CNN Asks Mississippi Blacks Why They Voted Republican

by / June 25, 2014 Black News 55 Comments

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The most interesting aspect of Sen. Thad Cochran’s (R-MS) win was the impact of black voters.CNN Cochran.jpg Some have speculated that Cochran squeaked by thanks to black voters who came out to push him over the top. Local news reports even showed blacks waiting in line to vote in the Republican primary, which is uncommon amongst a demographic that usually votes overwhelmingly for Democrats.

“It may be a Republican runoff between GOP incumbent senator Thad Cochran and tea party challenger Chris McDaniel, but to these Democrats, allowed by law to vote in this race, party doesn’t matter,” explained CNN’s Dana Bash, who interviewed several black voters as they exited precincts.

Several black voters admitted that even though they were lifelong Democrats, they still came out to support Cochran. “He’s tested and I just like what he’s done for this state,” said one black voter when asked about Cochran.

As BreakingBrown reported, several black preachers helped convince black voters to support Cochran:

The New York Times reports that a dozen black pastors met in a store front church to devise a plan for convincing their members to support Sen. Cochran in the primary.

In explaining their position, Bishop Ronnie C. Crudup Sr., a pastor at the New Horizon Church International, said that “in tough times, you’ve got to do some unusual things.”

No one knows how this will impact future races or whether this means that blacks will become players in the politics of both political parties, but Cochran’s win has forced people to pay attention.

Cochran’s Tea Party opponent, Chris McDaniel, said  it was “a shame” that Cochran reached out to liberal Democrats to secure his win.

Do you think black Mississippi Democrats made the right decision by strategically supporting Cochran? Or should people who traditionally vote Democratic support Democrats no matter what?

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55 Comment

  1. It’s a good thing. Blacks should not be in lock step voting
    always as expected. In the end a Republican was going to win
    anyway. And at least they know what they got with
    Cochran and now he owns them something. Plus the Tea Bagger
    was even more to the right and if he had won his politics would
    have been even harder on black folks.

  2. Under no circumstances would I vote Republican but this one. I understand – they had a choice between Cochran or the TEA BAGGER – Cochran was the only other choice – never in life would I vote for a Tea Party candidate – never!!

  3. Yes of course!

  4. Well Mcdaniels wants to be the next david duke so the black people of the state did the right thing to stop this racist POS!

  5. Finally someone understands what actually what was going on, the people saying that we will continue to vote for Sen. Cochran are absolutely out of touch with reality, would you have elected a closeted racist and advocate of destroying any remaining things we have left from the struggles of the last 400 years most notably since the mid 50's to today, or elect someone who will have a chance of being defeated in the next election and even if he is not has a great debt owed to us to repay

  6. This should have been a closed primary for Republicans only.

  7. BANG YOU~ Y' LL _SNAKE/FAKIN AIN'T RIDIN-BISCUIT W/ THAT WORD SALADmedusa head snakesThad Cochran and tea party challenger Chris McDaniel!!

  8. BANG YOU~ Y' LL _SNAKE/FAKIN AIN'T RIDIN-BISCUIT W/ THAT WORD SALADmedusa head snakesThad Cochran and tea party challenger Chris McDaniel!!

  9. BANG YOU~ Y' LL _SNAKE/FAKIN AIN'T RIDIN-BISCUIT W/ THAT WORD SALADmedusa head snakesThad Cochran and tea party challenger Chris McDaniel!!

  10. Too many Americans are "stuck", entrenched in a mindset of party that they fail to recognize when they need to adjust their thinking. Vote for the best, not the party. I certainly voted republican before due to the issue at the time and the best person (I believed) to handle that issue. You can affiliate with and support a party, but, above all, support a righteous cause.

  11. This just proves the some BLACK FOLK are uneducated about the Political process. And that is saying it nicely. They are out right stupid. But, I can't place the blame on most of them. As reported here, their Pastor told them to vote for Cochran. And I bet you these Pastor will be PAID IN FULL by the candidate one way or the other. And I'll say this again, the IRS should REVOKE these pastor Non Profit status immediately.

  12. I bet they change that rule..LOL

  13. if anything this should be a wake up call to the gop that the black vote matters! now, cochran, as far as I know, as never courted the black vote before. it was only when he was backed into a wall that he even thought about courting the black vote. it was irrelevant to him. instead of chris "david duke" mcdaniel and his other teajhadist getting made that black voters helped cochran to win, they should all learn from this: when campaigning, ALL voting blocks ARE revelant, not just the heterosexual, male, wasp. if that was all it took to win, then cochran would not have needed black support. the presidential elections are just around the corner. if the gop do not learn from this, they will not see another Repub in the White House for another 20 years. the demographics are a changing in favor of the democrats.

