Large man kept 40 bags of heroine and crack in his belly button

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By Dr. Sinclair Grey III
Drug traffickers will do whatever they have to do to transport drugs and make money. Whatever you can think of, there’s a good chance that someone has attempted it (whether successful or unsuccessful).

In North Carolina, police arrested Randall Streeter, 5’5 tall and weighing 315 pounds for drug trafficking. The Greenville Regional Drug Task Force took Streeter into custody.

According to reports, ‘during the May 29 stop agents seized 150 bags of heroin and $1,200 in addition to the drugs found on Streeter and the arrests were the culmination of a month-long investigation. The total estimated street value of the narcotics found in Streeter’s navel and in the car along with passenger, Marshall Wayne Wilson, was approximately $6,800.’

Streeter is currently detained in Pitt County Detention Center. He is under a $1,000,000 secured bond. Wilson, who is also charged with drug offenses is being held under $75,000 secured bond.

It is believed that Streeter is linked not only to drug trafficking but also prostitution cases.

“According to WATE.com the method Streeter used to conceal the drugs is commonly known in eastern North Carolina as a ‘Percocet Pouch’.”

At the moment of this report, the Greenville Regional Drug Task Force nor Streeter have added any new information.

The arrest of Streeter goes to show that there’s no perfect way to conceal drugs. No matter how short or tall you may be and definitely no matter how much you weigh, law enforcement officials are very knowledgable of the tricks of the trade.

The news of Streeter’s arrest was released one day after a man was arrested in Cuba after attempting to board a plane with 66 rare birds in his pants.

Source: dailymail.co.uk

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