Why Do Prisoners at Guantanamo Have Air Conditioning but Not U.S. Inmates?

by / June 21, 2014 Black News 13 Comments

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Suspected terrοrists at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba are housed inside a facility that is Prison Blacksair conditioned. In a Texas prison, however, there is no air conditioning and several prisoners have dιed due to heat related ailments.

Texas inmates have filed a lawsuit over the lack of air conditioning in their facility, which has led to the deαths of 12 prisoners over the past three years, CNN reports.

The Texas Civil Rights project along with the University of Texas School of Law has filed a lawsuit relating to the treatment of inmates at Wallace Pack Unit in  Navasota, Texas. According to the complaint, the facility, which houses 1400 men, has no air conditioning and although the windows open, it provides no relief from hot summer temperatures.

“Stainless steel tables in the inmate dormitories become hot to the touch” reads the complaint, which goes on to describe how temperatures reach 100 degrees in the facility. The steel tables get so hot that “prisoners have to lay towels down on the table to rest their elbows while sitting.” Some men in the facility, including the elderly, are susceptible to heat stroke due to medical conditions.

“I don’t know if I will make it this summer. The heat and humidity are so bad inside I have trouble breathing,” said 69 year old inmate Marvin Yates.

The lawsuit details a total of 20 deαths since 1989, with one man dying only a day after his arrival when temperatures reached 109 degrees.

And it’s not only the inmates who are suffering.

“The correctional officer’s union has made numerous public requests for the prison housing areas to be air conditioned,” the complaint said

A  spokesman for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice declined to comment on ongoing litigation.


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13 Comment

  1. This is yet another example of the cruel,Unjust,Unfair,Unbalanced,Dishonest,Slave making white supremacist SYSTEM that we live in here in the good o’le U.S.of A.

    • No it’s an example of bureaucracy. It’s not like there aren’t white inmates in Texas prisons. What you just said is like saying that 9/11 was an attack against African Americans because it killed black people. I agree that we need to have air conditioning in prisons, but you’re mad for all the wrong reasons. You’re mad because you think that just because some of those roasting inmates are people of color, it automatically means that it is another case of white people being evil. You SHOULD be mad because the government is focused on things like making it so that people with mental illness can go to whatever bathroom or prison they want, when they SHOULD be focusing on things like correctional system reform.

  2. Reminiscent of how AA soldiers were treated in WW II.

    • Compare soldiers to prisoners, how stupid.

  3. Take a trip to Gitmo, and the answer will be clear.

  4. Sure, go on and try to pit one group of prisoners against another. The only question should be, why don't prisoners in Texas have air conditioning? Cut the crap!

  5. Who cares, they are prisoners, they put themselves there.

  6. LOL air condition is a luxury we law abidin citizens pay for, let them mawfukkas roast.

  7. Dumb comparison, 1st of all over 90 percent of the inmates in Guantanamo Bay are being held with NO CHARGES going back as far as 2002. Also,some have been cleared for release but STILL are being held. Now I'm all for prisoners rights but comparing lack of AC to false imprisonment ,forced feeding(torture) and beatings will never compare.


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  11. This is a topic close to my heart cheers, where are your contact details though?

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