Former Congressman Booted From Radio Show After Using the “N” Word

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Former Tea Party Congressman Joe Walsh was recently booted from his own radio show for attempting to use the “N” word on air. During his show “The Answer”, Walsh tried to have a conversation about the “N” word as compared to the word Redskins. Apparently, his general manager took issue with the racial slur and cut him off.

If you don’t remember Walsh, he’s the deadbeat dad ex-Congressman who made a habit of making racially offensive comments.

In 2013 Walsh marked the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s March on Washington with a divisive speech:

I have a dream that all black parents will have the right to choose where their kids attend school.

I have a dream that all black boys and girls will grow up with a father.

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  1. I am not surprised Joe Walsh compared the N word with whatever. Both are offensive especially when uttered by person of different race. But I know racists are enabled by some of us Blacks. Here is what I wrote about Ann Williams, a Black judge at the 7th Appeals Court today: “I would like to differ with the 7th Circuit ruling on James Nichols vs. Michigan City Plant Planning Department /Michigan City Area Schools Case No. No. 13-2893. Specifically I was really disappointed and angry when Ann Williams wrote as follows: “Nichols claims that Johnston’s alleged “black n—-r” comment constitutes severe harassment. We have stated that while there is no “magic number of slurs” that indicates a hostile work environment, an “unambiguously racial epithet falls on the ‘more severe’ end of the spectrum.” Cerros v. Steel Technologies, Inc., 398 F.3d 944, 950 (7th Cir. 2005). However, while referring to colleagues with such disrespectful language is deplorable and has no place in the workforce, one utterance of the n-word has not generally been held to be severe enough to rise to the level of establishing liability. Smith v. N.E. Ill. Univ., 388 F.3d 559, 566 (7th Cir. 2004).” That hurt me. Really! I see Ann Williams is a racial minority. She also could be Black with White blood in her. Therefore she is Black. Just imagine her fellow White judges referred or called her “the N female judge” only once. I don’t think she will like that. Actually she will feel angry and out of place among White judges at the 7th circuit. I could not sleep after reading that she condoned that the “N” word is not severe. Of course it slips off and on in our Black community. But nobody tolerates that word being used by Whites on a Black person. The N word to me is last insult a Black person can be called by employer and especially by White employer. We have higher unemployment in the Black communities because many employers, most of who are White, still think of us as N people – completely useless and intellectually inferior to Whites. I have been following 7th decisions for a long time now. I have come to conclusion their decisions are racially motivated and have enabled employers both in government and private sectors continue to discriminate against Blacks and other racial minorities. These Republican appointed judges usually don’t want to see how employers discriminate against Blacks and other racial minorities. Their concept of life is so distorted by the way they were raised-Blacks and other racial minorities are intellectually inferior to Whites. I believe some may belong to KKK groups. Racial discrimination will not be wiped out in the 7th Circuit because it is enabled by Republican appointed federal judges. This case belonged to the jury not at summary judgment. In fact I have found even district judges in the 7th circuit have propensity to dismiss cases at summary judgment or at failure to state claim stages. District judges are afraid their judgments will be overturn if they rule for Black plaintiffs. Please Judge Ann talk to your fellow judges to overrule Cerros v. Steel Technologies, Inc., 398 F.3d 944, 950 (7th Cir. 2005) and Smith v. N.E. Ill. Univ., 388 F.3d 559, 566 (7th Cir. 2004). The N word is so offensive even if only used once by employer. I hope Nichols will appeal this case to the US Supreme Court.

  2. I have a dream too Walsh, that all White folks in Eastern Kentucky will get up off their lazy butts and go to work and stop living off of disability checks each month and making Meth in their spare time as well as pooping out babies like they are on an assembly line! So, I guess we all have dreams!

  3. This is typical of many, many members of the vast majority segment, but it is not news, its just the ranting of a small minded, no body racist scumbag. No more, no less

  4. Where does this Ex-JackAss live (what city & State?).

  5. He knew what he was saying

  6. Walsh is just yet another example of a right wing politician using the "racecard".

  7. I find that Walsh has clearly spoken why the Tea Party does not represent minorities like Blacks, Arabic, Latino's, Hispanics, so why are considering bedding down with slavers and hate mongers this party is a one time party needing exile forever so we need to shut the big red wheel down

  8. I’m black and I find the tea party is not racist as u think they are. Obama hates blacks more then any president. He spoke truth sorry if it hurts

    • Did you say you’re Black and you find the tea party is not racist? Have you ever been at their rallies? If you have then you might have found you’re the only one with dark skin. TPs text one another for their meetings and rallies. If you’re not in their cell phones, you’re out. However, if you’re a researcher trying to find how they TPs reason, then I encourage you to mingle with them. Later write a book. I will be the first to buy and read it.

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  10. A1 – think you are sick – are you living on another planet? Tea Party not racist? You know what I think? I think you are a member of KKK undercover and as far as the black judge – I am sure she wouldn’t want any of her colleagues to call her the N word never!!

    • I think your black ass mother is sick nigger

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