Kwame Kilpatrick’s Son Posts Picture of Dad in Prison

by / June 27, 2014 Black News 575 Comments

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Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, who was sentenced to the longest politicalKwame Kilpatrick3 corruption sentence in this nation’s history, seems to managing well in prison.

Kwame’s son, Jalil, posted a picture of his father on Twitter, showing the former mayor smiling in his prison uniform with the caption “Happy BDAY DADDY SEE YOU SOON! #freekmk”.

In the picture, Kilpatrick, 44, is smiling for the camera, seemingly in good spirits.

Kwame Kilpatrick was sentenced to 28 years in federal prison by Judge Nancy Edmonds in October of last year.

“The government has asked for a sentence of 28 years — I believe that is in fact what his sentence should be,” Edmunds said during sentencing.

Kilpatrick’s attorney attempted to point to the good he’d done in order to gain the judge’s sympathy.

“After his inauguration in January 2002, he worked 18-hour days with some regularity,” Kilpatrick’s attorney Harold Gurewitz wrote. “He showed up at crime scenes and on the streets to make sure they were cleared after snowfalls.”

The argument didn’t work and Judge Edmunds threw the book at Kilpatrick.

In addition to serving out his prison sentence, Kilpatrick is also expected to pay nearly $4.6  million dollars in restitution for his corruption. Kilpatrick’s attorney argued, according to the Detroit Free Press, that there was no evidence that Detroit suffered a loss due to Kilpatrick’s dealings with contractor Bobby Ferguson.

“There was a lot of testimony in this case that Mr. Ferguson received millions of dollars for work that wasn’t done at all,” Judge Edmunds explained.

It is still unlikely that the government will get any of that money back considering the amount that Kilpatrick has spent in legal fees and that he has no income while behind bars.

Kilpatrick also owes $854,000 from the text message scandal.