Sunday Morning Stickup: How T.D. Jakes Uses Prosperity Gospel to Rob Church Members And Why He Kicked Out One Of His Elders For Telling The Truth

by / June 20, 2014 video 204 Comments

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Many know Bishop T.D. Jakes as the internationally acclaimed preacher, author, teacher, and pastor of the megachurch The Potter’s House.   While Jakes’ has many adoring followers, not everyone is a supporter.  David Lee is one of those people.  Lee attended the Potter’s House and worked with Jakes for 20 years participating in many non-profit organizations and traveling the world evangelizing.

However, all of that changed when Lee published a book that pleas with readers to quit supporting the prosperity gospel doctrine preached by Jakes.  Lee says he wrote the book “out of obedience to a mandate from God on my life.”  In it, he makes the assertion that tithing is no longer scriptural or ethical.  He discusses how tithing in the Bible was about Israel’s economy, and that under Mosaic law, tithing was about helping the needy, not about giving money.  He also points out that God wants His followers to be living sacrifices, not to give Him large sums of money.

Lee states in the book, “we are not in need of a revival in our churches; we are in desperate need of a funeral.  The call goes out to bury many of the practices which have a purely business focus in our churches today.”  It has been revealed that Jakes charged ministers and elders of his church more than $1,000 to attend a two day conference he conducted.  He also is known to charge amounts ranging from $55,000 to $100,000 to preach at inviting churches.  While some may be okay with this, one has to wonder if it is the Christian thing to do to charge such large sums simply to share the message of Jesus.

The following video is a book trailer for Lee’s book, Sunday Morning Stickup: What Your Pastor Doesn’t Want You To Know About Tithes.  Watch it to find out what happened the day Lee and his family were escorted out of Bishop Jakes’ church in response to the book being published and for a preview of his revealing tell all book about the prosperity gospel Jakes’ preaches and why the doctrine helps Jakes essentially rob church members.

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204 Comment

  1. Prosperity gospel is nothing new. Rev Ike did it and Joel Osteen preaches. Why five a dime to any of these folks? It’s really a simple principal. As a man thinketh so is he. Watch what you think, stay focused and positive, pray on it and it can happen.
    And as to tiding, give to those who need it. Tiding does not have to come through a church. Just give 10 precent of what you make to those who truly need it.
    These tele preachers are stealing in the name of The Lord.

  2. I don't know what this guy was thinking was going to happen other than what happened?

  3. Yes it is true that the Prosperity Gospel is a doctrine of devils (1 Tim 4:1), which focus on selfish motives and mandates. Yet the Tithe was to support the Levitical tribe that was not give an inheritance in the promise land (Deut 18:1) because their duty was to attend to the work of God. Also there was to be a part for the Widows and Orphans. We must also remember while we must consider scripture context in proper interpreting a text, we must always remember the Timothious Principle (2 Tim 3:16-17) So yes the writer is on point, but that is the nature when you have people worshipping and serving the creature more than the Creator who is blessed forever. Amen (Romans 1:25).

  4. God wants us to grow and prosper. Where is the outrage when so many of our people waste money on drugs,alcohol, and strip clubs? No one talks about the souls that come out of prison and the ones that don’t have food to eat. You all sound like fools by expecting everyone that has a growing church as greed. The church within the Black community has nurtured our people through the worst of times in history. Its no wonder the Devil is busy, because he doesn’t want us to grow. The last time I checked Jakes is the author of 30 books, while this poor soul is trying to hustle one lol

  5. I’m suppose to have some sympathy for David Lee being kicked of the Potter’s House? Deservedly so … If he was a member in the inner circle for 20 years and KNOWING that the basis of the churches doctrine is “the Tithe” he knew he was treading lightly for writing a book and with such a damaging title. Good riddance on your book sales. I’m no fan of prosperity Gospel … but guess what it works … and check this out … Whatever man can believe — man can achieve — and if the way to assisting parishioners is sharing a provisional gospel than so be — I’d rather prosper than be broke — so give me a preacher that will help me to get there …

  6. What did he expected? It happens to the best of us, when we attempt to disconnect the people -sheeps/flock from the World.

