Dr Boyce Watkins & S. Tia Brown: Jamal Bryant, “These hoes ain’t loyal”

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In this episode of Financial Lovemaking, Dr Boyce Watkins and S. Tia Brown discuss Pastor Jamal Bryant’s remarks in church. During a recent sermon called “My enemy’s worst nightmare,” the pastor used the term “these hoes ain’t loyal,” which led to controversy. This builds a conversation about the relationship between the black church and it’s congregations, and whether black women are duped by pastors who give messages that might be degrading.

The pastor has responded defiantly, stating that those who are critical of him need to check out the entire sermon before passing judgement. He seems to feel that judging a man off of one soundbite is not an authentic way to assess a person’s character.

Here are more of the pastor’s own words about the state of the black church and black family:

“In the absence of a black male presence, then the family is no longer defended. Why is this a problem? When a black woman comes to church she has, in fact, a 50 to 60 percent chance of the whole family coming with her. But when a black man comes to church it is an 85 percent chance that everybody is going to come,” said Bryant.

“So now we come to churches that are just feminized with a church full of women, but you got a mosque full of men. It says it’s not that men are not spiritual, they want a place of discipline and order and focus. Men do not want to come to church just for an emotional outpour,” Bryant noted.

“But because we have westernized our worship experience, everybody wants to shout and sashay because we made the church comfortable for men not to be men, but to be sanctified sissies,” he said.

We’d love to get your take on the issue.  The video is below.  Don’t forget to leave your opinion and subscribe. 

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  1. I tuned in to the sermon last Sunday. In fact I tuned in quite faithfully to Dr. Bryant’s sermons as well as all the speeches he makes as an activist for the black community. I will start by saying although church is not the place to declare “these hoes ain’t loyal” I do not think he meant any harm. Earlier in the message he spoke about the Nigeria female students who were kidnapped then went on to speak of how the governor who prosecuted Jesus should have listened to his wife. It actually sounded quite feminist to me and I supported it. Saying “these hoes ain’t loyal” was probably in the heat of the moment and I am sure Dr. Bryant is mature enough to apologize but will not be bullied by atheist and twitter/Facebook activist who only heard of him recently saying “these hoes ain’t loyal” but unaware of his activism in prisons and the Trayvon Martin case and college tours for the youth in Baltimore and job fairs DURING CHURCH for the unemployed. I could go on because he’s very active. It wasn’t the first time he’s used a current pop song and it probably won’t be the last because he is a speaker who attempts to reach all ages in his audience. And let’s not act as if the bible doesn’t address “hoes” (harlot, Mary Magdalene…)

  2. jamal bryant,s coment has no place in a conversation period. But not surprised. seeing that he has been in controversey w/ adultry etc. although i sdon,t think it will go anywhere. He is a good orator. sSo it will be swept under the rug. Black folks go for anything, and i,m sure they wil go for this ultimate disrespect

  3. @Lisa….

    Now you just go girl!!! Tell it! Preach it! Set them straight! Its way pass time for Gods (Called, Chosen and Anointed) to stop “SUGAR-COATING” Gods business dealing with (HIS) people. The black communities biggest down-fall is due to (COMPROMISING) our God’s “LAWS” that He/God has set in place for us since the beginning of time. God is not going to make (NO Exceptions) for our black community because if He does it will be a straight out (DEATH-SENTENCE)…
    To say that Pastor Jamal Bryant spoke the words “These Hoes Ain’t Loyal” was just in the (HEAT) of the moment is just down right disrespectful to the spirit of God and is nothing but the ugly spirit of religion popping his ugly neck up like a filthy slim my snake… and I rebuke that demon in the name of Jesus by the blood of the lamb of God…
    God always sends correction for “CHANGE”….. Black folks need to “DEAL WITH IT” and stop whimping out so “TRUE DELIVERANCE” can began to spread through out our communities..

    Again: These Hoes Ain’t Loyal… /Take your religious azz whoopings gracefully and just keep on ticking / aka: brang y’all azzes out the d@Mn closets / darkness where all the mold & mildew continue to feaster and grow…… thee Redbone

  4. Kevin Births…
    Your a blind fool and a hipocrite. The man is total lead by the spirit of the living God…you just don't have ears to hear and eyes to see / what says your God….

