Ice Cube Calls Obama the ‘Black Kid at a White School’ No One Likes Playing With

by / June 17, 2014 Black News 16 Comments

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Rapper turned actor Ice Cube thinks President Obama is doing the best job he can under the Ice Cube.jpgcircumstances, but the analogy he used to describe Obama is sure to raise some eyebrows.

When TIME magazine’s Belinda Luscombe posed 10 questions to Cube for an upcoming issue, she asked about everything from his children to the job Obama is doing as president. When she asked Cube how Obama was doing, the rapper compared Obama to an unpopular kid at school and put the blame on whites for ostracizing him.

Asked by Luscombe about Obama’s job performance, Cube answered, “I think it’s great with all the obstacles. You couldn’t ask for more.”

Cube added: “Obama reminds me of the black kid at a white school that don’t nobody want to play with. That’s fine – he goes in there and do his thing, do what he can. I think to me he’s done the best job a man in his position can do under the circumstances.”

Ice Cube was also asked about his music, more specifically, at what age he introduces it to his children.

“As young as they can sit in the car and roll with me. If I’m listening to my demo, they listening to my demo,” he answered.

When asked if he’s OK with his kids using foul language around me, Cube said he’s certainly not.

“Ah, no, no — no, no. No bad language in the house. My thing is, I know kids cuss, they do their thing, but I tell my kids don’t do it in earshot of any adults or you’re in trouble.”