Dr. Dre Denies His Son an Opportunity to Portray Him In NWA Biopic

by / June 28, 2014 Black News 64 Comments

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Dr. Dre doesnt want his son Andre to play his role in the NWA biopic. www.blacklikemoi.com


Reported by Kacie Whaley

Casting for the main characters of the up-and-coming NWA biopic is complete, with O’Shea Jackson Jr. starring as Ice Cube, Jason Mitchell as Easy E, and Marcus Callender set to play Dr. Dre.  But Dr. Dre’s son, Curtis Young, recently revealed that he was offered to portray his father, but his dad was against the idea.

“I actually tried out for the role, ’cause the casting company called me. But my father wanted somebody with more acting experience, and I haven’t been acting for a long time, so I’m happy for the guy that got the role,” said Young. “It’s one of those things where we want what’s best for the movie and for the film. I had a lot of fans that were upset about it, but whatever’s best for the film.”

Contrary to Dre’s decision against casting his son, Ice Cube was immediately anxious to see his seed fill his shoes in the developing film.  Ice Cube decided his son would play him before the movie had even received the official green light to begin casting, according to COS News.  He felt that O’Shea was perfect to play him because his personality is very similar to Ice Cube’s during the NWA days.  “At that age, people think that I was all serious and mean, but there was a mixture of hot and cold,” he said. “I could turn on a dime. And he has my temperament.”

The film, which will be based on the rise and eventual disbanding of the Compton rap group, is scheduled for release in 2015.


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