said that there are red lights on the outside of the holding cells that light up when the doors are locked. This indicates that there is someone inside of the holding cell. The protocol for the end of the night is to make sure that the holding cell doors are all open and there is no one in there.

Had the simple task of walking down a hallway and checking for those red lights been done, there would have been no way that the two would have been passed over. Miller said that the boys were in the holding cells because they both had hearings but neither of their parents showed up. They were to be brought back to the youth detention center, but instead they were put in the cells. Everyone that is a part of this investigation has been very cooperative. One person has yet to be questioned because they are out-of-state for training. Miller said that they will get to the bottom of what happened and figure out how to prevent it in the future.



41 Comment

    10 – 1 DONE ON PURPOSE…..

  2. Wow…sounds like a lawsuit to me! They could have died from dehydration ..smdh

  3. This story should told with wording about apologies and lawsuits! This story should be told with more explanations and names of those who will be fired for leaving ‘children’ locked up like that! I am thoroughly pissed off! This story does show what kind of protections our children are afforded in the horrible country!

  4. This story should (be) told with wording about apologies and lawsuits! This story should be told with more explanations and names of those who will be fired for leaving ‘children’ locked up like that! I am thoroughly p.i.s.s.e.d off! This story does show what kind of protections our children are afforded in the horrible country!

  5. It was done on purpose.

  6. Apparently those were two young so called "Black" teens and its just as apparent that they were intentionally left there over the weekend.

  7. All those checks and balance proceedures to be followed and NONE was followed, among them meerly looking down hall for red lights. Horrific neglagence The children need post traumatic evaluation, in a hospital for imediate hydration systemic hydration. And rest from that horrific weekend. Some one needs to loose there jobs, or at least demotion, where ever the buck stops. We all make mistake (if this was a mistake) and we all need to suffer the consequences

  8. And let me guess. No one including Black folks will do anything about it.




  11. wow this was a mistake and now every body has no ideal and that is very wrong for no one to have mad there last rounds before they went home for the weekend,I i was the parents i would be having my atty down there first thing and make sure that i made example out of there court system ,I know they were there for doing something bad but that is no way to treat a child regardless.And why is it that are black youth have to be the ones to go threw this kinda mess this needs to stop in 2014 we as blacks have had enough we need to use the system just like every body else.Wither we win or lose it still makes a statement that we are not taking this lying down

  12. The moral of the story, don't do crime.

  13. And I'm sure Tony Temple, you know EVERYONE that is locked up, did the crime? Smh

  14. These lil thugs need to stay out of trouble.

    • You know you Trolls are so pathetic and boring. You are sooooo desperate for attention that you make comments JUST SO YOU CAN GET A RESPONSE. Well here you go, I responded. But the thing is I kow you are still not satisfied, because people who are desperate and thirsty remain this way until they die. Well, at least I did my part to assist you with your desperation and thirst.

  15. Okay. Let me get this. No body did their Jobs. No paperwork about who is in their building, and what time did they enter the building. Black folks, they don't even want to try and cover up their BS anymore. Just do it. Our Fatherless Boys, are really in trouble in America. A Law Enforcement Agency, could forget that have 2 teens in their Custody[?]. Our Boys are Under attack, and being Broken by Their System. They cannot afford another set of Young boys to become Men like the Panthers came to be. They have been Breaking Young Black Boys, this way since the 70's. WE need to Protect all the Young Boys, that WE can, with Proper Knowledge. Be Surprised how much they can Understand. Stayup People. Peace

  16. Whoa…..somebody is n big time TROUBLE!!

  17. Are these 2 young men going to be compenstated for their sufferings over a whole weeken. his is yet again a total disregard for us as a people by the established order and its about time we are given the respect we deserve. Thanks for for any reflective response you could give.

  18. Why did the parents not show up as they should have? Why did the detention center not inquire as to where the teens were? Why did no one do their job. Basics protocol. To the teens, God loves you even when man fails.

  19. This is SICK man I swear. Just imagine those poor teens in the dark, with no water, no food or toilet for an entire weekend. Mind you, they were in separate cells, which made it even more terrorizing. Had this been two of their precious little white boys, that place would be on fire now with investigators and such. Whatever they were in detention for, those misdemeanors need to be dropped and an all-out Multi-Million dollar law suit should be done. What if that place caught on fire or something. This is TRAGIC man. I feel so bad for them. I am claustrophobic and cannot imagine being locked up with no attention paid to me for a weekend. I am sweating just thinking about it.

  20. Once again, OOOPS.

  21. […] Source: blacklikemoi.com […]

  22. Danita, this was no mistake. NO way in hell

  23. Wow! No one gave a damn about these kids, not even their parents? What a mess! For sure the parents can’t say a damn thing, I guess they were getting their party on over the weekend and of course we know the law could care less. Suppose one or both became sick. Whoever was responsible for checking on them needs to be fired, and while you are at it put the parents in that cell for the next weekend under the same conditions!

  24. Shawn Little Stan MilanVano

  25. I bet those same no show parents will sue because nobody checked on their baby

  26. Too many variables point to a premeditated act, just a thought…

  27. Are you kidding me Mr Prince? U think 'poor teens in the dark' were terrorized? Yes, it's not right that they were forgotten but let's put the blame on the parents, where it belongs. Had they taken the time to show up for the hearings they boys would have either been released to their custody or gone back to detention. They must have a history of badassedness or someone would have been there for them, grandma, auntie, DAD MAYBE????? They just peed on the wall and dealt with it like soldiers. Our boys are strong, especially the criminal ones! lol! It's true, it's sad, but it's true.

