NYC’s Hot 97 Responds to Chuck D. Calling Urban Radio a “Malignant Cancer”

by / June 9, 2014 Black News 51 Comments

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What if a radio station in America inundated listeners with anti-Semitic insults? Hip-hop artistchuck d and activist Chuck D. thinks the response to such a radio station would be one of outrage, but urban radio stations hurl the “N” word at blacks incessantly and suffer absolutely no repercussions.

Chuck D. was set off partly due to New York’s recent Summer Jam festival, which, according to The Guardian, he referred to as “SummerSLAVEJam.”

Radio station Hot 97 organized the Summer Jam, which Chuck D. called “sloppy”, but he also singled out Hot 97 as a “COREPlantation” and included the station in his general criticisms about urban radio.

Hot 97 co-hosts Ebro Darden and Peter Rosenberg responded to the criticism late last week.

“I assume what he was trying to get at is what a lot of people say as far as blaming Hot 97 and radio in general for the demise of hip-hop culture,” Rosenberg told Billboard Thursday. “In Chuck’s case, and what I thought made his points particularly not salient, was he was like blaming the ills of the world basically on radio. Like talking about the prison system and all these terrible things that he was basically attributing to the powers that be.”

Chuck D. also wants radio to be more diverse, a charge which Darden says is without merit since the station is responding to consumers.

“I think there’s validity to what he’s saying as to, ‘I guess Hot 97 could be more local,” Darden said. “But people that listen to us when we research the songs don’t vote those songs high enough to stay around. I have this debate and I put the onus back on the public to participate.”

On June 2nd, Chuck D. tweeted, “What a sloppy fiasco @hot97 in NYC has made of HipHop. #culturalCrime.”

“If there was a festival and it was filled with anti-Semitic slurs … or racial slurs at anyone but black people, what do you think would happen?” he later asked Billboard. “Why does there have to be such a double standard?”

Chuck D. has said that urban radio is a “malignant cancer” that disrespects African-Americans.

Dr. Boyce Watkins, author of the lecture series, “Commercialize hip-hop: The gospel of self-destruction,” says that Chuck D is not only correct, but that he is also needed in the hip-hop community.

“I think any person who understands hip-hop knows that the genre has lost it’s way,” says Dr. Watkins.  “But only those of us who understand how corporate America works to perpetuate capitalist racial oppression can see just how damaging this business model has become.  It’s as if the radio station managers are Nαzi soldiers under orders from corporate masters to exterminate the minds of black youth.  Even they know how dangerous this music can be, but they push it for the money.”



51 Comment

  1. Of course other HipHopSlaveists, won’t stand behind Chuck D, because they are a part of the plantation. Yes I said it Plantation. There are too many artists like JayZ and too few like Common. Too many like Chris Brown and too few like Stevie Wonder. These radio stations and artists are just doing whatever it takes to become rich. No matter how it makes the community look and no matter what damage it does to the youth. When these artists and radio Djs are old, THEN and ONLY THEN, do they want to ride the bandwagon of let’s clean up our image. It’s too late then. I wish hipflop would just go away PERIOD.

  2. There is only a double standard because we allow it to be! Stop patronizing these radio stations/hip hop people and they will stop making money which they will then stop putting this crap out here.

    We have a choice in this matter.

  3. I think he makes a good point. If black people are sensitive to the N word being used by non-blacks, then they should stop using it among themselves towards each other.

  4. Did you see the commercial about the Indians and the term “Redskins”? They have started a campaign that states that they are many things but Redskin is not one of them.Our people are so confused that you would find people defending the most vile word that has ever been visited upon us.We should be ashamed!When are the real Brothers going to stand up and rid ourselves of these little boys among us?

  5. I just read where its a petition that combats a Greek sorority being disrespected and 20,000 people signed it.Where is the petitions to combat “Nigger”?

  6. well put ,Chuck D

  7. Blacks have been entirely resubordinated and have moved even further away from true freedom and development.

  8. So hey Self hate, self-hate is alive and that’s what we call each other niggers that’s what we kill each and destroy our community. Rap is bad today .