  5. I recently stated that these guys can do no wrong and I stand by that. Steal your money, commit adultery (with someone in the church),abuse -verbal and otherwise, lavish lifestyles—-there is no "wrong" for a preacher with a Black congregation. They throw out words like anointed and appointed like this guy was tapped on the shoulder by God! No, don't take just that one phrase to sit him down–take the whole ball of melting wax. Next thing out of his mouth will refer to taking women to church but you can't make them THINK!

  6. I am a tithes paying member of Empowerment Temple and I attended that May service via streamingfaith.com, I do not even live in the Maryland/DC area, but I have been rolling with Pastor Bryant since 2005 via my cable network. First of all who (social media) said Dr. Bryant was calling women hoes? Men can be hoes too or did we as females and males forget that? The sermon is very powerful and should not be judged by the 39 second sound bite. I would advise people to listen to the entire sermon before passing judgment. And get the DVDs on the Dream series “Impact of Imagination”. Rationale: Insight and how we all receive and processes information varies. We all are wearing different lenses. But I am so in a fog and can’t understand how people took the 39 second sound bite and ran tell that! I would like to piggy back on Lisa comment earlier in the sermon he spoke about the 200 plus Nigeria female students who were kidnapped then went on to speak of how Pontius Pilate the governor who prosecuted Jesus should have listened to his wife. Dr. Bryant was speaking about how good of a woman Pontius Pilate wife was, how he didn’t listen to her and everything he lost because of it. Correct me if I’m wrong. Then he made the statement, “these hoes ain’t loyal” after he told the men to tap one another and say,” he better listen to her”. With that being said, my thinking is Dr. Bryant saying Pontius Pilate is not loyal. FYI: This is the same pastor who got the most registered voters in Baltimore and also gives out the most scholarships. Dr. Bryant made it possible with Empowerment Temple tithes and offerings to have food and gas during the government shutdown for families. Telling the truth hurts some folks! Oh well, we got to get over our feelings and deal with the real world. Too many black families are hurting and suffering with generational strongholds! We need Old School–New School Religion to unite and fight for the Kingdom!

    • @La Tanya….

      A humongus AMEN to you…! You need to do another repeat on your grand post for all the spiritually clueless & blind…
      One of my best-friends attends there / I immediate called her and begged her to send me the DVD…. God ministered to my spirit deeply through that sermon, I didn’t even want to leave my home but to bask in that profound message…

  7. All I can say is Willie lynch did a great job on black people. They really worship the man and not God. The preacher can do no wrong. I rest my case.

    • @Wayman…

      But you will be one of the first ones to open up your mouth putting black women down, especially when God is trying to bring deliverance to the black woman….
      How about none of this is about religion and the 4-wall church / but about about our black community receiving healing as a whole…

  8. Rev bryant should be glad Black women bring their money to church instead of to dopedens and strip joints like a lot of Black men. He should be thankful God is sending him anyone in tight times like these. A Black woman preacher might be more empathetic to Black women and more respectful of black families lead by black women.

  9. If you want to spread the gospel, then you must speak in a language your audience understands. To critcize Pastor Bryant for speaking in the idioms of black people in a black church is the very epitome of asinine. I’m so thankful that he hasn’t become so eurocentric as to try to talk to black people as if they are white. Some of you negroes need to stop fronting and keep it real.
    Keep on, PASTOR BRYANT !!!!!!

    • YEAH….!!!! That’s right Billy Baker!!! Preach it my brother…! Preach it til their dang ears fall off…!!! I’m jumping up for joy and whomever don’t like it / kiss where the sun don’t shine… God didn’t send this message to be no d@Mn azz soother / He sent it to set a fire under the black community’s azz as a whole so y’all can come up off “WICKED BLVD” standing in the middle of road being constantly ran over again & again by the white mans bulldozers…
      Many of us are praying crying & begging God to deliver our children and our black communities but our lame-brain sorry azz don’t wanna roll-over so God can “CHANGE” yall’s stan king diapers… A lot of black is tired of smelling yall’s shyt all the d@Mn time.

      Now get ya black azzes in the tub and shut the h*ll up…. (YOU STANK)..!!

