Dr Boyce Watkins & S. Tia Brown: Jamal Bryant, “These hoes ain’t loyal”

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In this episode of Financial Lovemaking, Dr Boyce Watkins and S. Tia Brown discuss Pastor Jamal Bryant’s remarks in church. During a recent sermon called “My enemy’s worst nightmare,” the pastor used the term “these hoes ain’t loyal,” which led to controversy. This builds a conversation about the relationship between the black church and it’s congregations, and whether black women are duped by pastors who give messages that might be degrading.

The pastor has responded defiantly, stating that those who are critical of him need to check out the entire sermon before passing judgement. He seems to feel that judging a man off of one soundbite is not an authentic way to assess a person’s character.

Here are more of the pastor’s own words about the state of the black church and black family:

“In the absence of a black male presence, then the family is no longer defended. Why is this a problem? When a black woman comes to church she has, in fact, a 50 to 60 percent chance of the whole family coming with her. But when a black man comes to church it is an 85 percent chance that everybody is going to come,” said Bryant.

“So now we come to churches that are just feminized with a church full of women, but you got a mosque full of men. It says it’s not that men are not spiritual, they want a place of discipline and order and focus. Men do not want to come to church just for an emotional outpour,” Bryant noted.

“But because we have westernized our worship experience, everybody wants to shout and sashay because we made the church comfortable for men not to be men, but to be sanctified sissies,” he said.

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