“My Favorite Day is White Privilege Wednesdays” Says Woman Whose Racist Tirade Went Viral

by / June 7, 2014 Black News 22 Comments

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The woman whose racist Dollar General tirade set the interwebs on fire didn’t waste any time racist dollar generalbefore making things harder for herself. After Janelle Ambrosia was caught calling a man the “N” word numerous times in the discount store’s parking lot, you’d think she would’ve apologized and moved on. Instead, she posted antagonistic and snarky comments on Twitter like the ones below:

Ambrosia.jpgAnd that’s not the end of it:

When you guys talk on the phone and hes funny. But then he skypes you and you find out hes black

okay guys i’m sorry. to show i’m being sincere. Ill promote one of your mixtapes for free

I have black friends. So i don’t need to hear opinions of people that don’t know me

I can’t say it but you can say it to each other?

All of these tweets were taken from her timeline on June 4, the same day video of Ambrosia calling a black man racial slurs became an internet sensation.

“He’s got me on video tape and I’m still flipping the f*ck out,” she shouted during the confrontation. “I called you a n*gger. You’re a n*gger! Nasty f*cking n*gger!”

Ambrosia then phoned a man whom she claimed was her attorney and continued the rant.

“Tell him, dude. You will f*cking k*ll him,” she says to the person over the phone. “I will f*cking yank his ass out of the car… He wants to put it on YouTube because he’s a racist, because he’s a racist ignorant n*gger!”

All the while this was happening, her children were with her, witnessing the incident.



22 Comment

  1. Sick “DIMENTED” White Demon with biracial little girl…. Poor child, its a wonder her mother hasn’t killed… although there might be some child abuse going down especially since the mother is Bipolar…. Investigation please!

  2. This is a microcosmic view of the heart and minds of white America.What is the surprise here?

  3. There is no way you can fix this word up. I wish we could eliminate it from the dictionary, A lot of countries and cultures do not know what cracker and redneck mean, but they all know what the "N" word means and they all know it is a derogatory term. Is it not relevant that Denzell W. got his top of the line Oscar in the film that he used the "N" word the most!!

  4. She is just mad because she is ugly, both on the inside and out. I think I would have called her a "n@%g3r" back and laughed at her…

  5. The only reason for the two responses thus far besides mine is because I wanted to say most all folks are beyond this sicko.
    Yup that’s it

  6. I wish I would have been there, what she made a day for white privilege please, people need to start get floor letting that word just flow out of their mouths like it's alright we need to start just letting honky, redneck and cracker, just flow

  7. It has been said it's not what you are called but what you answer to. If someone uses the "N" word no matter who uses it Black,White or any one it's derogatory because of the meaning. Whose that uses it freely just to make money really don't know their history of how their fore father were call this derogatory word and they couldn't do any thing about it. Now we can stop purchasing those records or thos things that uses the "N" word>

  8. Listen People she just gave us a valuable piece of information"Wednesday is White Priviledge Day" our next question should be where? at the Dollar Store??? Are al stores: there are codes in messages our ancestor taught us this…because I want for my dollars too….

  9. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa NOT MUCH WHITE PRIVILEGE SHOPPING AT THE DOLLAR STORE!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Well the bitch is sick and sorry…if the bitch had a chance in hell to be a basketball groupie ass broad with an NBA player she would and Sterling is her dad and Beiber is her son…lmao

  11. Well actually I think she likes the attention she got from the first response, that's why she is back In rare form with more to say. I think with her, knowing that she is so totally a nobody, that they should not give her the time & space of the day. Clearly there is something wrong, so why feed into her nothingness!!!! I also know that if she gets away with it everyone else may think they can too, but who in they're right mind, right up front like that!!!! DOLLAR STORE…….REALLY.

  12. She's auditioning for a job at Faux News! Pay her no attention……..

  13. She does not need to apologize at all. Except her for what she is and just move on with trying to better your own life. If this woman had to come to you for a job she may think twice before expressing her views on race out loud!

    I say out loud because know matter what you do or what laws are passed, you cannot change what is inside a person, only cause them to hold it in until it explodes out!

  14. So white people can do/say anything on Wednesday? The hospital will have a lot of patients..

  15. She’s not worth even writing about. I don’t think this woman likes herself….

  16. BLACK FOLKS "NIGGER" will be elemented when BLACK FOLKS HAVE POWER OF MONEY AND POLITICS. WHEN BLACK MEN MOSTLY, decide the word "Nigger " is no long acceptible for them "TO BE"!!
    DO you hear OTHER RACES being called derogatory Names much anymore, races ike the Asians, Arabs, Latinos, Italians? NO!

  17. Trailer trash never ceases to amaze me! She needed to have said this to a Black woman instead of a man, so she could gotten a Black beat down but she knew the Black guy would not hit her so she just had herself a “trailer park party” with words in the parking lot! She is nothing more than trash, a lady would not have allowed those words to come out of her mouth no matter how upset she was!

  18. LMAO!!!!!

  19. Someone from Child Protective Services need to make an unannounced vist to her house. You might be surprised what they would find.

  20. She would be “Gumming” her food until she went to the dentist to
    purchase “new teeth” !

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