  28. His pleas of mishandlings and stupidity on the department is a stop and frisk and then ignore the teens to a juvenile facility . I think the officer who jailed the these teens is fully responsible and the excuses he's pleading for is dumb fuck justice, a white justice is fuck justice for blacks so I chose my white friends carefully all aren't in the civil rights state of mind

  29. compensated by suing the department and state

  30. like the three in the bible dancing in the fire now let justice feel the fire

  31. As you notice No real cops are speaking or the DA condemning this

  32. Senegal what the hell are you talking about. So just because the parents did not show up, you feel that they are to blame for these teens being left in the dark for a weekend. ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING TO YOUR IRRATIONALE. You also forgot to mention, no water, no food. What the hell do you think these are men who have been tested to endure the harshest of times. We do not know what these kids did. But it's obviously not criminal, because they would have gone to jail. Police LOVE to put young black men in prison, so believe me whatever they did was minor, or they would have been thrown in prison. Our boys are boys, not soldiers. We have to safeguard them the same way white people safeguard theirs. May God bless whoever you raise.

  33. TO ANN G – You are 100% right. Put the parents in there and also the White Guards who probably knew they were in there but thought it was funny to leave the n—–s as they call them in the cells – they had to know they were there – they should all be fired White Racists Pigs!!

  34. I agree that police LOVE to put young black men in jail but I don't agree they are not soldiers. If they aren't then again, their parents haven't done their jobs. My boys are hard and if it happened to them, #1 if they actually DID what they were arrested for, they'd sit their asses in jail and #2 they wouldn't be so soft they couldn't endure being left alone for two days. That's why people should fast (during Ramadan) for extended periods of time so they condition the body to withstand hardship. They didn't die did they? NO but you better believe, and let's hope what you said was right, it was minor and they both with change their ways before it's too late.

    PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY is what we should be teaching our kids, not blame the system for locking your ass up IF you committed a crime. That being said, if they had sagging pants, skateboarding, or were picked up for breathing white air in a black neighborhood, in other words, some BS, ok, I'm with you it's terrible and they need to sue their asses BUT if they were so innocent WHY DIDN'T THE PARENTS COME TO COURT?

    They must not be so innocent. Maybe next time they think about doing something to harm their fellow man they will remember having to crap in a corner and smell it all night… and decide to take another path.

    Those boys are going to be HEROS to their cliques and the NAACP and whoever will make a lot of noise and when they pull out their rap sheets, we'll all be embarrassed for giving a damn when the parents didn't because they know more about them than we do.

    Every prisoner ain't innocent and every prisoner ain't guilty but there's too much we don't know. What we do know is our boys (black boys) some have spent days in a crack house with their parents without getting fed. Where is the outcry over that?

    They didn't die and maybe they learned their lesson.

  35. Prevent it in the future, well what about now. They know who left those boys in there like that so what actions are going to be taking out on them.

  36. They just arrested a father in Atlanta for locking his 13 year in a basement with food and water for disciplinary problems. I think there should be some action taken toward an adult(s) in this case. These teenagers may have been troubled teenagers but solitary confinement in an isolated area from the main part of a jail (or empty courthouse) for 3 nights with no food, no clean water (toilet, no sink with running water), no cot, no window to the world except a slot in the door, all this for being accused of a crime (not convicted). It was a hearing of the charges. Convicted adult felons never get this treatment. This is NOT scared straight. This is scared to death. Or maybe if the air in that area was turned off, just death. Let's pray for their emotional recovery and restoration of faith in their community and that they follow a better path. This was a horrible thing to happen. The parent were not notified of the hearings but were asking friends and neighbors of their whereabouts.

  37. Blaming parents for this is the scapegoat of the year. Blaming the teenagers' indiscretions is the 2nd scapegoat of the year. If you understand the juvenile justice system, you would know the unlawful detention of juveniles (or adults) for 72 hours in a empty courthouse building inside a locked holding cell without food, clean water to drink, light to see, a cot to sleep on is the fault of the Douglas County DEPUTIES in charge. And if I (or anyone) was accused (or even convicted) of a crime, I would hope that this would never be happening in America or anywhere else. And these teenagers were only accused of charges the judge was hearing that Friday. And being juveniles, most jurisdictions have a right to hold you for 72 hours in a youth detention facility anyway (unless you can afford expensive lawyers to get you out!) But with food, clean water, cot, window, fresh air, verified parental notification, lights to see, adult supervision….

  38. They were left to teach them a lesson and this is barbaric. I hope they learned their lesson to shun criminal activity and jail.

  39. Sineta George what makes you think that the parents were able to be there? mom probably had to work and could not get off work for anything short of being hospitalized…IF the dad was in the picture at all, they most likely would not have been there to begin with, so it is unlikely that their dads even had any idea they were there, and may not have even cared…all grandparents are not like me…I would have been there…but others might not have transportation and may have medical conditions which prevent them from being there…then again, some of them may not even care…bottom line, our young black males are being systematically thrown away…this begins in grade school and gets progressively worse as they get older…there is a demographic study which shows exactly who will wind up in prison, did you know that?…the prisons, as well as prisoners, courts, and each and every individual in America are ALL traded on the stock market…if you don't believe that, just go to this site and look in the notes section for "Courts & Wall Street", "Owners of the Prisons", and "Birth Certificates & the Stock Market"…they are public notes so anyone can view them. https://www.facebook.com/RASADAK

  40. It

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