  10. I say this…(because I am so very sick of this dude and his continued mockery of the pulpit) take him…and whoever stands for him…the crazy chick with the baby sewn to her WEDDING dress….all those nuts hootin and hollerin and cheering at the Drunk in Love reception and put their asses on a bus to nowhere and let them off at the FIRST stop….Because I am tired…so very tired of living a good life, treating people as I want to be treated…running from temptation…fist fighting with satan….up all night praying and crying for peace that passes all understanding and this is what I wake up to….take them…take them all…..give them some real issues to deal with..no cameras, no cell phones…just life……and if they ever make it back amongst the informed maybe then they can find more appropriate things to make noise about…but right now I am just sick of all of this foolishness…..

  11. Your issues are your issues alone… Don't be taking them out on the Doc just because your donkey happens to be riding threw the storms of life right now. God ain't finished with your booty yet, so just stay focused on you. God is trying to get you to where Jamal Bryant is so your ass can finally see better. Don't speak too fast and become the fool who only wish they would have kept their mouth shut for speaking craziness / foolishness too damn soon…wink!


    • Brother Jamal Bryant is the one that God “CHOSE” to be the it-man… You go Jamal, you have my prayers and many others, keep walking my brother… “TELL IT / KEEP TELLING IT”…

  13. Pastor Jamal Bryant is speaking the real truth when he says: The church has allowed our blackmen to become “SANCTIFIED SISSIES”…. Ladies we need to keep it real by stepping to the plate.

    I’ve seen old church mothers run the pastors with their “controlling shanagins”…. :from how a black-woman is suppose to dress for her husband all the way to the bedroom.
    Do I really need to break this BS down for yall??? What righteous true woman of God wants a “Sanctified sissified staunchy controlling religious husband”….!!!
    When I asked God for a husband my request was: “PLEASE DON’T SEND ME NO HUSBAND FROM THE 4-WALL RELIGIOUS CHURCH HOUSE”… Don’t think for one moment I didn’t truely understand what I was asking for…humm (Time speaks for itself).

  14. The spirit of religion is demonic / and it ages your appearance.

    I saw so many “YOUNG-OLD” aged looking blackwomen in the south, but their men looked very very youthful. It was a sad sight to see. I was ready to run as fast as I could back to the westcoast, thank God that torture is over with…. I can just imagine what the bedroom mentality looks like, and why the black-men don’t go to the church house… I don’t blame them one bit… Change must come… / You go Bro Jamal Bryant!!!!

  15. NOW JUST A MINUTE ! ! ! ! People seem to think they can get a pass and say what ever they want then use these slang saying in Church Please ! ! anything that use to be wrong is right now but not in our Father's eyes this absolutely sad shame on you Pastor Jamal Bryant your a minster of prosperity that's all I see in you SHAME ON YOU.

  16. I didn’t realize how desperate black women can be. So easily persuaded that when he said “hoes” he wasn’t talking about you…..because you’re “anointed” lol. A young, black, attractive man takes your money in exchange for the “word”, meanwhile Latin, Indian, East Asian, and African Black Women get to keep their money and enjoy equitable relationships. They also enjoy better health, education for their children, financial stability, safer communities, and an overall better quality of life while you snub the women who your perceive to be so different from you.

    So keep praying to your pimp….I mean pastor. Just like our ancestor slaves prayed for a better hereafter once they died in the fields or at the end of a rope.

    Real cute for you lol

    • @LBSimmons…

      Wow!!! I get to comment to a “REAL SANCTIFIED SISSY FAGOT TIGHT BUUTY Bytch” by the perpertrating name of Mr. LB Buuty Licious Simmons…, well hello there Punky Brewster LMBO…!!

      Last night I was just in the club listen to this brother sing a song he deducated to his 4 sisters who just all happened to be filing for divorce against their black husbands…LMBO!!!

      Last week I had my fine sexy azz in the shoe store in the mall walking around flo-showing my pretty toes, set next to this (fine azz white-brother) who just instantly fell in love with a sister.

      Now “MR. SANCTIFIED SISSY LB FAGOT BRAIN SIMMONS”… tell us what spiritually strong blackwoman really gives a d@mn peeps-azz about how your fruity-loop-azz thinks about any of us!!!!

