Mike Epps in big trouble for allegedly attacking another comedian

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Reported by Liku Zelleke

Atlanta local comedian Lavar Walker says that he was attacked by comedian and actor Mike Epps after he made a video about the feud between Epps and comedian/actor Kevin Hart and posted it to Instagram.

Police reports state that Walker claims Epps punched him in the face as soon as he walked out of the Uptown Comedy Corner in Northwest Atlanta. He also said that Epps and two other men then beat him repeatedly, slammed him into a Ferrari owned by Epps, kicked him in the stomach and finally threw his cell phone onto the roof of the comedy club.

Walker told reporters that he had never met, or spoken to, Epps before but that he did receive a message from him right after he had posted the video. In the message, he said, Epps asked to meet him at Uptown.

Walker, who was accompanied by his attorney, said, “He struck me. He struck me and two other guys he had with [him] struck me, hospitalized me and beat me – all over a joke.”

Another local comedian and witness, Bo Micadelic, was standing outside when the incident occurred. He said that he saw Walker come out of a side door and walk towards Epps after a third comedian had told [Walker] that Epps wanted to see him.

Micadelic says that he never saw Epps lay a hand on Walker, but that he was certainly involved. “He was just standing there like an overseer. Before [Walker] could get closer to Epps, a bodyguard or friend punched him. When he fell to the ground, the same dude who punched him kicked him in the head.”

He then said that they crushed Walker’s phone and threw it over the roof. Micadelic says that he gave Walker his phone so he could call for help. He said, “That’s when Epps came back out and he was basically taunting him. He said, ‘Oh you’re gonna call the police now?’ Then he said, ‘You better not make any more videos about me.'”

Walker suffered heavy bruising and cuts to his head. He was treated at Grady Memorial Hospital.


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  1. I guess some of these comedians can dish it out but can't take it. LOL

  2. Theres no crime in watching,and freedom of speech! Mike Epps is my favorite. …Kevin. Hart is overrated and arrogant. …so if someone beat that guy's ass it wasn't Mike. …leave him alone, he can say whatever, doesn't Kevin? Fyi no need to comment back to me because Mike Epps is the man and I don't care what anyone has to say….

  3. Your a Nut!!!

  4. Did you even read what you just wrote???

  5. Kevin Hart is The Man and is a far superior comedian than Mike Epps. What is Epps' problem anyway?

  6. It’s comedy! Why was Mike Epps mad? It’s okay to laugh and joke about everyone else but when the joke is on you, it’s not funny anymore. I think he was just mad because of what Kevin Hart said to him. He seems jealous of Kevin to me. I don’t understand why, there’s room for him and Kevin in this big genre of comedy. He had his time when everyone was always talking about him, whether Kevin is funny to some people or not, now it’s Kevin’s time. Mike needs to respect that, and instead of tearing Kevin down, lift his brother up. If he was involved in this and harmed this man, then he needs to get his punishment. And then he needs to get over himself and act like the grown man that he is.

  7. Why is black folks so sensitive and violent? Mike Epps is know facing charges? And even if it’s proven he didn’t lay hand on the alleged victim, he will be known forever for this, it’s the most stupid act of any reason to attack someone over jokes and the competition? MR. Hart is apparently smarter to get involved on such silliness and thuggish appeal.

  8. From reading these comments, I see that ignorance is bliss. If you think it's ok to have someone beat up over WORDS, I seriously suggest you consider getting some help for that mental health issue, and some education about freedom of speech. Whether you like either comedian is irrelevant. The actions against a person for a joke should've been a JOKE, not physical violence. Perhaps the video struck a chord with Epps for him to react so violently. Smh.

  9. you taunted the man and get your ass kick…… kick ass is better than bullets, now go thank your god.

  10. Whose Kevin Hart?

  11. Let's call this reverse publicity – I can't imagine that many people even saw the guy's video but now you know people are going to search it out and it will get many hits. I generally like Mike Epps but he clearly is having some personal life issues and spiraling out of control. This incident, punches a woman & is recorded cursing his daughter out. Someone needs some anger management classes.

  12. Wow, an attack on the man for being comical, just like Epps has done and will do? Really? Yeah I hear the commented saying its better than bullets, but in these cases it could have went there…violence is violence!

  13. Lmao, I don't know about anyone else but reading this story was hilarious for some reason. I think I was trying to imagine it all taking place.

  14. I’ve always liked Mike Epps – he is a very funny man – I also like Kevin Hart. Why would Mike Epps be jealous of Kevin Hart? Be glad the brother made it – don’t tear him down like that – Black men get torn down all the time by other races – we don’t need you Mr. Epps, to do that. Get over it – you are famous in your own right – now its Kevin Hart’s time, Brother!!

    • Mike Apps is an awesome comedian. I wonder what was on the video that could have angered him. That’s terrible for the person who displayed the video, sorry for his injuries. I like both comedians they both are halarious. Too bad, so sad.

  15. Mike Apps is an awesome comedian. I wonder what was on the video that could have angered him. That’s too bad, I like both comedians that both are halarious. Sorry for the guy who was hurt. Too bad, so sad.

