Pastor Jamal Bryant says destruction of the black family starts with removing the male

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Pastor Jamal Bryant has been in the news lately for his remarks on the pulpit recently, but those remarks might appear to be a minor excerpt of a longer message.  So, out of fairness to the good pastor, it makes the best sense to put an entire sermon in front of readers so they can decide what he’s all about.

In this sermon, Pastor Bryant begins speaking about the kidnapped girls in Nigeria.  He says that it was his hope to do work in the country to help the girls, but he has a deep concern for the fact that nearly 60 black boys were slaughtered just a month earlier, by the exact same group, in the exact same location.

The pastor continues to state that there is a broad conspiracy in the United States for the destruction of young black men.  He talks about the school system, in which black boys make an early decision as to whether they are going to be popular or smart.  He says that based on the reading scores of these young boys, the state then decides how many prison cells to build.

The pastor also states that for hundreds of years, the plan to ruin black families started with “the enemy” designing programs and incentives to remove the black male from the home.  He cites The New Deal and other social programs that leveraged black economic despair as an opportunity to “take over the house” in black families and communities.

You heard his soundbit earlier, now let’s hear a full sermon so we can see if he’s for real or not.  Tell us what you think.

Of course the pastor was quoted recently in a soundbite saying “these hoes ain’t loyal,” but is there more to him than just a soundbite?

Can a man make a statement like this and still have value to the black community?

Tell us what you think.

Here’s more from Pastor Bryant’s bio:

Radical, Revolutionary, Innovative, Anointed, and Cutting Edge are some of the words often used to describe Dr. Jamal-Harrison Bryant. Stepping out on faith, with the support of 43 people who believed and met in his home for bible study, Dr. Bryant founded The Empowerment Temple. The first service was held on Easter Sunday, April 22, 2000, in a Baltimore City banquet hall. He prayed that God would send someone. In just four years, God has directed the path of over 6,000 members to Empowerment Temple, the fastest growing church in the A.M.E. denomination.

Dr. Bryant is a pastor with a global mission, which is to Empower the World Through the Word. He believes that the body of Christ should be empowered in every area of life. His preaching and teaching focuses on empowering believers spiritually, developing them educationally, exposing them culturally, activating them politically and strengthening them economically. 


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  1. I AM MY ENEMY WORST ENEMY…. OMG!!!! Off the chain!

    The brother is right! “THESE HOES AIN’T LOYAL”, the brother is (RIGHT) / GET OVER IT….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m standing behind “Pastor Jamal Bryant” 1000% and somemore. If any of you are feeling “PRICKED” in your spirit then yo azzes need to change. That message came straight from the kingdom of God. I (KNOW) your arms are too small to box with God. You need some deliverance so you can become the “STRONG BLACK-WOMEN” your creator God is calling for… again get over it. If you are a “DIS-LOYAL HOE” then that’s just exactly what you are. Your the only one who can change the “CURRENT OF THE RIVERS IN YOUR LIFE”…. Redbone / PS: You wanna fight! bring it…..!

  2. OMG! I love it!!! You go Pastor Jamal Bryant…. Haters will be haters, so fkn what, just keep teaching and bring great / grand revelation from the spirit of God.

  3. a federal statute (Public Law 111-256, Rosa's law) basically states that Dr Jamal Bryant is correct. You have to speak to people in their first language according to the law. Most people's first language is realness.

  4. I stand behind him also.most preachers dont have the nerves to even discuss the topics he spoke on.people listen to the whole sermon.im not a church goer but ill go to this one

  5. A true man of God saying what needs to be heard!

  6. For the last 40 years or more that Black (original ) family has been targeted and almost destroyed. So when you see the destruction of the family, no respect , loyalty & high divorce rate these things need to be addressed & corrected.

  7. I admire Pastor Bryant boldness and I thank him for speaking with power
    And authority. I believe that the statement he made, those whores aint
    Loyal was disrespecting to the female
    Gender and God’s pulpit.

