Payback Time: Miss. NAACP Head Says Republican Thad Cochran Owes Black Voters

by / June 26, 2014 Black News 7 Comments

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Mississippi  U.S. Senator Thad Cochran (R) was nearly defeated by Tea Party challenger ChrisDerrick_Johnson McDaniel, but thanks in large part to black voters, Cochran squeaked by a win. Although voters on the right are outraged at how black Democrats interfered in their Republican primary, Mississippi’s NAACP chief says that Cochran should repay black voters who put him over the top.

Derrick Johnson, the president of the Mississippi NAACP, spoke with HuffPostLive this week and said that Cochran should “show some reciprocity” to black voters who secured his victory.

“Our advocacy towards his office is to support amending the Voting Rights Act, free of any conditions such as voter ID,” Johnson said. “I think this is an opportunity for him to show some reciprocity for African-Americans providing a strong level of support for him.”

As reported by BreakingBrown, at least a dozen black pastors gathered to design an outreach campaign for Cochran:

In explaining their position, Bishop Ronnie C. Crudup Sr., a pastor at the New Horizon Church International, said that “in tough times, you’ve got to do some unusual things.”

He added: “You’ve got to be willing to cross the line sometimes, and go over to some strange places for our interests.”

And BlackLikeMoi reported that CNN’s Dana Bash actually caught up with black Mississippi voters as they exited precincts on election day:

“It may be a Republican runoff between GOP incumbent senator Thad Cochran and tea party challenger Chris McDaniel, but to these Democrats, allowed by law to vote in this race, party doesn’t matter,” explained CNN’s Dana Bash, who interviewed several black voters as they exited precincts.

Several black voters admitted that even though they were lifelong Democrats, they still came out to support Cochran. “He’s tested and I just like what he’s done for this state,” said one black voter when asked about Cochran.

Since politics is an exchange, isn’t it only right for Johnson to ask for something from Cochran? What are your thoughts?


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  1. Broadcast it when he pays up!

  2. Poor Tea Party, wake up and smell the coffee. And nice going to the Blacks who supported the old white boy who was the lesser of the two evils. Neither one is worth a s–t, but the Tea Party is more full of S–t.

  3. I don’t know about this. In politics, you should ask for “reciprocity” before the election, not after. Since this story about Black folks in Mississippi voting for a republican, I read it was Black preachers leading, not the NAACP. Did those Black preachers demand quid pro quo from Thad Cochran before the election? Check this out: http://blacklikemoi.com/2014/06/payback-time-miss-naacp-head-says-republican-thad-cochran-owes-black-voters/ Seems to me, the Miss NAACP wasn’t at the table so they can’t demand nothing. If these Black preachers did demand something in return for their groups vote, before the election then good for them. If not, then the Black community got ganked!!!

  4. Yes, I think Cochran does owe so maybe he could do the ultimate payback and resign, withdraw, or just concede that he lost…..he wold have no fear of jail time because rich or influential people don't go to jail! That's a fact!

  5. I was trying to discover this. Truly refreshing take on the info. Thanks a great deal.

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