  7. definitely thought provoking! and I always had a problem with the across-the-board giving while it looked like the giving was going to the preacher!

  8. What did Brother Lee expect to happen, he blew the whistle on his, and many Black preachers across this country and Africa; interfering with church tithes is serious business: What is this world coming to – A person cannot make a decent dollars defrauding poor souls by singing and dancing anymore!

  9. Maybe I need to read the book, maybe I dont, I don't see how 10% is that large of a sum compared to the 90% we keep. Now offerings is the amount an individual gives. I guess the church is not supposed to pay utilities, repairs, insurance, salaries or have funds to take care of the needy. Please don't think all tithes a and offerings go to the pastor, his family or run scams and schemes. This quote above makes me wonder why he really got put out…if that's even true… Lee says he wrote the book “out of obedience to a mandate from God on my life.” In it, he makes the assertion that tithing is no longer scriptural or ethical. He discusses how tithing in the Bible was about Israel’s economy, and that under Mosaic law, tithing was about helping the needy, not about giving money. He also points out that God wants His followers to be living sacrifices, not to give Him large sums of money."
    Who is "Him" but the church that Christ built? Last time I checked God's house has to be cared for just like our house. God help us.

  10. If you believe this guy and not or stop tithing you're crazy! You will block your blessings! If u feel that your church home is mishandling funds, find another church home or a charity, etc. to tithe too, but don't stop tithing. We've got to be smarter than this – to stop tithing or stop worshipping because one guy that you don't even know says so! Remember God knows ALL things, He knows your heart. Is u use this book/information as a excuse, u will be judged accordingly. Really sick and tired of disgruntled people trying to mess up the works of God. Seriously! It's amazing how easily people can be influenced by the opinion of one person versus listening to the word of God and the prophet of God. This is bigger than TD Jakes, this is really about your spiritual walk with God! Lastly, be careful how u treat the man of God people! Be mindful of the devil and his works, they come in all shapes and sizes and colors. As for me and my house, we will serve God and tithe! I will also continue to follow the T D Jakes ministry.

    • The man that wrote the book is right….you are the blind sheep of which Christ spoke. If you studied the tithe and it’s history…you would learn that it is NOT for the ministers of today’s church. You are the one following a person blindly….just because his name is TD Jakes….and all of the other fakes out here getting rich off of the tithe lie. Of course they aren’t going to tell the truth about It and cut off their huge money supply…..come on?? If you want to give 10% AKA the tithe…give it….but you are not under any law to do so……. We are not under any LAW to tithe anymore. Jesus plainly tells us “give as you purpose in your heart to give….not in fear….not in regret” II Corinthians 9:7. I agree with another commenter ……I would give 10% or the best that I could give…..1%….2%….5% to someone who really needs it. I wouldn’t give one penny to these mega preachers. They have been corrupted. They are peddling The Word for big pay….like a common shady salesman/woman. I too once was blind….but NOW I see….Praise God.

  11. The Bible teaches us to study, to show thy self approved, it also teaches us to look out for false Prophets, for they will present themselves with beautiful charismatic speeches, being able to deceive the very elect, "if it were possible" study, study study, people of God, study the principles & doctrines of tithing, Me personally I find it beneficial to sew seed to the needy, particularly to "orphanages & foster homes" you can never go wrong with needy children & my spiritual leader taught me that!! Thank You Jesus

  12. Your tithe is YOUR Blessing. Stop giving it to these ‘LEACHERS’ How much Fraud &Molestation, does it take for people to WAKE UP to the phoniness of christianity???