  9. Place the blame where it should be. We
    Never take any blame for our own B.S.
    How can you blame a radio station for
    Our songs.!!!We like, we make it, we tolerate it. !! So stop bitching about
    What we produce, like and listen to.
    I am tired of of the same argument so
    Boring already. If we don’t like it then change it !!! Stop Bitching!!!

  10. "It’s as if the radio station managers are Nαzi soldiers under orders from corporate masters to exterminate the minds of black youth."

    Correct. And ironically the "Nazis" are actually elite Jewish businessmen who run Hollywood and have done so since before the 1920s. As Chuck D alludes to, you will NEVER find any anti Jewish content in music, movies or books from Hollywood or the mainstream media. They will gladly ridicule blacks, latin people, Asians, Christians, Muslims, etc., but there is a silent code to not disrespect Jewishness in any way. This is no accident. If you do an online search on Hollywood Jewish History, you will eventually see some links to sites that break down how Hollywood always favored Jewish themes but ridicule everyone else. For instance, notice how all WWII themed movie favors Jews (Inglorious Bastards being such a movie). Today's music has become quickly and increasingly dominated by Jewish kabbalah, magic/sorcery and mysticism for a reason. With hip hop particularly, look at its evolution from themes of social commentary, dance and fun from the 1970s till the 1990s, then the assassinations of Tupac and Biggie led to an era of mindless hip hop lyrics glorifying the love of money, unlimited materialism, excessive fornication, derogatory verbiage about blacks (i.e., the N word) and other ills. So today's hip hop in stuck in mindless, demonic worship of money, fornication and drug/thug life.

    The Hollywood elites know exactly what that trash will do to our minds: reinforce false stereotypes about blacks to the point where many of our young people mimic those stereotypes, inadvertently making non blacks believe such negative imagery is true! Ads I've said before, if you go to mainstream news sites and read articles about hip hop artists in the news or black comedians, and then look at the comments section, you will find whites, liberals and conservatives alike, who say things like, 'well, why should we feel guilty about using the N word when black rappers and comedians call themselves that word?' Now ask yourselves how many times have you heard any song on the radio say anti-Jewish words like 'ki ke' or 'hook nosed' or 'Jew me' (other than Michael Jackson's song years ago that got him in trouble)? This is no accident or mere coincidence. They know exactly the mind poison they are dropping on our communities.

  11. @gregorychamblet I think that it's smart that we've taken a word that was meant and used in evil against us and turned the word of love and/or mutual understanding when we use it. I feel that it is ok for us to use this word as our own….not for other non blacks to use….(unless they are very close friends and grew up in the hood with us because then and only then do they have understanding) Thank you. https://www.createspace.com/4576889 http://ladyctalks.blogspot.com/

  12. @Linda Crowder this word can be nothing else but mean and evil!!! Have you ever read any slaves narratives and the many African American who were lynched and being called a n—-r when they were doing it? And to give a non-black a pass to use it around you is crazy. They may pretend to be your friend so they can use it and call you one.

    • Jacqueline, years ago a friend suggested that I read a book called “The Insane Niqqer” glad I did because it answered many of the questions I wondered about my people and our insane behavior.

  13. CHUCK D didn't say anything wrong, THAT JEW DID!

  14. I totally disagree with you WHITE people gave us the name anyway its like saying tomato or tomotoe its still reefer's to the same .you make it sound if though BLACK own this ridiculous word are you serious sister.I think it is even sadder for a Black person to try to justify the word.do whites go around justifying cracker peckerwood or honkey ,do Mexican's go around justifying wet back or greaser do Asian's go around justifying gook or chink ,do Arab's go around justifying SAND NIGGER the answer to all of these is NO. , so its really stupid for Black people to try an make an accommodation for Nigga on any account period . Malcolm X said it best Nigga's are made not born …no harm intended peace!

