SC Governor Demands Ban on Black Biker Week, But Welcomes White Bikers

by / June 10, 2014 Black News 42 Comments

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In South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley is proposing an end to the African-American tradition in the state whereHaley black bikers gather, but she hasn’t voiced any opposition to a Harley gathering of mostly white bikers.

The black BikeFest in Myrtle Beach began as a standalone event which allowed African-Americans to gather. Over Memorial Day weekend, three people were kιlled not far from Bikefest, causing Gov. Haley to request that the city stop hosting the event.

“Eight shoοtings happened during this weekend. Three people dιed. That is not OK for South Carolina,” Haley told the Associated Press. “This Bikefest does not represent the people of this state. It does not represent what we are trying to do when we promote tourism and jobs.”

Haley believes that BikeFest is giving her state a bad name.

“It is time for that BikeFest to come to an end, and that is the way I’m going to talk to the elected officials of Atlantic Beach,” she insisted. “I think it’s time for everybody in Horry County to come together to say, ‘No More.’ We are proud of our state. We are proud of the look of our state. We are proud of the actions of our state. We are proud of the people of our state, and the state deserves to be respected and the area deserves to be respected. It’s time for this activity to stop.”

But some accuse Haley of targeting blacks but not a Harley biker event, which is mostly white.

“If you’re going to stop the black bikers weekend, you should stop all biker weekends, regardless if nothing happened during that time,” Atlantic Beach resident Jennequa Miller told the AP. “That’s unfair.”

And as Atlantic Beach motel owner James Dewitt says, over the years the black biker event has seen almost no instances of vιolence.

“We’ve had no incidents at all. Not here and I’ve been here 40 years running the motel and 34 years I have seen the bike festival,” Dewitt explained.

Atlantic Beach Mayor Jake Evans has said he will not end BikeFest.





42 Comment

  1. Of course she is not racist. SMH

  2. Thing is, she’s a damn minority herself.

  3. No…. If the other bikers haven't caused a problem or had any killings… They should be allowed to gather. This may not be a regular problem but if anything happens going forward then it should be stopped. People who act like idiots should accept their responsibility and realize they are the problem. If we want better we must be better. I'm sick of what some of my people do. We have nobody to blame for this but those fools that were involved. Whatever the punishment is, it's totally deserved. Wake up and be better.

  4. C'mon now she doesn't have the power to end Black Bike Week.Gov Haley is crazy,the hell with her

  5. Come on now this is not about race. Its about taking responsibility. For a long time now WE have shown that WE can't gather in large groups without a fight, shooting, and most recently sexual acts being recorded. I hate it that everytime I hear the name of certain cities I know the next sentence following is going to be how many killed in that area. If it takes for our people to start getting banded maybe the violence will stop. Its a ashame that someone else has to band our event to keep us from hurting us.

  6. I support Gov. Haley’s position on BlackBiker Week. If WhiteBiker week had 3 killings then Gov. Haley should take the same position.

  7. Would she have also recommended banning the all "White Hells Angels" bikers…..Or the all white Outlaws biker gang?

  8. Emotions, Emotions, Emotions vs. Facts, Facts, Facts! Biker's Week started as a professional holiday (grown folks w/scents), and now knuckleheads have shown up. The problem isn't with the Governor. She is a Republican that's playing to her constitunency (remember Ft. Sumpter). Business wants the $$$, but old White folk (retired) are scared of that many Black people.The older White folk vote & have $$$.

  9. Check the statistics, more arrests were made for drunk in public, nudity & disorderly conduct during white bike week then black bike week. Me & my bike club have been going for 6 years & have never had a problem down there. They make their most money off black bike week. People of all races act a fool sometimes. And if u get technical with it 1 of the men who killed someone was white. This is racial profiling at its best.

  10. There may need to be a reevaluation of this statement. "WE have shown that WE can't gather in large groups without a fight, shooting etc." This is not entirely true. I am proud graduate of JSU and have attended several "WE" events in MS, LS, Memphis and other surrounding states that have had great turnouts, fun times, and positive outcomes. Generalizations, as mentioned above, only polarize an isolated incident.

  11. Speak for yourself and don't make this a 'We" thing. If you are ashamed of your own people, don't drag other people into your psyche. This event has been going on for many years with thousands of people. Now that an event has occurred, that's exactly false positive required for the media & people like you to start singing that same old tired song. If the exact same thing went on during Hell's Angel's week, it would either go unnoticed or would be noted as an isolated incident(s). But I forgot…you know about those black people!!!

  12. This event has been going on for many years with thousands of people. Now that an event has occurred, that's exactly false positive required for the media to start singing that same old tired song. When the exact same thing goes on during Hell's Angel's week (which statistically, it actually occurs more frequently), it either goes unnoticed or is noted as an isolated incident(s) But add black folks to the mix and we've got an immediate trend.

  13. Sankofa Vine, sounds like you're just a Troll. Because you really can't believe that BS you posted.

  14. Many have written their opinions some good some not so good but the fact is the violence must stop. Do I agree with the Gov. no absolutely not is it racial profiling yes. There are more negatives from the others and nothing is said or written. We as a people must learn how to live together, we're not going anywhere.

  15. I'm confused about this "We" of whom you speak ! Perhaps you're referring to mankind as a whole, I can understand that. If you're just referring African-Americans, then you ,ma'am or sir, are sadly mistaken as well as delusional. Asians, caucasians, and all other races have committed acts of violence. Plus, where in the article did it say these murders were directly caused by a guest or guests with the Bikerfest? It have very well been a constituent/member of that town.

  16. Sankofa Vine It's not about race but only the Black Bikers are being banned, get real . It is about ignorant comments "For a long time now WE have shown that WE can't gather in large groups without a fight, shooting, and most recently sexual acts being recorded" with a broad brush, this has been a long tradition, as is Strugis bike week in South Dakota. The smart move would be to take the money elsewhere.

