Detroiters Camp Out for a Week Awaiting New Air Jordans

by / June 18, 2014 Black News 36 Comments

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If you want to understand why former NBA superstar Michael Jordan is officially a billionaire, then look no further than the Detroit residents who camped out for a week to get a pair of Jordans.

Photo Credit: CBS Detroit

Photo Credit: CBS Detroit

As CBS Detroit reported, some residents slept outside in the heat for a week to be the first to get a pair of commemorative Air Jordan sneakers.

The sneakers were released on Saturday, and even though stores only carry a limited number of the exclusive shoes,  that didn’t stop people from camping out for their shot to own a pair of the $250 shoes.

Reporters caught up with people who’d been camped out for almost a week waiting on the shoes to be released. They were drinking out of coolers and making friends with others who were camped out for the shoes.

“It’s the best of times, it’s the worst of times,” one person reportedly joked, as others laughed.

“He’s legendary, these will be legendary,” Jason Thurmand, 28, told CBS Detroit. “I’ve been a fan for my entire life,” said Drew English, 25.

The police stop by every once in awhile but only to check on the group and chat with them.

Forbes recently announced that Michael Jordan is officially a billionaire.

In so far as earnings go, the only athlete to surpass Jordan was Floyd Mayweather, but consider that Jordan has long been retired, whereas Mayweather is still in his prime.

Forbes writer Kurt Badenhausen previously observed that Nike inked a deal with Jordan early on in his career, even going so far as to pay the $5,000 per game penalty handed down to Jordan by the NBA for wearing his signature sneaker. Nike has also been successful at making the Jordan shoe exclusive by controlling supply. Other companies can only hope for a brand as successful as the Jordan brand.


36 Comment

  1. Pathetic, I saw a bunch of clowns doing that here in DC, most of these idiots don't have roofs over their heads or are living off their momma or girlfriend, but they just have to go out and plunk down $250 plus tax for a pair of tennis that cost less than $5 to make, to support a nigger who could care less about these fools buying and killing each other over his ragged-ass shoes, no more than he cares about the impoverished peasants he has making them. We need to boycott Michael Jordan and stupidity. PATHETIC!

  2. This is what's wrong with our people now smh.

  3. See this is pathetic….idiots will go out and wait in line for days, weeks at a time to buy some $200 pair of shoes from a man who is already a billionaire, but can't stand in line for a job that they claim they need and can't get. People need to really wake up.

  4. I agree with everything you typed (EXCEPT THE "N" WORD USAGE) that makes you no more aware than the silly broke kids who spend their parent's last to buy those sneakers. I also see them in the DMV, specifically at PG Plaza mall and Iverson Mall. Pathetic. And I don't hesitate letting them knowhow stupid I think they are. They leave those stores with head heldhigh and chest sticking out like they just changed the world or soemthing. Yet, you'd never see them waiting in a long line for even four hours to VOTE, or to protest for a cause that is meant for their betterment.

  5. amen sister.

  6. Just WEAK PEOPLE…………….k

  7. Well I guess you know who works and who doesn't. If you have time to wait in a line for some damned shoes, you have the time to find employment.

  8. Well I guess you know who works and who doesn’t. If you have time to wait in a line for some damned shoes, you have the time to find employment.

  9. SMDH!! Won’t stand in line to vote or for a job but will stand in line to buy shoes!! Not judging, just an obvious observation. FREE YOUR MINDS!!

  10. Actually the use of the n word is very much suited to describe the role Michael Jordan plays in this sad situation. Maybe even Sambo.

  11. Isn't this the State, that reported 27 people Killed over the Fathers Day weekend? Oh, I forgot, like most "Hoods" across America, WE believe in "things" being more Important than Live issues. So that WE can walk around showing off on EACH OTHER in the "Hood". Will not camp out for weeks for ANYTHING, that might lift up the Black, but for "things", where does the line start. Smh. Stayup People. Peace

  12. To each his or her own, me or mine not standing in line for no material shit, now I see the importance of standing in.line for needs(food,shelter,finance etc..), trends are not important to me, but maybe to those that do it its important to have a pair of Jordans, I think MJ should consider creating additional employment when his shoes are launched, maybe have a temporary crew in each state to give out t-shirts,keychains, gift cards, for those that stood in line and possibly won’t walk away with MJs, show thanks n support and he would be doing a service the people he hires, get right with the people that have supported you!

  13. And isn't this the State that have no jobs, half of the homes all boarded up due to the automotive economy leaving….and you got money to spend on shoes, when they probably are the same ones he made years ago, just a different color to make people think it is something new!!. Wow.

  14. @Militant Prince or applying for a job!!!

  15. Most of these idiots don’t have a pot to piss in nor a door to throw it out of but they are dumb enough to pay $250 for a pair of Jordan shoes, how sad, he is a billionaire and most of them are on food stamps and welfare! Mike thanks you dummies for helping to make him rich, enjoy your food stamps when you get home! Those shoes will not be legendary for he will come out with a new pair for you fools in 2-3 years if that long, probably by Christmas!

  16. We have a culture where most listen to hip hop/rap, watch negative black tv shows, and go to clubs as a normal activity. Parents not teaching their children black history, people not reading books, not striving for economic freedom, so this is what you get as a result. People who care more about shoes than actually owning a house on the set they claim. Parents should not buy their babies or kids Jordans. Rappers calling OUR PEOPLE worthless should not be supported when they sing about us being worthless. If you notice our music is getting worse and so is the future of our youth. They don't have leaders and music is their biggest influence. Music talks about: sex, drugs, materialism. Black music is getting worse and artists are not even receiving awards anymore. White rappers are getting more recognition without calling eachother the "h" or "b" word. Wake up and turn off the radio and television.

  17. Kwasi, you are a fool. What gives you the right to refer to Mr Jordan as a nigger? You are just as pathetic as other racist.

  18. Why are so many people blaming MJ for this foolishness? This is still a free market society and whether or not Black people realize it 'you are no longer legal slaves' no one can force you to purchase these overpriced shoes.

  19. Nike is the billionaire from the sale of the shoes; not Mike. They buyers of the shoes live in a bankrupt city, yet they will spend money for a pair of very expensive gym shoes.Please! Lunancy!

  20. BUT THEY WON'T CAMP OUT TO VOTE….cause you know—-it's not important enough 🙁

  21. I’m with the other post. I don’t know why everyone is “harping” on Michael Jordan. He’s making his money….you don’t have to contribute. Any “reasonable” person is not out trying to get a pair of these shoes.

  22. … and all of them are black!

  23. No words…just a *HEAVY SIGH* and SMDH.

  24. The shoes are a limited edition, they are purchased and resold on the internet for triple the price,
    I stood in line for my kids and made several hundreds dollar. Our kids are business savy.
    I agree with them on letting the public think What they want. Everytime We find a way to survive it is legislated away.


  26. Cause it’s a shock and a cheap shot from a Black man that millions of us have supported and Believed in and followed for Years … now he’s too big for those who put millions in his pocket … that’s sad. – He could rebuild all this downtrodden – and still be Wealthy. Thanks Mike. For your fake self Support, nice to give back huh? If your Soul is ok, so is Mine. I struggle on….

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