  15. it still reefer's to the same thing(meant)

  16. Where was all this talk when other rap groups made songs about women and killing when he was prevalent?? Granted now it’s far worse. However, his arguments are so tired and hypocritical when his group member and friend who he says is so talented walked/s around the U.S. and other countries WITH HIM with a big ass clock around his neck and a reality show portraying women as hungry sluts… Why didn’t he condemn his so called friend with all that buffoonery he has done over his career? Hip hop has now been taken over by kids 10-25… The majority of those kids do not know him or care what he is talking about. The only people that care are those who lived in the era when there was diversity in music or rap/ hip hop and enough to satisfy everyone. Look how old he is and Dr.Watkins. It doesn’t mean that he can’t have an opinion but unfortunately the people he needs to reach could care less. And, as I always say I’m sure Dr. Watkins, and millions of others listened or listen to some of this crap and can still get up go to work, party on the weekend, take care of their family and be a productive citizen. If a gun or getting shot and surviving or going to jail is what these kids are into Chuck D. Dr. Watkins, Steve Perry, or whoever else is not going to save them. It shouldn’t be that easy to persuade anybody to commit heinous acts of violence or any other ignorant act by listening to ridiculous lyrics.

    • USA is a tiny place C.A eventually those will wake up and realize the world is bigger than their heads.

  17. Linda, a word and it's meaning or application is the same regardless of WHO uses it. Let me ask you a question- the word 'Whore' is considered derogatory but, is it ok for some to call you that word and not others? The same principal apply when using the 'niqqer' word it is offensive no matter who uses it. In fact only a FOOL would find a derogatory term endearing.

  18. This man deserves a standing ovation…The truth.

  19. They will be back!!!!! Don't they all come crawlin back to their roots. We are a set of fools that will sell each other out for "chicken change"!!!!

  20. I agree and they are responsible for the regentrification in Black neighborhoods and Palestine.
    Remeber We Black Folk dog out Cynthia Mckinney and she was tring to tell us to prepare ourselves.
    The Middle East will not allow them in their countries. Their is a story behind the reasoning and I can see why. I am Understanding they Were the culprits in writing the bible.

  21. LaRome Armstrong Jews gave us the name N…er….

  22. I wonder will a vast % of black people wake up once and for all.
    The reason this radio station and these other twisted media white owned and controlled companies can get away with this is they see and have knowned for years that black’s a vast % are mental slaves and refuse to recognize it.
    This is why so many black’s listen and co-sign on some of this twisted media activity that so many love to say ” Oh that just some Entertainment ”
    Being brainwashed to hate yourself,hate your people,self destruct and destroy other black people thru murder and other exploitation is not entertainment at all.

  23. Bottom line is when Chuck asked the question – what other group of people would allow this self-hate and ignorance being forcefed to their Youth? NONE It is wrong! IT is destructive, devastating, dehumanizing demoralizing and it must be stopped! This bullsh*t should not be on the radio! Check out the recent campaign “Rage Against The Ratchet” in Philly and “Clear The Airwaves Project” based out of Chicago! CEMOTAP is hosting a forum later this “Black Music Month” in Queens to deal with this! We must protect our children from this continuous onslaught of obscene, immoral, violent, ignorance that these media conglomerates are popularizing with 15 – 20 spins per/day on radio stations TARGETING Afrikan Youth!!

  24. I find it ironic that CD referenced “anti-Semitism and another writer referred to the Nazis. Guess who owns these radio stations. Yep, and just as soon as they were liberated by Dr. King, they became some of the world’s biggest bigots. Note Donald Sterling; Howard Sterns, and Imus.

  25. I agree that no one should say it but i disagree that a non-black should even feel comfort saying that to a black person. My saying it doesn't give anyone else a pass to say it. If you call your woman honey cakes, should a man who heard you call her that be able to call her that too? I doubt you'd like it, would you stop calling her that because you don't want anyone else saying it to her?

  26. Think about what you're saying. If the word was really taken and now is a term of mutual respect, you would have no problem being called that by a non-black of whom you don't know. The power is still in the word.

