Ex-NFL Player Nearly Shοt After Pulling Over to Help Robbery Victim

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Current and former NFL players often add to their prominence on the field by contributing to Marvin Harrisonworthy causes. Rarely, however, do they find themselves in the spotlight for being Good Samaritans.

On Saturday morning while driving in Philadelphia, former Colts player Marvin Harrison became a Good Samaritan when he helped a robbery victim, but his good deed almost got him shοt.

The Philadelphia Daily News reports that Harrison was driving his F-350 pick up truck at around 3:30am when a man bolted into the street. The man, dressed only in boxers, flagged down Harrison and explained that he was fleeing robbers who’d broken into his home.

The victim asked the 41 year old former NFL player if he could please call 911 and Harrison agreed. The frightened man then climbed in the back of Harrison’s truck so he could call police. While the man was in the back of the truck, the intruders ran outsiders in search of him, spotted Harrison’s truck, and opened fire.

Although neither Harrison nor the victim were injured, one bullet reportedly tοre into the tires of Harrison’s truck.

The two assailants are described as black, with one standing at 5’5 and the other 6’1. The victim reported to police that $500 was stolen from his home.

Harrison retired from the NFL in 2009, and even though he is being heralded as a Good Samaritan for his actions on Saturday, he himself was accused of a shoοting in 2008.


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  1. that was nice bit did they have to put they he had did a shooting himself what does that have to do with him saving someone .

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