  14. Voting for the "BEST" candidate (these days) is the best way to cast your vote! Dems or GOP are not an automatic safe choice! Remember, Your Vote, Your Choice (Not your pastor)! Question: Who the HELL is Sonny Scroggins?

  15. At first I was incredulous as to why would so called "Black" people vote for a scumbag republican, then I learned that it was just a republican primary. Now I understand that they cast that vote to ensure that the tea (bag) party candidate would not reach the general election so that even if the Democratic candidate looses the general election against the republican candidate, at least he will be the lesser of two evils. That is a smart move therefore I retract my previous post where I falsely labeled the pastors who convinced members of their congregations to vote for a republican as sell outs for their 30 pieces of silver.

  16. This is what might have happened t Eric Cantor in Virginia but in the opposite. He might have had substantial number of Democrats black and white who voted against Cantor and for the Tea Party candidate there.

  17. It was in large part a choice between the lesser of the two evils that best represented Black interest. So Blacks exercise their political power and voted the old white boy who was smart enough hide his racism.

  18. Blacks should have the same right as everyone else; to vote for the candidate of their choice. If Republicans would speak to blacks and reach out to us rather then try to suppress our votes they might be surprised.

  19. to me now days your vote does not make a purpose because they are only going to do what they are told by the devil any way this is his world and as much as we would like a change that is not going to happen until christ comes back .

  20. Gary T Ford and what are they going to take away, Obama phones and other free stuff? This free stuff is what destroyed the black family.

  21. No my friend, stupid is to keep voting only for Democrats. Blacks have been voting only Democrat for the last few decades but have nothing to show for it. Oh yes, the Democrats did destroy the black family.

  22. Brother I think you are the one out of touch, the game has change and u need to change with it.

  23. Anybody that accept support from the racist tea party and kkk, be for real.

  24. Brother you did your homework I see.

  25. Could not have said it better.

  26. We are doing the same thing here in Texas.

  27. If you don't vote then you have no reason to complaint.

  28. I like all of the comments they all make sense.

  29. the trouble is we vote for candidates that are already vetted by others. Its like having a grocery store full of fruits ofevery type but telling your child they can only choose between bananas and grapes…nothing more! If history hasn’t PROVED to you by now that your vote is meaningless without collective money (which equals power) to back it up….nothing will!

    • “If history hasn’t PROVED to you by now that your vote is meaningless without collective money (which equals power) to back it up….nothing will!”

      True dat!!! During the last presidental election, the LGBT community raised 8 million dollars to help get Obama reelected. Since then, Obama has been looking out for LGBT’s (Gay marriage, getting rid of don’t ask, don’t tell, etc.).

  30. The mindsets of these people are twisted in every which way! They really don’t have a clue but there they are. Is it possible to believe and vote for lying politicians? Yes and it is happening much too often amongst misguided, misinformed blacks and whites! Religious believers tend to put their faith in the wrong places. When their lives are reduced to chopped liver they can’t even figure out why!
    Furthermore Skin-heads, Klansmen, Neo-Nazis and the likes, do not vote along ‘democratic party’ lines. Blacks are siding with a party filled with people who would see them not just dead, but suffering before death! I spoke to one female “black” about the irony of voting republican, and I knew she thought that the republicans are more into religious “God” ideology, and are always trying to destroy the freedoms of others based on the bible. They use the bible to justify and rationalize all of the evil things they have done and are doing to people. Including Indian genocide and slavery, Jim Crow, discrimination and stealing public resources from blacks and browns etc But you can’t tell ‘ignorant’ blacks that they are hard of hearing, and short of memory. They even believe that the Klan is somewhat disbanded and less powerful! That’s a retarded idea but a black person has to be retarded to join sides with the worse of our foes! All of the most racist organizations are deeply into the republican party and many of them hold prominent offices of government so it’s no wonder that many of our people are shot like Trayvon and incarcerated in greater numbers per capita! None of this can penetrate the minds of blacks who literally believe in fairy tales, angels, demons, and other humanly concocted insanity! Insanity being the key word. We have no protection for our community and our idiotic members who flock to the most volatile side are part of the problem and no part of the solution!