  13. I knew when I read the comments someone was going to say "you will block your blessing if you stop tithing".. lies, lies and more typical brainwashed propaganda. It's akin to quoting scripture over a specific situation hoping to see immediate change as if biblical text it's to be used like a magical incantation! Again deception and tradition.
    There are ministries that don't participate in tithing, yet they are blessed beyond measure because they give from their heart. If you think "not tithing" (blocks your blessing) how do you explain wealthy "non church going" people?
    It's a fact that people don't research anything yet they are ready to refute everything based upon what they are told. Search and seek the truth. Nothing in the new testament about tithing.. Nothing at all!

  14. If you really believe that Jakes is "sticking people up" why were you back in the congregation putting yourself in the position to be asked to leave?

  15. Tithing was not established in the law but before the law, it was established by God through Abraham as a ways of God to bless the obedience of mankind, God doesn’t need your money but you can’t live without his!

  16. Personally, I KNOW that people get the Bible messed up on a regular basis. Pastors included. I don't believe in NOT giving, but I'm also MORE focused on helping the needy, not helping the pastor. Many of these churches will NOT help you when you need it. I give to agencies that will help (United Way, Red Cross, Salvation Army) and a small offering in church. Been blessed and still being blessed! I have been to churches where the majority of the service was passing the collection plate around. Sure, churches need money to operate. Churches are BIG businesses; they aren't LIKE how they were when Jesus was here. Jesus was even fed up with how the church was operated in HIS time, so do you REALLY think that He's happy with Pastors driving around in Benzes and such when their parishioners are barely scraping by, and can't get help when they ask? A large church here turned down a woman's request for aid, because they criticized the way she dressed (nice) and said she LOOKED like she had money, even though I knew this woman had recently lost her job, and was scraping to get by. Let each one use their moral compass to make their giving decisions, but don't give yourself into the poor house, because the pastor will NOT be visiting you there.

  17. Talk about it now….Amen!!!

  18. Read the word of GOD for yourself!!!! If you want to live by the law…..live by all the Law!!! And by the way, Do you have a Levitticus Preasthood????

  19. So people will actually defend this man getting filthy rich using God's word in vain. The people supporting this stop your blessings excuse reasoning must really think that they will not be blessed by doing the right things. Like following God's laws and commandments. God says in John 14:15 " if you love me you will KEEP my laws and commandments. God's word has been undercut intentionally so that the laws are placed in the background and things like tithing can be placed as a bigger priority and obviously people are really buying that they will not receive their blessings if they do not give their money to the church. Really? Your blessings will come from doing God's will not a man or pastor. How did actually following the laws become a passing thought. Why did he leave his laws and commandments to us? To ignore them…. Church's tell you that the laws are done away with when only the sacrificial laws are the only ones done away with, the pastors know that if he teach's laws no one will come to church. At the end of the day only 1/3 will make it to the kingdom according to God and tithing is not on that list. The only connection to God is his laws and commandments.

    The heart is a deceiver….. Do you eat pork? Do you honor Sabbath Day, God holy day :Saturday not Sunday. Sunday is a pagan day honoring a Sun God. Christmas… Babylonian pagan Nimrod's mothers birthday and the tree represents gifts that were given in silver and gold to decorate the tree and if the gifts were not provided people would be beheaded and the heads were placed under the tree. Jeremiah 10:2-4 King James Version (KJV) 2 Thus saith the Lord, Learn not the way of the heathen, and be not dismayed at the signs of heaven; for the heathen are dismayed at them. 3 For the customs of the people are vain: for one cutteth a tree out of the forest, the work of the hands of the workman, with the axe. 4 They deck it with silver and with gold; they fasten it with nails and with hammers, that it move not. Christ was born in the spring.

    Easter – Does not represent the Christ rising again. It is a based on a babylonian pagan day celebrating the fertility Goddess "Eastre " a bunny rabbit having an egg??? READ my good people.

    God does not know your heart as you've been told, he knows what you do. If you are disrespecting him by celebrating pagan holidays and even honoring a Sun God on Sunday when his official day is Sabbath on Saturday why would he chose us as his loyal followers. If God hates sin, why would he love sinners and people that knowingly or unknowingly honor pagan Gods. God is a jealous God. Wake up and Read…….

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