      There’s a train coming down the tracks waiting on your sorry black lower-life form ignorrant azz, make sure your dumb azz get on it

    • Mr. L B. Simmons…

      If you had any d@mn sense at all you’d know that he was referring to men too :These Hoes Ain’t Loyal”…
      Why you so mad? Do you fit the profile!!! Something Jamal Bryant said got yo funky panties all in a huff huh!!!! LMBAO!!!! You want some attention and sisters ain’t thinking about your egotisical donkey-azz because you don’t even have a God.
      You are your own (God) and your “MAD / ANGRY” because blackwomen won’t worship your slow clueless egotistical buttt.
      Jigga’s like you are angry because sister are starting to stand strong against weak-link blackmen like yourself. You don’t even know God so a good strong beautiful blackwomen wouldn’t even give your azz the time of day, so your feeling threatened and intimidated right!!!! I thought as much…..wink!

  17. Lol. Like I said, cute for you. You aren’t standing strong, just propping each other up. You’re groupies, might as well take pride in it.

    • LMBO!!! LB SIMMONS… You sound like some old azz out-of-date hoe / Mason / Goat…
      You are one jealous controlling blackman with too much d@mn ego. I’m just keeping it real with you brother… You don’t scare me nor do you intimidate me LOL… I can roll with your insecure buuty 24-7…. A man who knows and love his God doesnt even began to speak the words that you spoke in your comments.
      You are a danger to the kingdom of God, your pride will destroy you because you have absolutely no humility. You remind me of Pharoh. Your one of the biggest reason’s blackwomen are divorcing and running from blackmen… Its not funny, but I must admit that Redbone has been “LAUGHING” her azz off about a whole lot of stupidity BS that flows thru these blog rooms, so don’t for one minute think the redbone ain’t getting her kicks comenting back to a clueless fool like you…. “I LOVE IT BOO!!!! / Keep bringing it!!!!!

    • Groupie LMBO!!!!

      LB Simmons Redbone hasn’t stepped in a 4-wall church house in over 15yrs. I don’t even watch church on TV… I don’t like preachers at all / I like God-men boo, there is a difference, and I’ll be a groupie for a God-man everyday of the week because they are the real black-men of today. My creator “GOD” teaches me everything I know, that’s how I know LB Simmons walks in (clueless stupidity), an accident waiting to happen. You even sound like the Redbone excites you… lol

  18. Lol sounds like its time to unsubscribe to this blog….lol…..dont let the crazy folk break you down…

  19. I dont think he should be thrown out but I dont approve of the word hoes coming from a pulpit. He is a spiritual leader thank you held to high standards the real troubling part of this is he continues to defend using the word. I can deal with a slip up but to defend it no. He owes that congregation an apology as their leader by not apologizing he's leading them in the wrong way. I pray for that congregation s salvation have mercy

  20. Well If I was a man or homosexual…maybe. But I wasn’t raised to see lightness without whiteness as a good thing (why settle for an imitation right? Lol.) Anyway you both seem dead set on shoving yourselves into this pastor’s fly to escape that feeling in your gut. That half second after you see hear a newborn was raped and murdered or the real conditions of the middle passage. When your brain (the one “God” made for you according to your beliefs) starts working and sorting information releasing chemicals that give us emotions that lead to reactions and then actions. After all that work your body does you compromise your basic principles and say “God has his ways”. You read my words and had to make me a black man and a homosexual (both descriptors you use as slurs in your reply) because your gut told you I am right; about you, your place in your church, in society, and your lack of virtue to do something about it. You were never taught anything, just how to snarl and growl. No judgement though lol

    • LMBO!!! Your crazy LB…
      First-off Redbone don’t articulate from her gut lol. What the heck is wrong with you! You sound all confused and lost in translation, desperately trying to find a way to communicate with Redbone.
      Do we need to start all over again, because yo donkey has just fell off the d@mn road somewhere lol… Where are you Mr. LB lmbo! are you okay? ya need any help? Redbone has a rope, you need it? LMBO!!! I’d love to sit down accross the table from you and have a drink / laughing my azz off at you cuz your real crazy!
      Are you tired of “The Redbone” holding yo-azz under the water yet? Do you need some air yet! or are you starting to grow some fish-glands…

    • Mr. LB Simmons!!!!

      Don’t you know how to have a normal conversation without portraying so much negative, dry and boring mundane behavior…
      May I please see your real character??? Will the real LB Simmons plezzzzz stand-up!!!!

