Florida Man Cυts Open His Own Truck to Rescue Kitten

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A Florida man is being called a hero after damaging his own truck to save the life of a kitty rescuefurry feline.

Errand Frazier says he didn’t know what to think when he began hearing purring noises coming from his Chevy pickup truck. Frazier says he suspected a cat was in the truck, so he placed a can of cat food near the tire, hoping to lure the kitty out of the truck. He even set up a camera so he would know for sure what kind of animal had been hiding inside his truck, but although the video didn’t show anything, the food disappeared, causing Frazier to wonder if he was losing his mind.

To clear his head, Frazier decided to go on a spur of the moment finishing trip.  While driving, the purring started up again. This time, Frazier decided to get to the bottom of it once and for all so he used sheet metal cυtters to rιp open the side of his truck bed. As he tοre open the truck bed, he found a cute kitten.

“I seen this little rascal peeking at me,” Frazier recalled. “I said, ‘What in the world? You hitched a ride!'”

Frazier said he didn’t mind damaging his truck since he’s an animal lover. He and his wife, Cindy, own a dog and two cats and this isn’t the first time he’s rescued stray animals.

Frazier said although he could see the kitten, it was deep inside the frame and he couldn’t reach it. That’s when he reached out to the Humane Society for help.

“I said, ‘Ma’am, there’s a kitten that hitchhiked from my home and I can’t get it,”” Frazier said. “She said, ‘Man, you did a job on your truck.'”

Humane Society staff helped Frazier free the kitten and named her Megan. The kitten has since been adopted by two teenage girls.

Since the rescue, several people have offered to help Frazier pay to repair his truck. The truck is the only vehicle for Frazier and his wife, both of whom have disabilities.



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