    • Religion sugar-coats…..God don’t. Everybody can’t handle the “ROD OF CORRECTION” but that doesn’t mean that God is going to hold back his “CHASTISEMENT” just because we (FEEL) like we’re not ready to handle or receive it… God never puts too much on us that we can’t bare… and this is one Sermon / spanking we are all going to bare both male & female because the message is to all of us both genders… Pastor Jamal Bryant just happens to be the (Driven Vessel) that God chose to use… Since when has our God ever allowed us to call the shots… God uses whom he will and whoa to all the ones who turn a death-ear… / destruction is on its way fast… God said judgement shall first in his house. God said he did not come to bring peace in this hour but a sword of correction… who shall be able to stand
      A lotta folks are in trouble right now so take head my sister.. I am so proud of Pastor Jamal Bryant…. people don’t really realise what’s really going on right now… but the spirit of God is moving and ministering amongest his people. Pastor Jamal BRYANT could have been disobedient to the call and compromised God, I’m so thankful he didn’t…. Do you people ever stop to realize that if people who are truly called and chosen receive a message from God to bring forth to the people and refuse to do / we are held accountable by your blood being on our shoulders we will also be set for destruction too.
      Its like this: The people of God have always (Hated Gods Chosen)… but God didn’t put us here for you to like us… we are sent forth by God only to get the job done rather you like it or not. I’m way passed my flesh when it comes to feels of the flesh… its now only about the job and pleasing God….. I love you Jamal Bryant / be strong deligent courageous and keep moving cause your not alone.

  8. God speaks of (Harlots & Whores) in his word… remembering his words are “LAW” and more powerful then the (White system) in the US & the World.
    If the shoe fits wear it / repent and move-on… *Your children are out of control & dying… is your pride more important then your children and your communities old Israel??? How much more suffering will have to fall upon our heads before we will submit to our God!!!
    If y’all think this is really about Jamal Bryant then y’all really are a (Stubborn stiff-neck people) and you deserve every last bit of chastisement our God is sending accross our land due to our (Sinful nature)…

  9. African Americans who walk in the spirit of (Religion) walk in witchcraft spirits and the “House of God is loaded” with them.

    Flat-out blantant disobedience against God (IS OF WITCHCRAFT)….

  10. Brother Jamal Bryant should be respected of teaching the real Truth and all Black churches should take notes and stop the plantation teaching about Jesus dying for our sins and denying self is denying God forget the Caucasian god and start taking action and get our women and our children back in our lives and start declare war on the destruction of the Black family and removing the Blackman.Women if you want to have that good Blackman in your lives you will have to let that Caucasian man and his wicked deeds out of your lives you will have to honor and respect that Blackman and you will be honor and respected and be right in front of us no more abuse of any kind or situation and get back to Alkebu-lan or Afrika

    • @Arnett Cooper…

      You must have some d@mn warranty for the black-women huh??? Black-men need deliverance too… Good blackwomen have been trampled too. Its a huge mess huh!!!

  11. The bible from what I understand speaks worst, from my understanding. Frankly, if those OT prophets were to be present in this era, how would they portrayed us? If not worst than Dr. Jamal

  12. Check out The BlackMan(State of Emergency)on Youtube. Peace!

    • My goal is to take my children and leave this country…. any and everything dealing with “Afrikan In America” is totally torn to the curb due to the hateful mentality of our people and is no longer worth the work time and energy.

  13. It was our decision to ignore the bible that led to the destruction of the black family. The bible teaches that a man should marry the woman that he has sex with. A commitment to marriage would end baby mama drama immediately. The bible teaches that children should obey their parents and any authority over them. The modern concept that kids can pick and chose who to obey is the real reason for poor performance in school. A child was never equipped to be in charge. No outside force can tear a real man of God from his family. Men who follow Christ have the strength and confidence to lead their families. Men who rely on themselves simply continue to be disappointed.

