Glenn Beck Said God Made Him Get Van Jones Fired from the White House

by / June 6, 2014 Black News 5 Comments

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Talk radio show host Glenn Beck reminisced on Wednesday about cυtting Van Jones’ career at the White Glenn Beck and Van JonesHouse short, but Beck says it was God’s will.

In the early days of the Obama administration, activist Van Jones was brought in as an environmental adviser. Jones hadn’t been at his job long before Glenn Beck, then a rising star on the right wing,  launched a character assαssination campaign against Jones.

Beck announced on his Fox News show that Jones was a “self appointed communist”, even though there was no evidence to back up that claim. Still, with nothing but the word of Beck as evidence, the Obama administration caved to pressure and fired Jones.

On Beck’s Wednesday show, he explained that getting Jones fired over a lie was a divinely inspired act.

“I don’t know how we figured out Van Jones, I really don’t know how we figured out Van Jones,” he said. “That was really — that was not from man.”

He continued: “Because I didn’t even know who he was, and there was two conversations happening in my office. I have two producers talking about Van Jones, and they were getting ready to talk to me about something, and I was talking to another two producers. And as I’m listening and I’m engaged in that, I just hear the name ‘Van Jones,’ and I said to those producers, ‘Stop.’ I turn around and said, ‘What was the name you just said?’ They said, Van Jones.”

Even though Jones was let go by the Obama administration without cause, he has remained a staunch supporter of the administration. He began the Rebuild the Dream initiative but it was overshadowed by the grassroots Occupy Wall Street movement. Jones is now a CNN pundit.

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  1. He lied and assummed it was a devine message from God because………? Was this the same thinking used by vile deplorable humans those who were responsible for the enslavement of what eventually evolved into Black Americans?
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  2. Those gun carrying tea party rednecks will believe anything said on Fox oh I mean Fixed News.

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