  21. Wait, are you referring to yourself in the third person? That’s also…..cute for you. Your God is a hoax and you’re a wh0re for a pulpit pimp. Put on your clear heels and hit the track. I’ve said all I need to and don’t intend on returning. *shews you from my plate*

    • Ha! Ha! Ha!…. Now this post lets me know Mr LB’s had enough and Redbone won the battle….. we always win lmbo! Thanks for crawling back under your dumpster… Ooh! Before I forget!! I do have some more empty card-board boxes in the trunk of my car if you need them to stay warm. I do help brothers who are insane & down-n-out on the streets…. maybe you’ll come visit Pastor Jamal Bryants ministery now so your (MIND) maybe rescued up off skid-row.

  22. The bible addresses a certain group of people as ones who have gone whoring. Is his discourse in that context?

  23. When Rev. Jeremiah Wright's soundbite "Goddamn America" was leaked to the public, America was split with either support or criticism. I listened to the entire sermon, and concluded that it was a tough, but accurate word. I supported him then and I support him now. Rev. Bryant's message that was also taken out of context, "…hoes ain't loyal…" was similarly misunderstood. I, too, support Rev. Bryant. I also agree with him that the black church has been extraordinarily feminized, even more so than it already was a generation ago. Furthermore, I think, like Shakespeare said, methinks the lady doth protest too much. Unfortunately, I believe many black women are especially sensitive to that word ("hoe"="whore"="prostitute") because we not only have a major moral failure in the black American community, with a 72% illegitimacy rate, but we also have a significant prostitution problem as well. The reasons for that are involved, but it centers around poverty and self hatred. And the sound byte is accurate. When I was a boy, I heard the saying, "never tell a whore a secret", which is the equivalent of saying "hoes ain't loyal". That saying was derived directly from the story of Samson who was betrayed by the prostitute Delilah, after confiding in her the secret of his great strength. Since I live in the DC area, I believe I will visit Rev. Bryant's church. Sounds like he is not afraid to deliver a tough message. I admire that.

  24. The Bible speaks of whores, prostitutes, heifers, etc. Why is it so bad coming from Pastor Bryant. He is not the only Pastor or minister to speak on those terms. Just because it's a phrase from Chris Brown's song, everyone is in an uproar. We are all to live according to the same Christ-like standard. Please check yourself for your own wrongdoings and stop condemning others. That is something for him and God to work out. If you haven't heard the entire message, please find it and listen with your undivided attention.

    Dr Boyce Watkins & S. Tia Brown: Jamal Bryant, “These hoes ain’t loyal”
    DID YAHWEH_GOD: Didn’t Say, it first to his whorish-wife Israel in Ezekiel 16:1-63?
    If Dr. Watkins & S. Tina Brown, Ambassador Jamal Bryant and all of the Writers knew their place in: THE ABRAHAM-CODE? The Ham-Jew-dna Kushite/Blacks would change the world-for the better.
    Ambassador Jamal Bryant, you were too-mild: YAHWEH_GOD said, “That these whores were not even good as a prostitute?” Read the text for yourselves: [Eze 16:32-37, “ 17-[But as] a wife that committeth adultery, [which] taketh strangers instead of her husband! 33 They give gifts to all whores: but thou givest thy gifts to all thy lovers, and hirest them, that they may come unto thee on every side for thy whoredom. 34 And the contrary is in thee from [other] women in thy whoredoms, whereas none followeth thee to commit whoredoms: and in that thou givest a reward, and no reward is given unto thee, therefore thou art contrary. 35 Wherefore, O harlot, hear the word of the LORD: 36 Thus saith the Lord GOD; Because thy filthiness was poured out, and thy nakedness discover-ed through thy whoredoms with thy lovers, and with all the idols of thy abominations, and by the blood of thy children, which thou didst give unto them; 37 Behold, therefore I will gather all thy lovers, with whom thou hast taken pleasure, and all [them] that thou hast loved, with all [them] that thou hast hated; I will even gather them round about against thee, and will discover thy nakedness unto them, that they may see all thy nakedness.
    ”SHALOM, Ambassador Charles Linder Floyd14642 Tonikan Rd, Apple Valley, Ca 92307-4041 <thefirstjew@yahoo.com>, 760-221-9870

    • Lmbo!!!! Falling off my chair rolling on the floor!!! I love you my brother! Tell all “Hoes” again lmbo! God was speaking to man & woman / aka: a whole nation of people.. nobody is exempt if they are joined to a “HOE”….. idolotry leads to a hoeish nature also… lmbo! Who do black folks say they worship? Money houses card s*x bling bling each other / everything under the sun except their God.. “Blind leading the blind”…

  26. Regardless of the context it was meant in or if he “didn’t mean any harm”, it WAS wrong!! We (Christian churches as a whole) need to stop bringing things of the world into God’s house! Stop bringing worldly sayings, dances, and especially songs (example: HAPPY)! Although, some things may seem really innocent and they may not even have anything negative in them, they still poses demonic spirits behind them because they were not intended to glorify God.

