MSNBC Pundit: The Public Is Telling Obama “Your Presidency Is Over”

by / June 18, 2014 Black News 16 Comments

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President Obama’s poll numbers are hovering around the same point as former president George W. Bush’s post-Katrina numbers. Even more striking is that the numbers aren’t improving, as evidenced by anObama at fundraiser NBC/Wall Street Journal poll released Wednesday.

During an appearance on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe”, political analyst Chuck Todd said these numbers indicate that Obama’s presidency is pretty much over.

“This poll is a disaster for the president,” Todd said on Wednesday morning. “You look at the presidency here. Lowest job rating — tied for the lowest. Lowest on foreign policy. His administration is seen as less competent than the Bush administration, post-Katrina.”

According to the poll, a majority of Americans don’t believe Obama is capable of leading the country through the remainder of his presidency. Of those polled, 54 percent said Obama “cannot lead and get the job done” compared to 42 percent who said he could. Also, a whopping 41 percent of people agreed that Obama’s presidency has gotten worse over the past year, with only 15 percent saying it has improved.

Todd says this poll is bad news for the White House.

“Then on the issue of do you believe you can still lead, and a majority believe not,” Todd continued. “Essentially the public is saying, ‘Your presidency is over’ by saying a number like that. 54% saying he no longer has the ability to lead and solve problems. That’s one of those things, you’re sitting at the White House going, ‘Wow.’”

What do you think this means for President Obama going forward? Can he get anything done or is he just a lame duck waiting for 2016?








16 Comment

  1. Yes chuck Todd repeating polling by NBC owned by ComCast whose CEO is Sarah Palin’s BFF and WAll Street Journal owned by FoxNews Rupert Murdoch all Conservatives who hate The Prezident

  2. This is to be expected. After 6 years, he made some mistakes (normal for a human being) that justified their conclusions. If you are Black in America, in most cases, one has to perform 2X as good without errors. No one in the world is capable of this task. My conclusion for the Prez is to pay no attention to the pole because it sucks.

  3. Really??? His numbers are no worse than the idiot from Texas that started an unnecessary war based on his lies when it was really about oil and big money and President Obama is paying for this Texas hillbilly’s mistake! Bush also helped destroy the economy along with his rich Republican buddies, and every time you turn around you see his daughter on the Today show, bless her heart, she has a problem with speech, a lot like her daddy, wonder how she got that job? It is not weather you are qualified to do the job for she is not, but whose your daddy?

  4. Who was polled? Followers of Rush and those of his ilk?

  5. Never did like that Chuckle Todd. To me…he always had negative commends toward the president. Another Fox clown reporter.

  6. Where did that Chuckle fella get all his infor from. Let me guess hmmmmmm, yes the Kartoon Network Fox.

  7. I am not surprised that some want him to be a failure, but he is not. He has done an excellent job in the face of unmitigated adversity and racism, as well as lack of respect for him as President. I still support him

  8. the broadness of the categories allows respondents to vote their unsubstantiated biases; I’ve seen so many who cannot back up their negativity with facts…thus they are easily manipulated, even to the extent of selling out their own interests…those who continually oppose Obama do themselves and the country a great disservice..in conclusion, such surveys are meaningless…too bad so many give them credence…

  9. The polls shows whites don't believe in this black man. The polls shows that whites think Obama, is not capeable of leading the remainder of his presidency, Chuck Todd, is a damn republican all their information coming from Fox News, this is a damn shame this man (obama) has done a lot without Congress help. People, this is only BULL-SH@@# this is for our voters to vote republican, these fools(REPUBLICANS) will do anything to get back in the White House ues your own brains not hateful white people telling a bunch-of-lies think for yourself.

  10. Everyone on this SITE think about the poll who vote in those polls? if you don’t know I will tell you racist, miserable, ignorant, jealous white folks. This is a black man (Obama) and he is our President, majority of whites didn’t want this man in office when he won in 2008, because he is a black man. Oh’ they will lie and say they are not racist but I know better there haven’t been a President in the White House have taken as much sh#@ as Obama from whites. Yes, we have blacks out there trying to be republicans so they got-to get on television and down grade this man for republican sake if they want to keep their status. Since this man (obama) been president Congress have done NOTHING to help him the number one thing was the JOBS BILL what happen? Congress never look at it it’s still on their desk from 2008, they will do and say anything to get back in the White House think before you have so many bad words for this man he is doing what he can do without any help.

  11. Chuckle Todd has always had it in for the President. Remember a few month ago when he was in trouble for stating that it was his job to give opinions as well as report the news? Well Mr.Chuckle has taken the stance of giving more opinion than reporting.

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