Is Clarence Thomas A Sell Out?

by / June 27, 2014 video 37 Comments

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Clarence Thomas was born June 23, 1948 in the small black community of Pin Point, Georgia.  He grew up poor and spent a significant portion of his childhood without his father.  Thomas attended seminary at the urging of his grandfather and graduated from St. John Vianney Minor Seminary in 1967.

The assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. in 1968 encouraged Thomas to become involved in social justice causes, and he began protesting the Vietnam War as well as campaigning for civil rights.  He helped establish the Black Student Union at Holy Cross College.  It was his attendance of Yale University Law School that helped shaped his conservative views.

After earning his law degree, working for Missouri Attorney General John Danforth, and spending several years as an attorney for Monsanto, Thomas eventually received several appointments from President Ronald Reagan.  This included being named as the chair of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) in 1982.

President George H.W. Bush nominated him to the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.  This would be Thomas’ only judgeship prior to his appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court in 1991 as a replacement for Thurgood Marshall.

Despite allegations of sexual harassment from former aide Anita Hill, the selection committee ruled that there was not enough evidence to support Hill’s allegations, and Thomas was approved by a 52-48 vote of the Senate.

One of Thomas’ decisions that have made many question whether or not he truly supports the rights of black people was his opposition to decisions that favor affirmative action.

Thomas has also been criticized for his history of favoring police over defendants when it comes to Fourth Amendment issues of unreasonable search and seizure.

The following video is a 60 minutes interview.  The interview is conducted by Steve Kroft and originally aired in 2007.  The two discuss the fact that so many black people consider him a sell out for his conservative views as well as Thomas’s initial hesitancy at being appointed to the Supreme Court.

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37 Comment

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  3. Clarence Thomas has shown by the sloppy reasoning behind his position on important Civil Rights issues that he has little to no concern for the beliefs of other African Americans. I think he even took the side of the Klan in one case back around 2003. In a free country Thomas is entitled to his own beliefs, but consistently ruling against African Americans on everything?

  4. This NIGGA is a complete sell out! A Selfish Self Centered Asshole who hasn’t done anything positive for blacks since his appointment. Fuck him & his views! This NIGGA might have 5 ppl at his funeral whenever he dies.

  5. That’s why he is in that position, because he was always willing to be as puppet. They put him through humiliation(Anita hill) to keep him passive, so he follows all the masters rules.

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  8. Need I list ALL the Supreme Court decisions that causes and will continue to cause Irreparable harm to Blacks and poor people for generations? What about Anita Hill? Would Uncle Thomas approve of treating his white wife in such a manner? Hell YES, he's a sell out!

  9. Yes this coon is a sell out he hates himself and black people. He got a job for life it should be a law no one should have job for life. Fuck him in his bitch azz

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  14. What a terrible disservice & disgrace this Uncle Clarence Tom has done to the memory and legacy of Thurgood Marshall. SHAMEFUL!!!!…Just disgusting!!!! Uncle Clarence Tom has forgotten where he came from. ‘Is he a sell out?’…ha ha…that’s funny!!!… Is rice on a paper plate in the middle of a snow storm white????!!?…HELL YEAH HE’S A SELL OUT!!!…..

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  18. Thurgood Marshall is turning over in his grave right now!!!

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  20. Clarence Uncle Tom Thomas is a puppet on the court. He is not noted for writing court briefs and generally will look at the other conservative justices to see which way they are voting so he can side with them. He claim to fame is beating Anita Hill on sexual harassment charges with his trained lying ass. His day is coming and the only real white person who really likes him, is his wife, and she might be jiving.

  21. When a person forget where he came from and how he got there and those that help him along the way is truly a sell out.

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  23. He seems to be angry or bitter for some reason

  24. Yes, he was purchased by the Republicans during the Anita Hill trial, now he is afraid to open his mouth, he sold his soul!!

  25. I think you hit the nail on the head Marvin. I think he has a serious Black inferiority complex. I'm not one to judge who people get involved with sexually, romantically, etc. But when a 'successful' Black man, from Da Souf, marries a white woman, that says a whole lot. That he could ignore the rank racism of the Republikan Party of White supremacy that began with the election of Ronald Reagan, pretty much tells you all you wan't to know. Reagan began the "War-on-Drugs" that lead to the mass-incarceration of Black men. In everyone of his decisions, Thomas affirmed the Prison-Industrial Complex,etc. That said, this article is the worst piece of crap of I have read so far on here. It starts out asking a question, then tells you to look at a video.

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  27. The only time I could honestly believe, that Clarence Thomas ever considered himself Black, was when he needed affirmative action to go to school, and since voted against affirmative action and any other need that would benefit Black people. You cannot be a sell-out if you, never considered yourself to be Black. Blackness is not just skin color.

  28. what a ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS start to this article…the placement of the word "is" at the beginning!!!! the word should be number 3 in the sentence….(SHOULD read) "C. T IS a sellout"!!!! he's voted AGAINST ANY LAW/RULING THAT WOULD IN ANY WAY BENEFIT BLACK PEOPLE!!!!…as the sister "Elaine Clemons" so aptly put it…FUCK HIM !!!! TRUE "WIGGAS" LIKE HIM SHOULD BE LYNCHED BY US!!!!

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    in this age and in this life…. Shame, shame….
    We have no one to Protect us….
    African America, Latina….
    No one to look out for us….
    This Article and comments brings SADNESS to my Heart.
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  32. @ Carolina I, Cole Allen Suazo….”YOU”, YOU are left!

  33. I can remember some of the testimony of the Senate hearings of Judge Thomas. At no time did I hear him say that he was a Black representative nor did I hear any of his supporters claim that he was being nominated to be a Black representative.
    As far as I could hear and understand he would be an honest evaluator of the issues brought before him.
    I am not a lawyer; therefore I do not believe I am able to judge his decisions. I believe he will have to be evaluated by the many decisions that he has been involved in that have had nothing to do with the Black race.
    Since he was not supported by the democrats or as I remember any Blacks, I do not see how he can be called a sellout or a representative of the Black movement.
    Not all Black individuals represent the Black movement; some individuals are just Blacks who are attempting to do the job that they are responsible for in the best way possible.
    Hopefully, every Black that has an opportunity to fill a position that was previous unobtainable will do his very best, thus disproving the old argument that “Blacks Can’t etc.”
    Certainly we have many highly qualified Blacks that take on the role of Black Leader!
    The problem with the Supreme Court is the length of time that the Republican Party has had control of the Presidency and the Congress. The conservative thinkers have captured the majority of votes!

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