Man Throws Scorching Hot Grits On Neighbor, Charged With Second-Degree Attempted Murder

by / June 21, 2014 Black News 14 Comments

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Edward Holley was charged with attempted second degree murder after throwing hot grits on his neighbor. www.blacklikemoi.com

Edward Holley

Reported by Kacie Whaley

Instead of his fists, an Orlando, Florida man used hot grits to get even with an enemy.  On Wednesday, 59-year-old Edward Holley looked onto his porch and saw his neighborhood nemesis playing poker with Holley’s cousin.  Holley had already told 29-year-old Darryl Blacknell that if he came around his house again, he’d “throw grease on him,” reported MyNews13.  An aggravated Holley went into his kitchen to prepare “hot, greasy grits,” then went outside and poured the boiling meal onto Blacknell.

Blacknell suffered from second and third-degree burns from Holley’s grits.  He said that “the pain was horrible.”  The police report stated that over 30 percent of Blacknell’s body was burned.  According to The Root, Blacknell will go through several surgeries before he is released from Orlando Regional Hospital.

As for Holley, he was arrested and is now being charged with attempted second-degree murder.  Upon his arrest, he told officers “If you’re going to arrest me, then just arrest me now, ‘cause next time I am going to kill him.”  His bond was set at $50,000, due to the nature of his crime, along with his past felonies and misdemeanors, mostly from theft, robberies, and larcenies.

Holley’s cousin was also burned on the arm, but his injuries were minor enough that he was able to drive himself to the hospital to receive care.



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  1. This story is only telling one side. Why did the guy keep coming around someones house when he was told not to and why was he told not to in the first place?What did Darryl Blacknell do to warrant such treatment? Then I wonder how close the punishment came to fitting the crime.What is the other side?

    • I agree Jermaine…i wonder about the other side of the story. He made an additional threat to kill the man and was content after his arrest… the other could have been a devil!!!

  2. This man will get what he deserves according to the law.He as trying to disfigure the man.

  3. I don’t condone what Holley did, but, if someone tells you not to come to his home and warned what he would do to you, why would you return. There is more to this story. It was Holley’s home. He had previously warned Bucknell not to return to his home. Maybe he was “standing his ground.” Oh, I forgot, that defense doesn’t work for Black folk in Florida!

  4. From what the article reads, my interprietation (sp) of it, they were both acting like children. Why the man comes to the other man's house knowing he told him not to, and the other reacting with the hot grits n grease. Seems they were both looking for trouble and they got it.

  5. Two sides to every story. Hot grits are hot.

  6. I am so sorry./..i would befriends him and let him think it was all cool between us and wait until his azz fell asleep on the couch and throw some boiling grease right in his damn face!

  7. Mr Holley is lucky to be still alive. Remember back in the day Al Green had the Sam incident done to him. Al Green retaliation turned out to be murderer.

  8. When someone tell you not to come to their house again and what they will do if you came be aware of what may happen. Some don't believe that fire will burn.

  9. Mental Health Issues….

  10. Wow! Painful. Premeditated ..you boil the grits and place grease in them. My God from Zion would not it been easier to get a restraining order to keep the other man from coming to your place such their was such a deep hatred their. Your own cousin ends up getting burned as a result of this neurotic behavior. We best be praying because the devil is not playing..the stories are becoming more intense by the day.

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