  14. I read the Old Testament all the time. The Old Testament and New Testament prophets describe modern men as men without love. Since God is love and many men have rejected God, the only source of love, then this is probably true. The prophets said that in the last days, seven women will fight over one man and not care whether he helps them financially. This prophesy is happening with baby mama drama. The prophets said that men of the last days would be disrespectful to parents, easily offended (Kill over sneakers), lovers of pleasure instead of lovers of God, proud, filled with malice, and abusive. Old and New Testament prophets predicted that such men would willingly worship a man who claimed to be God but is not God.

    • I “REDBONE” am afraid of black-men…
      I “REDBONE” am afraid of black-men…
      I “REDBONE” am afraid of black-men…
      *if that’s what you call mentally-ill, then so be it, but this sister is going to ride this horse until its bridle falls off and God (MY CREATOR) tell me its okay not to be afraid of black-men.
      I “REDBONE” 100% love honor and respect a “TRUE GOD-MAN” who is a man after “GODS OWN HEART”… a black-man who “LOVES HONORS and RESPECTS HIS GOD”… because a true God-man who honors and respects his God will always “LOVE HONOR and RESPECT” the black-woman because he has the “EYES HEART and MIND of CHRIST”…
      A “TRUE GOD-MAN” walks in the spirit, knows and understands the plight of a black-womans struggles… he automatically knows and understands how to minister to her broken spirit.
      A “TRUE GOD-MAN” knows and understands how to minister to a black-women out of “LOVE” by the spirit of God.
      A “TRUE GOD-MAN” has a heart of gold that shines as bright as the morning-star and magnifies a “SAFE HEAVEN / PLACE OF REST” for the black-women, that’s when she knows she’s finally made it “HOME”…
      A “TRUE GOD-WOMAN” carries no baggage because her God has delivered her, and she has the patience of “JOB” to wait on her “GOD-MAN” to step forward because she knows he can only be delivered to her by her “GOD” in his set-time and season…
      A “TRUE GOD-MAN” owns the heart of all “GOD-WOMEN” because she has the “EYES OF GOD” to see his heart, and she will always “LOVE HONOR RESPECT and OBEY HIM” because she knows her God lives “INSIDE HIS SOUL”…
      I am a witness / REDBONE

    • Good Morning Ms. Lori Metevia..

      Ooh my goodness what I great post to wake-up to. I just feel so blessed this morning to read both of your post. My spirit is in agree with yours. Lori our blackmen hate to hear the truth, they rebel against it even more when its coming from a blackwoman, but that doesn’t make all their woes any less. They post blame everything on the blackwomen even babies out of wed-lock. Yes many blackwomen opened up their wombs to them and were not married to them… but these foolish men actually believe that God is not going to hold them responsible for penetraiting the blackwomens womb. They believe its a one way ship, that’s the worst part of this whole thing, they refuse to except responsibility for their own actions and they have the nerve to believe we serve a weak God that they continue to throw under the d@mn bus.
      They have absolutely no integrity and no humility which equals absolutely no respect for their God. Those who are remaining willfully disobedient, hard hearted and stiffneck are being stripped and can’t even see it. I totally believe God is the one who is taking his blackwomen away from the blackmen because being involved with a blackman who does not honor and respect his God is like entering into a relationship that only breeds “CURSE & DESTRUCTION”….AMEN / PEACE AND LOVE MY SISTER


  15. Andre Pierre
    Militant with a destructive thought process is the greatest destroyer of the blackman. I love being a blackwoman, but militant & black I despises and I dishonor because it goes against our creator in ever way. You are a "Law Breaker" against your own creator..

  16. To Anonymous militant is not a destructive thought process Jesus was militant against the devil as well as God Himself against anybody who is against Him and His Son far as Pastor Bryant goes I rather listen to his sermon then anyone else’s Like I said earlier I love our God and love being a Black man I know He has a Black woman for me The only God I know will deliver Bro Redbone I know our women had been hurt and still being hurt due to our own arrogants and our own enslave ignorance question is what could we as Black men of God can do to stop the hurt of our women and our children and start taking action against the system that want to see and continue to see us as slaves profiting from our own hatefulness of self?