  16. Mike Apps is an awesome comedian. I wonder what was on the video that could have angered him. That’s too bad, I like both comedians they both are halarious. Sorry for the guy who was hurt. Too bad, so sad.

  17. Mike Epps need to sit down somwwhere. Kevin Hart is the man right now and being jealous wont help you Mike Epps. Shine somewhere else.

  18. Its enough room for everyone,just like in the music industry. back in the day artist slam other artist's and that's how they battled.. Its enough room for all comedians to get a piece of the rock. I love me some mike epps and i love kevin hart. Mike has had his time on top with all the ice cubes movie ect.. he's great ! I can't believe epps can't take a joke and be that shallow as to put his hands on another person. Hope this stuff works out. these are adults, but act they act like children. Oh wait a minute this person that posted a video about epps and hart,wasn't even in the business so how would epps even know he was going to be at some comedy show ? kinda weird now that im thinking about it. Well I pray all works out for all involved.

  19. I saw Mike Epps when he came to my town years ago. He sucked like a baby with a pacifier. He was 2hrs late, messed up, wasn't funny and only stayed on stage for only 15 mins. The guys that came on before him were way more funnier. Won't ever waste my money on that kneegrow ever again! I don't care what movie he is in.

  20. Mike Epps is corny and has always been.

  21. Wow, Mike I didn't know you were the thug type dude. Been hearing things like you are assaulting women and now this! Get yourself together this behavior won't help you get the movie deals!

  22. Stop this madness. Smh. Must everything resort to violence? This is not the examples we should want to see. People can say whatever they want, just because it hurt your feelings it does not give you the right to put your hands on someone. Period. From T.I. and Mayweather to this???? Its not like we have any positive roll models our kids or people follow. Just stop. Smile and say hello to the next black person that you see. Look at a person and find one thing you like about them and tell them. We have enough against us. Stop giving up to the stereotypes. Stereotypes are becoming the truth about us and I don't want our future generations thinking this is normal behavior.

  23. After hearing about the self-hating comments Kevin Hart made about dark skinned women, I am glad that Mike Epps dogged his ass. I do not hear Kevin Hart responding to Mike's commets. Kevin is such a stupid little idiot.

  24. I like Mike Epps and probably always will, with that being said I see he's having problems right now and I hope that he gets threw them. On the other hand Kevin Hart may be doing his thing right now, true but to me his head is getting a little BIG. He can do what he do, but he should tone down the big headed-ness!!!!!!

  25. Through-Threw, which ever it should be….

  26. Now the comedian can purchase a new vehichle courtesy of Mike Epps. Can you say civil suite.

  27. You sound as ignorant as Mike Epps!

  28. This is so ignorant. It’s really sad that so many ghetto-ass people are now celebrities. Although Prince was very jealous of Michael Jackson, you knew they would never be involved in a dust-up. Too many people who have no class have been able to infiltrate the entertainment business. Example: Stupid-ass Chris Brown and Drake tearing up clubs. Mike Epps has proven what has been apparent to many, his fifteen minutes are about up. He’s a one-note actor. And his stand-up material is very weak. Mike Epps is not a comedian, he’s a thug. Chris Rock, Kevin Hart, Bill Cosby, Martin, Wanda Sykes, Dave Chappelle, George Lopez, Steve and Cedric, D.L., Rickey Smiley, Jamie Foxx, and Eddie Murphy are examples of living comedians. Instead of hating on Kevin, Mike needs to be in class and working on his craft, or lack thereof. Comedy is suppose to be art, not just some ignant-ass dude talking about stuff you can hear on the corner. Seriously, Chris Rock is extremely insightful, bringing a more intelligent perspective to the stage. Kevin Hart can be ghetto, but he’s improving. Kevin is steppin up his game. I dont feel or see Mike Epps improving. Mike Epps either way you need to get it together. You disappoint me, my brotha!

  29. Karla his head has also

    alway been big and he's arrogant and that makes it hard to support him…

  30. Can I get a refund for all theories I've seen with Epps in it????

  31. Over a stupid video of words? Epps you gon learn today!! Lol

  32. When Mike Epps had Lavar Walker attacked, he attacked me also. That guy was more of a fan than a fellow comedian. Seriously, have you heard of Lavar Walker before? This was so wack, inappropriate, and tacky.

  33. I guess Lil Kev got under his skin so bad he ‘sensiteevve’ lmaoll

  34. 4NsicTherapy…. they all need help…

  35. I never thought Mike Epps was funny. I believe that he is jealous of Kevin Hart's success. He needs prayers !!!!!

  36. I guess comedy is not so funny when you're the subject. Typical of the insecure. I can laugh at you all day, but say something about me and I'll beat you up, really? Grow up! Coward thing was he had to pay somebody else to do it because he probably would have gotten his butt whooped stepping to him alone. If he gets convicted at least he'll have the money to keep his virginity or enough jokes to keep them laughing.

  37. I never thought his stand up was funny but I loved the movies he starred in. I'm really not liking him anymore though. He's ignorant.

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