Fox News Host Defends Man Responsible For Fatal Crash Involving Tracy Morgan

by / June 18, 2014 Black News 25 Comments

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Fox news host Tucker Carlson defended the man responsible for critically injuring Tracy Morgan and killing another. www.blacklikemoi.com

Tucker Carlson

Reported by Krystle Crossman

Kevin Roper has been charged with allegedly falling asleep and causing the crash that severely injured Tracy Morgan as well as three others and killed one man. He had allegedly awake for over 24 hours and dozed off behind the wheel of a 16-wheel tractor trailer that he was driving through New Jersey. He realized too late that the traffic in front of him had slowed down and tried to swerve but ended up hitting Morgan’s limo bus and tipping it over. Several other cars were involved in the crash as well.

As investigators have probed into the crash, they are finding no evidence to support that Roper actually dozed off but he is at fault of the crash. He is charged with one count of death by auto and four counts of assault by auto. He could be facing serious jail time due to the fact that there was a death in the accident. Morgan remains in the hospital at this time but is doing better.

An attorney in the case stated that Roper could be looking at 5 to 10 years in jail for causing the death of another person by driving recklessly. Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson jumped in to defend the driver. He stated that sleeping is not normally a reckless activity, so why should it be considered reckless in this case? Carlson does not feel that Roper should go to prison if that is what he is being convicted of.

The attorney seemed to be in disbelief by Carlson’s statement. He interjected that while falling asleep in itself is not inherently reckless, doing it while driving a 16-wheel tractor trailer certainly is. If he was that tired he should not have been driving. He may not have intentionally caused harm or death but the accident still occurred. People were still hurt, one man lost his life no matter what happened behind the wheel. Carlson defended his position stating that falling asleep is much less reckless than taking drugs or drinking while driving.



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  1. I think this racist son of a B should wait until something like this happens to someone in dam family and then make the same comment

  2. But the four counts of assault by auto is insane! This is another case that say that a Black Man can not have an accident. An assault charge mean that the driver meant to harm someone and then ran into the auto just to hurt the people in it.

  3. No criminal intent.

  4. Send all people to prison that have accidents do to prescription drug use, or have heart conditions or any other health issues (sarcasm) . If this man was driving over the time allotted, then he should be held accountable. Prison is for violent offenders who breaks the law, not an accident that doesn't show malicious intent (article doesn't speak of any). Unfortunately people die on Americas highways to often. Condolences to the families of those who lost their lives and best wishes and a speedy recovery for those injured.

  5. Look foolish attorney it's true 'sleeping' is not considered reckless but, 'Driving' while asleep is both reckless and extremely dangerous. The same concept apply regarding DWI it is not illegal to be under the influence but, it is illegal to 'Drive' while under the influence. This litigant needs a new attorney.

  6. Sue Walmart.

  7. Did anyone read his comments about his driving activities and how he felt personally about other mortorists prior to the accident? Obviously not and yall need to hear his warped views of how just bcause he is in a vehicle considered king of theroad other vehicle need to move out his way. His malicious attitude and stagement should b used against him. White amerikkka is going to justify his actions and let him off and once again black america will shut dwn and shutup and turn the cheek!!

  8. Wallace… YOU got it Wrong!!… this man is NOT racist…and he is trying to help the driver… accidents happens every second of every day… it was a mistake and an accident.


  10. You know when you comment, you want to be on the side of rational thinking and on the side of reason. This anchor clearly is not getting the point. Although I believe the charges are extreme some kind of punishment should be given. I also would be interested in learning how many of WalMart's drivers and drivers of other companies complain about working overtime or needing to work to support their families even when they are exhausted. This to me is a much deeper issue and could be the beginning of an investigating and even enforcing regulation as to how much rest truck drivers should be getting. This is about big business and I'm concerned that this driver is going to take the blame for some deep issues within the trucking driving business.

    WalMart made it clear that if they find that "they" meaning the company or the truck had any defects that they will be totally responsible. Well since there isn't any truck defects, this means this guy has to be punished to cover their liabilities. I would be surprised if WalMart attorney's support him in any way.