  17. You clearly believed the governor and not the hotel owner and other business owners in this town who said this never happened. Shame on you. And please don't include me in your observations about my people. We know how to act in large crowds. Maybe you should find a group of black folks that know how to act.

  18. Allblk ForReal UH has anyone ever heard of HELL ANGELS? You know a white VERY VIOLENT motorcycle gang

  19. Dude, you have a point, the facts are irrefutable! Eight shootings and three dead, and a governor wants the town to cease hosting the Black Bike feast. SMDH!!! Can dress em up…
    You have detractors because they're delusional. They suffer from low self esteem and self hatred (thanks the the black church) If they really loved their people, they'd face up to the truth and start looking for solutions as to why our people behave in such fashion
    This, same of Bojangling, Buck-Dance behavior of let's look the other way when our people are out of line BS, has to and need to come to an end. It's time to stand up and take responsibility of our people and their actions.
    However your detractors who are full of self-hatred want to jump on you when you point out the obvious. And yet they have nothing to say, not one word, about the victims who've died or the perpetrators who've committed these horrible crimes.
    A sick people with misplaced priorities..


  21. To make a point, Ms Haley and her evil group will go to any lengths to prove her point. She will hire no good black gangters to start trouble. Just be on the watch, her $$$$ will be green. And trouble makers will be black.

  22. Ron Mack, I have. Just like I have heard of the KKK, Skin Heads, NYPD, just to name a few. What is interesting, is how House Negros, always want to blame Black Folks, when a few ignorant black people act up. But these same House Negros, when asked to Name the country built on the genocide of one race, and the enslavement of another, they don't have anything to say. Not a word. Not a word for the Victims of those crimes. Some Black People still suffer from Self Hate, that make them carry out horrible crimes against each other, or become the biggest House Negros ever known to Black People, from those crimes. Intelligent Black Folks, hate to see the lose of ANY Life. Unintelligent black folks, just bash sick black folks. And when asked what are they doing in their Life's to help Black People, just bashing them. Stayup Brother. Peace

  23. I am not a troll. Completely human. Its unfortunate that whats wrong is right and whats right is wrong today in time. I stopped listening to rip and watching music videos because they were causing me to have low self esteem at age 14. I'm in my late 20s and now women are called ratchet, thots, and side chicks all behaviors that have been shown to them for years. Thats nice to the individual who had a good college experience. But I'm from Oakland I have been on the floor avoiding bullets at the Waffle House which is typically black occupied, the police station 4 blocks away didn't send someone for 20 minutes. After 1 was shot and the police finally came people stood around hollering at each other trying to exchange numbers. I'm tired of pretending not to see what has happened to our race. I'm tired of people not taking responsibility. And most large events with black people involving drinking and rap something pops off. Black on black crime is not a figment of my imagination. Do better and respect eachother.

  24. I believe what the sista Sharee says! I would not put nothing past a devil in a suit whether male or female. Theses cracker devils young and old b on some bullshit that bitch got something up her sleeve!!!

  25. This is a lawsuit waiting to happen I can wait to she get some for this because she's got a driver do it like me are we still I'm from South Carolina and know that they're going to try to do with the small so will deafly shared her mouth

  26. I don't know which one is worst, her or Jindahl . They both turn my stomach

  27. Why get so bent out of shape about going to a beach or state that will not welcome African Americans. Take the big event that not only bring money to their town and or state to another state and allow monies to be made some place else. White folks listens to only one color, and it's GREEN

  28. Sankofa I think your statement really has nothing to do with Black Biker weekend and why the Governor of SC rebuke the bike rally. You are essentially saying that the Governor should ban the bike rally because we do not know how to act, thus, this will stop violence.

    Really? Logically speaking you are also saying that the Black Bikers weekend in SC is equated to violence. Thus, according to your logic, if the Black Bikers weekend in SC is banned violence will stop and we will not look bad in the eyes of white folks?


  29. I read:

    “three people were kιlled not far from Bikefest,” and ““Eight shoοtings happened during this weekend.”

    There is nothing in this that suggests that any of this was related to Bikefest. This is America and with our love affair of the gun, this happens every weekend somewhere. Let’s not confuse this issue with the larger one that should concern us: Black on Black violence and gun use. This phenomenon is a well documented fact and some of the writers are concerned with this issue.

  30. We're going to take your racist remarks to the polls in November you CUNT

  31. I don't think a whole group of people should be punished because of a hand full of bad apples. Instead of trying to band "Black Bike Week" theirs needs to be talk on how the city can improve the event that way dangerous incidents want happen again. Oh and by the way, theirs always people in Sturgis, S.D. that gets out of hand but know one wants to talk about that. Hmmm, can you say straight up biased.

  32. Another white woman lying. These bestially bred w-h-o-r-e-s will lie just to be lying. Remember the Scottsboro boys and Emmitt Till?

  33. White people are just as bad…They get drunk and do even dumber shit than anyone else..let's keep it real.They always talikn about other people when they are 10 times worse.

  34. That's the problem. Too many don't want to be better. Accountability is lost on a great number of the multitude. She should have; however, called to put an end to both events, as there have been issues in the past during Harley week as well.

  35. Excellent point!!

  36. So, bc they have "money", all must revolve around their likes and dislikes? Look, the public must be protected at all costs, whether black or white and ending an event does not prevent violence from happening. So, will she go around canceling every event in the state bc "people" don't know how to behave? It sickens me that race is always thrown around, to blacks and whites alike, if you feel the other race is a threat to you then maybe "Earth" isn't the place for you! You should fear yourself for thinking so small.

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