    • @Arnett…

      Okay… well maybe I might be looking at this the wrong way, but something is wrong… Arnett I see and discern it in my spirit, I’m seeing it in my spiritual tunnel vision… whatever it is it’s really greiving my spirit. Its a negative spirit that has “INTWINED” itself with some of our people who are ” EDUCATED & OVER-LOADED WITH A MILITANT MENTALITY”…. I’m not crazy Arnett, something is not right and its not pleasing to God. You can only see it by the spirit, so allow God to reveal it to you…. but I tell you its there and very very much alive. That negative spirit has no humility and no integrity, it is high and mighty, and full of ignorance… It is causing our people to become as hard as stones and willful against our God… See Matthew 13:10-17

      Again I tell you something is wrong and it is a very destructive spirit coming on the horizon of our people. It has something to do with being “MILITANT”…. Something that looks right, feels right, but to those of us who walk after the spirit we immediately discern foolishness unto God in it. Just ask God to show you what I’m seeing…wink! Redbone

    • @Arnett Cooper… Per your words:
      What could we as “(Black men of God)” can do to (stop the hurt of our women and our children) and start taking action against the system that want to see and continue to see us as slaves profiting from our own hatefulness of self?

      You sound like a very humble “GOD-MAN”… I can feel your spirit enough to know that your a blackman to be honored. I’m going to say this: By my own experience, beacause God is the one who has healed me and raised me up to be who I am today / there is a real “PROFOUND” difference between a blackman who really is (A MAN AFTER GOD’S OWN HEART) verses (A BLACKMAN who is “CONVENTIONAL vers UNCONVENTIONAL”)…

      Real profound blackmen of God aka: “GOD-MEN” are set-apart… they are real men of “INTEGRITY”, they walk in “HUMILITY”, they are “DEEPLY ENDOWED” with the spirit of God walk in the fullness of the spirit, walk up a road you very seldom see a travelor.

      They are always over-flowing with the wisdom knowledge and mysteries of their creator (GOD). They don’t dibble dabble in and out of sin, but at the same time they are not perfect. They are not religious minded, because they have become Christ-minded, and their “ROOTS” are engrafted into the kingdom of their God.
      Their God is not a white God, their God is a spirit… Arnett I can just go on and on… but I said all of that to say this: It is the same rule for the God-woman…

      God is the only entity that can bring any of us to this “DIMENSION”… None of us can enter into this relationship with God without walking through a “SIFTING” of our flesh (STRIPPING).

      Arnett a real God-woman knows a real God-man when he enters a room… He can walk in a room with 10 other men and be spotted by every woman in the room. God’s spirit upon a blackman is a very very powerful thing. A strong powerful positive blackwoman can’t help but to honor that type of man because he carry’s the ark of the covenant in his temple. When God walks in the room what would you do??? Bow…wink!!!

      I “REDBONE” love all God-men… I can’t deal with anything less then “A MAN AFTER GODS OWN HEART”…..

  17. Thanks Brother Redbone for your message I feel the same way I don’t want nothing less from a strong and positive Black woman of God but she has to be real and loves children I don’t see it militant but I see it in God’s word and actions myself because my experience with my mate did not go to well it was not be in Gods’ blessing that’s all I got to say on that

    • @Arnett Cooper….

      I am a strong black “GOD-WOMAN”…. I am Redbone, I’m not a man, unless your trying to be sarcastic…wink! I am also Anonymous on that particular post because my facebook is not working and maybe that’s a good thing because I’m not too fond of them anyway. Have a blessed one.

  18. Society has become so soft and porous, ambiguous in its thinking and fake in its persona until real truth is hard to swallow. When a preacher, or public figure gets up and tells the truth society pretends to be offended because of its refusal to acknowledge and take responsibility for the ills of a segment of society of whom have never been treated fairly from the start. We need to wake up in this country…from the white house to every house and fix what is wrong here and stop trying to take on the problems of the entire world. I'm tired of every time a preacher who has the guts to be honest and tell the truth society and the media attempts to portray us as militant, hostile or insensitive.

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