CNN Asks Mississippi Blacks Why They Voted Republican

by / June 25, 2014 Black News 55 Comments

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The most interesting aspect of Sen. Thad Cochran’s (R-MS) win was the impact of black voters.CNN Cochran.jpg Some have speculated that Cochran squeaked by thanks to black voters who came out to push him over the top. Local news reports even showed blacks waiting in line to vote in the Republican primary, which is uncommon amongst a demographic that usually votes overwhelmingly for Democrats.

“It may be a Republican runoff between GOP incumbent senator Thad Cochran and tea party challenger Chris McDaniel, but to these Democrats, allowed by law to vote in this race, party doesn’t matter,” explained CNN’s Dana Bash, who interviewed several black voters as they exited precincts.

Several black voters admitted that even though they were lifelong Democrats, they still came out to support Cochran. “He’s tested and I just like what he’s done for this state,” said one black voter when asked about Cochran.

As BreakingBrown reported, several black preachers helped convince black voters to support Cochran:

The New York Times reports that a dozen black pastors met in a store front church to devise a plan for convincing their members to support Sen. Cochran in the primary.

In explaining their position, Bishop Ronnie C. Crudup Sr., a pastor at the New Horizon Church International, said that “in tough times, you’ve got to do some unusual things.”

No one knows how this will impact future races or whether this means that blacks will become players in the politics of both political parties, but Cochran’s win has forced people to pay attention.

Cochran’s Tea Party opponent, Chris McDaniel, said  it was “a shame” that Cochran reached out to liberal Democrats to secure his win.

Do you think black Mississippi Democrats made the right decision by strategically supporting Cochran? Or should people who traditionally vote Democratic support Democrats no matter what?

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  1. African American’s in Mississippi who voted Republican in the election are not stupid, nor misinformed.I believe people were being rational & practical.
    I can say this, I don’t know Mr. Cochran personally but I have requested assistance from his office on numerous occasions over the last twenty years or so and his office always came through each and every time.
    On the other hand I have requested assistance from my Democratic Congressman on the same or similar issues and I never
    receive a satisfactory resolution.That being said we need to watch what people say rather than what they do.
    I think its not very respectful to think that African American’s in Mississippi cannot think for themselves. I for got many disregard us because they feel we are stupid & slow. The joke is on you.

  2. All states should allow you to vote your choice, not by party.

  3. What a strange article. It didn't get to the real reason. Cochran may be a good ole southern boy, but his opponent was a crazy Tea Party loon. The enemy of my enemy get's my vote.

  4. Bereken zelf uw hypotheek. Hypotheek berekenen? Maak snel een indicatieve berekening van het maximale leenbedrag van uw hypotheek.

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