Confused Florida Councilman Apologizes for Photobombing Incident

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One Florida councilman is apologizing for taking credit for a project that had nothing to do photobombing councilmanwith him.

During a groundbreaking event for a water project between the cities of Altamonte and Apopka, Eatonville Councilman Alvin Moore jumped into a photograph even though he didn’t contribute to the project. As it turns out, Moore says he was confused by instructions yelled out at the event.

“They asked for all the elected officials to come up. I’m an elected official, so I came up like all of the rest of the elected officials,” explained Moore.

The councilman not only came up for the picture, but he also began shoveling with an imaginary shovel. Next, he pranced over to Altamonte Springs City Manager Frank Martz and continued doing the same imaginary shovel thing. Martz says he asked the councilman to remove himself from the photos, but Moore did not leave.

“He starts talking to me at the same time the photographer is talking to me. So I’m like, ‘Who am I supposed to be listening to?’ So I took the directions of the photographer,” Moore said.

Even Altamonte Springs’ Mayor Pat Bates called Moore out for jumping into the picture in order to get a photo-op.

“Councilman Moore inserted himself into the photos during the groundbreaking and even grabbed a ceremonial shovel,” wrote the mayor.

Moore said he was discombobulated by everything that was happening so fast and didn’t recognize Martz.

“I didn’t know who you were, and I apologize profusely,” he explained.

He has apologized to the mayor as well, who responded by saying, “apology accepted.”





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