  11. Gotta support Tucker Carlson on this one. I drove an over-the-road charter bus for seventeen years and an MTA bus for thirty, with an outstanding safety record but must admit that I have had my moments battling fatigue. I suspect that Kevin Roper may be suffering from undiagnosed sleep apnea. Many people have the condition but do not know it. Anyone who snores should see a doctor to determine if they have it, especially if they are drivers.

  12. Ugly, pale face Carlson! The point is he was not paying attention and that is against the law while driving, where the hell has this guy been, in a Fox’s hole, maybe I should have said up Fox’s hole!

  13. Some of you make good points. I just can't get over the horrible English.

  14. I did not make this statement to trade words with you or any other person of color, The statement was made to for and about Fox news and Hosts' O I hope that i'll see the day when black people will stop cosigning for white people. Fox News don't give a dan about you or me. Now this is just my thoughts, you have yours and I have mine. To them its just another nigger that got hurt Truck drivers have rules that say they should not drive 24hours without any sleep, there is very good reason for that.

  15. Kamal this is not school portal,This is an outlet for thoughts which are not organized. I understand everyone post!!!! I enjoy reading and responding.

  16. A man is dead and another severely injured due to Roper's actions or inaction. He needs to to do some serious time. I seriously doubt folks would be "lenient" towards this man had any of our loved ones had suffered the same fate as Tracy and his good friend. To hell with Roper.

  17. Well maybe he wanted to pull over but the NJTP rest area was full and he could not safely pull over anywhere.if you pull on the shoulder if the NJTP the troopers will make you move regardless if your situation or tow you.

  18. Is jail for rehabilitation or punishment? While this man caused serious death and injuries. It was not done with malicious intent. It was an accident. We see white people committing all types of crimes and walking free. Look at that boy whose parents were very wealthy, they sent him to a plush rehab facility. Then there was the billionaire who just did something and he got off with a slap on the wrist. Why must black men always be sent to prison. What good is prison going to do for this man? He did not intend this to happen. Yes it is tragic, but it was an accident. We have that word for a reason in our language. Probation, community service, a fine, but not prison.

  19. Ronnie if Roper was your brother or maritial partner would you feel the same way?

  20. If my brother or marital partner had been so reckless, careless and nonchalant with other folks lives, yes I would feel the same way. And if Roper was my relative or marital partner and was injured or killed due to negligence and recklessness of another, I would feel the same way. SICK to death of folks being reckless with the lives of innocents….folks minding their business one minute and banged up or dead the next….families in pain and mourning….its not right. I don't coddle wrong doing. Life is precious to me and once someone takes a life he/she can't give it back, it is devastating to family and loved ones, and there is no coming back from that.

  21. Lets hope he or one of his family members gets struck by soemone falling asleep at the wheel.

  22. This has nothing to do with the man being BLACK!!! So what? if they said he was not guilty of a crime you would say it was because it was a black man that was killed. Come off the Race Bull!!! You want to rant about being treated as a minority Try being a truck driver!!! What happened was very Unfortunate But still an accident.
    Truck Drivers have become the Wipping boy of just about every state official an easy target to make another notch on the look what ive done belt.

  23. Ronnie Outlaw
    Ever put make-up on going down the road? how about dialing your phone? maybe opening a bag of chips? the report states that the speed limit changed 1/2 mile back. Do you realize that is less time than it takes to dial a number on your phone. Are you ready to go to prison for lets say dropping something on the floorboard reach for it and look-up to find you are heading for a car.
    Nothing has been reported on this mans past, His driving record and so on. truck drivers drive more miles in a month than many do in a year. We are human beings and we do make mistakes. If you read the news reports closely you find that the only way NJ could have filed the charges is to state that he was awake over 24 hours, They are making the claim that he was not that he admitted that he was.

  24. Wallace Harris
    You do realize the truck driver is also a black man right? OH I see he is a truck driver so he don't deserve to have the same rights as everyone else!
    Did you know
    Many shipper and receivers will not even allow a truck driver to use the bathrooms or water facilities?
    tell me is discrimination just about the color of a persons skin. think about it

  25. wtsgems… I apply makeup at home. I don't touch my cellphone in the car. I don't eat in the car. I don't listen to music in the car because it's a distraction. Didnt do any of those things ESP when my child was in the car. Total focus on the road and what I'm doing. Too many idiots on the road.

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