Teens Spent Weekend In Holding Cell Without Water, Food, And Toilets

by / June 25, 2014 Black News 374 Comments

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Douglas County Sheriff Phil Miller discusses the embarrassing incient that left two juvenlies in holding over the weekend. www.blacklikemoi.com

Douglas County Sheriff Phil Miller discusses the embarrassing incident during a press conference

Reported by Krystle Crossman

Two teenagers in Douglas County, Georgia spent this past weekend with no water, no food, no toilet, and no lights. They had been put into two separate holding cells at the Douglas County Jail on Friday. At the end of the business day, a routine check that is supposed to be done to ensure that there is no one in the cells was not completed. This left the two teens in the cells over the weekend when everyone left on Friday evening.

The Douglas County Sheriff, Phil Miller, stated that he was ‘as embarrassed as he could possibly be.’ Multiple people on duty that night failed to perform one simple task that resulted in the teens being locked up all weekend without basic needs. A thorough investigation is being done to see exactly who failed to perform the check and why protocol was broken. Miller also said that there are red lights on the outside of the holding cells that light up when the doors are locked. This indicates that there is someone inside of the holding cell. The protocol for the end of the night is to make sure that the holding cell doors are all open and there is no one in there.

Had the simple task of walking down a hallway and checking for those red lights been done, there would have been no way that the two would have been passed over. Miller said that the boys were in the holding cells because they both had hearings but neither of their parents showed up. They were to be brought back to the youth detention center, but instead they were put in the cells. Everyone that is a part of this investigation has been very cooperative. One person has yet to be questioned because they are out-of-state for training. Miller said that they will get to the bottom of what happened and figure out how to prevent it in the future.