    • @Jaye…

      There is a very very (THIN-LINE) between (what is God vrs what is religion)… if you have no personal relationship with God and no gift to discern the mind n spirit of God then you are aloof to the true gospel of Jesus Christ and your too connected to the religious 4-wall church… I no longer call myself a Christian anymore / I am a God-woman…. there is a difference/ ask God

  27. I have listened to Jamal’s sermon several times and have made several other related postings. In sum, Jamal addresses the failure of the church and regurgitates the ills of the Black family and the Black community. What is lacking in his message, however, is his guidance and solutions in practical terms, though he did provide a profound Biblical text in Matthew 27, but failed to deliver it.

    His characterization of the church being “westernized” is alarming, yet true, because the church has traditionally been the Black community’s refuge and anchor. Westernization relates to assimilation, the loss of one’s identity and capitalism. The problem is that many churches today are idolizing their leaders and following the doctrine of “man” and not God.

    As it relates to the emotionalism of the church and it lacking order and discipline, that is a learned behavior and the failure of the pastor. Moreover, he fails to acknowledge that ministers are equally responsible because they often manipulate and influence emotionalism through their “whooping and hollering” in seeking approval and praise. Instead, ministers should model and teach the church how to worship God in Truth and in Spirit.

    Additionally, the context of his sound bite conflicts with his scriptural text. Matthew 27 refers to the high priests, the governor, and the elders’ role in Jesus’ death. Conversely, Judas, one of his disciples sold Jesus out for a measly 30 coins, and Peter, another disciple, denied Jesus three times to protect himself. Verse 19, which Jamal highlighted states, “While he was sitting on the judgment seat, his wife sent to him, saying, have nothing to do with that just Man, for I have suffered many things today in a dream because of Him.” (NKJV) Reading further in verse 22, Pilate asked the governor, “What then shall I do with Jesus who is called Christ?” Though Pilate knew Jesus was innocent, Pilate’s participation with Jesus’ death had nothing to do with his failure to listen to his wife. Jesus’ death was destined. The people did not kill Jesus, but rather Jesus willingly out of love sacrificed His life so that we may have eternal life. The death of Jesus demonstrates TRUE LOVE and that is what is missing in the Black male/female relationships and in the Black community. (I also encourage you all to read Ephesians 5 in its entirety, particularly verses 21, 25 – 31, often left out by male ministers.)

    Lastly, “we” are our own worst enemies through self-hatred coupled with social inequality and social injustices.

    In closing, I pray for God’s mercy and His intervention to restore our families, our community and the church.

  28. @Mr. Charles Reaves…

    OMG! God is so great! this is a great post, very very informative… I read it once before, but for some reason they are reposting it again. Your post is right on target, and your discernment of the word is also spiritually gratifying.
    When Pastor Jamal Bryant said the church has been "EXTRAORDINARILY FEMINIZED", I didn't disagree with him, I just didn't really understand what he was saying… now that you have broken it down in your post I'm getting a clearer picture. Sugar-coating God's word and messages going out has weakened the body of christ to (PLEASE THE BLACKWOMAN – the people period) who have been the ones sitting in the church longer and more then the men in our black communities. Ha ha ha… it still don't make it alright, it has to stop… the feminizing circle has to be broken down. Its all about control and money, but thank God Pastor Bryant wasn't afraid to say it. The feminizing of the church is all apart of the spirit of religion tradition and control.
    The words: ("hoes, prostitute, damn, ass, etc..") are in the bible, but religious church folks want to control God. The days of wreckoning is here…. God chastise those whom he loves…….wink!!!

  29. There is nothing wrong with being spiritual but religion is a joke and real waste of time. Its one of the main reason black folks have stayed ignorant and passive.

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