Pat Riley On The Miami Heat: “Everybody needs to get a grip”

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BY:  John “Hennry” Harris

The Miami Heat team president Pat Riley held a 55-minute “state of the franchise” press conference Thursday morning, which was broadcast live on ESPN and NBATV.

There is a whirlwind of questions and controversy surrounding the organization on whether the Heat’s Big 3 model will still be intact, if that model needs to be thrown out the window and more importantly the status of the team’s biggest star LeBron James.  Shane Battier has already officially announced his retirement and there is still a big question mark on whether three-ball threat Ray Allen is going to retire and if Dwyane Wade‘s legs can handle another season can the Heat handle another year of his contract?

Pat Riley greeted the room and provided them with a trend-worthy sound clip:

“I’m pissed.”

Riley just watched his franchise fall three wins shy of a three-peat and now it seems like everything went from sugar to s*it in a matter of seconds.  Yet, Riley is not in panic mode like the rest of the world seems to be.

“Pat Riley, “I think we need to have a perspective about things. I think everybody needs to get a grip.” (Ira Winderman’s Twitter account, @IraHeatBeat)

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