  31. Dumb question….it was the republican primary and Thad is just a regular republican whereas his competition is a crazy ass tea party idiot. We will vote Democrat when the actual election comes around. Just wanted to make sure that that idiot did not make it on the ballot…..we are not completely stupid…..at least no more than any other state…….

  32. In this case it does not matter!!

  33. I'm so very proud of my people! Now keep this up for November!

  34. You are allowed to vote for the person of your choice. When an elected official is not doing the job he was elected we all need to vote him out no matter what party he represent.

  35. EXACTLY TARIQ..BINGO. That is the same thing we did in VA, to make sure Eric Cantor. The TEA BAGGER is a cinch to be beaten in the general election.

  36. Tony, the only replacement for Black people to vote for is if we create a party of Black people who will work for black people. Because I hope you certainly are not suggesting that Republicans love us and want the best for us. They want us to get over whatever atrocities and institutionalized discrimination we suffered, which has us at a disadvantage and just move on. How can that happen when there is still discrimination on every level. Democrats may not be perfect, but until we find a better solution I am voting DEMZ

  37. Tyrone, stop eating kissing but and get on board. You probably like Allen West and Herman Cain too. Two silly lil dyck black boys who repeat everything racist white politicians say about black people. If he is a Tea Bagger, he is racist PEROD

  38. Brady Bibbs I hope you're doing it for the same reasons we did it in VA……STRATEGY as opposed to the misconception that Republicans will do anything for the Black Community. ESPECIALLY in Texas, Mississppi, Alabama, Lousisiana and Florida and Georgia.

  39. I guess they called themselves going with the lesser of the two evils!

  40. This should be a wake up call for all Black people, they are still having a problem with the election, Mr. McDaniel is trying to now call foul because of the Black vote(note the MS law states that if you did not vote in the first primary, you can vote in the runoff and that's what happen); but the point I am trying to make is this if we will get out and vote we can and will change the makeup of congress. The places where Blacks have made a difference in the elections have become a pivotal point in how those running for office view us- no longer will we sit back and take what they try to shove down our throats . Again I say "WAKE UP BLACK PEOPLE", we control our destiny

  41. Danita Ford, while some of what you say is true Christ also told us to be faith stewards of what He has given us and voting with faith of Him shall and will change things simply because He said it would; also we have no knowledge of when He returns, even He doesn't know so why allow Satan to tread upon you and feed you any and every type of garbage there is and do nothing

  42. Oh, please, are you kidding me? With all the Voter ID Laws and crap the GOP pushes, and these people can vote any way they feel, why is this now some big scandal? WTF?

  43. WizzardG, I couldn’t a said it better meself. You hit the DOGma right on it’s Butt. Right outta de ballpark. Truth be told.

  44. It is just so easy! Maybe the man is right in that some of us do not deserve the power to vote or make major decisions–until we learn to think!

  45. About time we play the game what have the MS Dems did for MS blacks lately except take their vote for granted Politics make for strange bedfellows be independent damn the GOP & the Democrats make them fight for your vote

  46. Ask your self what have a republican party did for the black in the history of establishing a black consensus .Did Regan really support MLK a national holiday or was he still an ole goldwater supporter and yes we bury ourselves in the flag of shame I haven't seem much a republican do except creat a bill stand your groung to allow Zimmerman get off capital murder and if a black person did they were sentence like the black woman in Florida so get your facts in order tea party is not your cup of tea if you think you're getting full flavor it might be cut generic

  47. My thang is what do Black people in MS get for voting for this Republican dude? (Quid pro quo) Choosing for the lesser evil don’t fly!!!

  48. I think the liberal democrats did the right thing by voting for Cochran. The tea party candidate telegraphed his very bigoted platform for hatred and he was stopped at the polls……very strong message to the tea party. In addition the republican also learned if they would try to help minorities instead of hurting and make life difficult for them, they stand a chance of getting more of the minority vote.

  49. I think the liberal democrats did the right thing by voting for Cochran. The tea party candidate telegraphed his very bigoted platform for hatred and he was stopped at the polls……very strong message to the tea party. In addition the republican also learned if they would try to help minorities instead of hurting and make life difficult for them, they stand a chance of getting more of the minority vote.

  50. African American’s in Mississippi who voted Republican in this election or not stupid or uninformed.I believe they were being rational and uninformed.I can say this as an African American in Mississippi I have requested assistance from Thad Cochran’s office
    on numerous occasions and I was never turned down.On the hand I have requested assistance from my Democratic Congressman and I never recieve the assistance which I request. So that being said I watch what people say and not what they do.

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