  27. @Rick “They” were ALWAYS the worlds biggest bigots, racist and I should say hypocrites as well. This racist attitude didn’t just start up after the civil rights movement. Most people don’t realize they were some of the biggest and most vicious slave owners in the south. Google Jews selling Blacks.

  28. The radio shows today are fiascoes. They cater to the consumer, but that’s like the news catering to consumers. The onus is on the people to fight the power and take back our youth. I haven’t listened to hip-hop radio in more than 5 years. I don’t switch it on and I never allow it to be played in my car.

  29. i have a solution with Proffesor Griff Son

  30. @Texas Quality Homes….Peacefully speaking "only a fool" would call someone else a fool because of their personal opinion. One genuine opinion doesn't make a person a fool. You have to get to know that person…my research tells me that WE MUST STUDY OUR HISTORY IN ORDER TO DEVELOP OUR CONSCIOUSNESS AND MAKE PEOPLE'S RACIST REMARKS IMPOTENT …..Did you know that (it depends on whose spelling it…"Nigger") THE ORIGINAL MEANING OF THE "N" WORD HAD A CONNOTATION CONNECTED TO THE GODS http://www.raceandhistory.com/cgi-bin/forum/webbbs_config.pl?md=read;id=127 and also the root word originally meant Kings……so I'm sorry if you all are uninformed please google the word "Nigger" and variations of the word through languages. One important aspect is that it meant "black" person. The word was not originally used as derogatory. They changed it…we changed it back. Heck, it is our word anyway. It's not my fault that they were evil. For the record, most people who call each other that name knows each other….so if you knew me and you called me that I wouldn't have a problem with the word "hoe" because you know me like that! You know what I am and what I am not. We call each other the N word. So what?

  31. @laRome Armstrong….Please please…WHITES did not give us NOTHING….they stole everything…..we already had everything…..they changed our names around and lied to us just like always. The N word is our word and meant something totally different….read this article…;.http://www.raceandhistory.com/cgi-bin/forum/webbbs_config.pl?md=read;id=127. So they took it now we took it back. Now if you want to talk about self respect and taking care of our selves (self-reliance), owning our own business mindset then that's something altogether different. But, just the use of the N word….no problem. Let us not pretend that our opinion is the only one that counts…black people use the word and they are not going to stop. We don't know what white people do with the word "cracker" and all that….all I know is the ones I'm around are always kicking the "redneck" word around. So what? Who cares? We do "own" the N word. It is ours….Read…"The Black Biblical Heritage by Dr. John L. Johnson…… Listen to Dr. Hendrik Clarke YouTube videos. Let me know if I can be of service to you again…..Ancient Black History is what I love…….!:)

  32. No you said that the power is still in the word…which is not true. Because what if I turn around and say thank you? Because, I now know where the word came from, I have knowledge….it is not what you're called but what you answer to and how you answer that.

  33. Linda Crowder So your whole point is mute. Why would you need to take a word used in evil and make it something good if all you have to do is say thank you to whatever is said to you in the first place? When a person just let's it roll off their shoulders it's because they don't let their emotions get the better of them. The word is still insulting, you just chose to not act out.

  34. Lois Hunter What history book says that? Jews did not come up with the N word. They used it, but they're not the origin.

  35. That's why my main source of looking for music is on youtube and doing research to find other underground/underrated artist that are actually unique and have passion.

  36. That's true but still does not validate another race to use, that's weak.

  37. I've been telling people, black people that is, for the last 5 years we are being used and abused by supporting this junk music. Jewish people have historically taken advantage of blacks yet they want you to respect what they went through. Wow.

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  39. I've never heard Jews calling them selves kike or Spanish people saying spick, why because it hurtful and self destructive, so why do blacks call each other Nigger just sad and you can't trip over Donald Sterling and not look at our self

  40. Chuck D is powerfully correct. It is interesting how Hot 97 clearly expresses that they are a part of the problem and whatever is popular has more substance over what is empowering. Maybe, I am blind and can’t see or my hearing is terrible, my observation concludes that a revolutionary is needed. Thank you Chuck D for your smart insight.

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