Former High School Track Star Gunned Down in Detroit

by / June 23, 2014 Black News 21 Comments

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Family members of a former track star are searching for answers after the young man’s life wastrack star cυt short last week.

Dakarie McKinnie, 20, was gunned down Friday night after leaving work and heading to his girlfriend’s house. His mother, Laverne McKinnie, attributes her son’s death to the breakdown of society.

“It’s just not enough love and respect in this world anymore,” said McKinnie. “My child is gone and these monsters took him from me.”

Dakarie graduated from Mumford High School in 2011 and received a track scholarship to a community college in Texas. He was taking classes to become a heating and air conditioning technician. He’d also just gotten a job at a Chrysler plant after learning that his girlfriend was pregnant.

“These monsters took him from us and his unborn child,” his mother said as tears streamed down her face.

The crime rate in Detroit is partly due to budget cυts, with even the city’s police chief admitting that he was almost the victim of a crime. Chief James Craig told the audience at an anti-carjacking event last year that he was almost the victim of a carjacking.

“There are certain cars each suspect tends to (be attracted) to, and I guess they liked my police car — a police car with lights,” Craig said, according to The Detroit News. “And one suspect jumped out and began running toward the passenger side of my vehicle … As soon as I saw the suspect running to my car, I accelerated out of harm’s way.”


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21 Comment

  1. Rest in Peace to this young brother man.
    Overall with all the deaths and murders of black males over and over.
    This is nothing but 21st century genocide.
    The one’s who control the distorted media images of black people and the one’s who make and control the selling of all guns and ammo being used in these shootings are the main one’s behind and they are making plenty of money off misery like this.
    It’s real ironic how so many black’s will not stop supporting these violence fill records and other media depictions of self destruction.

  2. WE NEED TO WAKE UP!!! Brothas and Sistas View The BlackMan(State of Emergency) on Youtube , because some of us have lost our minds. Peace!

  3. The time to wake up is long overdue. At this point with the murder of this young innocent brother and many other’s like him.
    Now,is the time for some type organizational action against this updated form of genocide.
    The one’s who set this motion keep supplying the main ingreidents for this to keep happening over and over.
    The main ingreidents in this stew of genocide are

    1. guns and ammo not made by black people
    2. twisted and negative self destructive social behavior promoted over and over to unsuspecting black people who seem to think everything is just some good happy entertainment.
    3. sell-out rap music and the so-called black urban radio stations that promote and assist in marketing this destruction to urban black communities.
    4.Black face kkk members who have the brainwashed mentally of a kkk member who has no problem in assisting in their own genocide and self destruction.

    It’s time for a massive movement against 21st century and euegenics of black people

  4. Actually, those are all symptoms of the main problem: crumbling infrastructure and the accompanying lack of economic opportunities. You can tell black people to pull up their pants, stop listening to rap, think differently, etc., but if there’s no overground economy to provide jobs that ALLOW men to have a life of dignity and support a family, then the underground economy will snatch them up. And you can see examples of this happening all over the world and across ethnic lines.

  5. `A-Murder-ca`, a truly Dysfunctional society,brought to you by the Inculcated Coercion of the white Boy and his privy-crony culture of a cesspool lifestyle !

  6. This problem started when they took ass whipping out of the hands of parents.

  7. Tragic; a story told and read too often. We must change as a nation to love and respect life.

  8. Black thugs will jump over a white supremacist to kill another black man.
    Soo sad and pathetic.
    This self- hatred must stop.

  9. Yall nuccas are stupid still blamin the white man for all the dumb sheit yall choose to do, yall choose to kill each other sell drugs to each other, aint no klan ridin thru yall hood lynchin dudes and rapin females thats NUCCAS doin that sheit now what would yall do if all the same nuccas doin this sheit was white, nothin cause nuccas are cowards. Pucci mawfukkas kill each other and nuccas dont fight against the nuccas thats killin male female and kids, yall wanna call him brotha, yall think those bruthas love yall, they shootin kids and babies while yall stand around and do nothin, those nuccas dont love yall they will kill yall and rape your wmn and babies they just like the klan except they black. Yall wont even move out the hood to a better neighborhood yall must like livin in shitholes.

  10. And yalls dumb ass need to stop blamin rap im a young woman 25 years old, me and my older brother listened to every kind of rap music from clean to gutter dirty, we didnt pick up guns and kill blkppl. We had our mom and pops to keep us straight and out of trouble. Blkwmn layin up with thugs and raisin thugsz got money for weaves and handbags but wont save up for a downpayment on a nice house in a nice neighborhood somma yall just triflin.

  11. @Devon you sound like the white racist idiot you are

  12. No John im a blkwmn been poston on this forum for more than two years some ppl here know me personal i dont make excuses for the stupid sheit hood nuccas do, why dont you answer my question what would yall do if white ppl doin the same sheit would yall so called african americans fight the white enemy or wring your hands like yall do when nuccas is destroying the community. One of those nuccas would put a bullet in your head ya mamas head ya daddys head (if you got one) ya sisters brothers grandma play cousins and your dayum kids. Theres decent brothas then theres nuccas, i dont like nuccas and i cant stand the hood i havent stepped in the hood since my pops and moms moved us out when we was kids and im never steppin back in that shit hole long as i live and breathe, many blk ppl feel like i do they just too politically correct to say it out loud.

  13. Well here we go again “Devon” well that goes to show you can move out of the hood, but sometimes the hood don’t move out of you. I surely hope you, no I pray that you have no children that can share your views.

  14. May this young man rest in peace, and his family have some comfort and peace.
    These shootings and killing nothing new, just getting worse and more publicized. There’s not much for young people or middle aged people to look forward to. Look around for job listings. Even for people that have skills, college. technical school degrees. Not much employment. Close to no manufacturing jobs. If people have grown up in this environment, I don’t know what we expect of them. I’m not talking about just black people. American people.
    We need to have employment so that especially young people, have something to strive for. I don’t see much of anything anymore. IJS

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