Canadian Art Exhibit Employee Unwittingly Invites Black Women to KKK Exhibit

by / June 5, 2014 Black News 7 Comments

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Canadian Art Exhibit Employee Unwittingly Invites Reality TV Star Demetria Lucas to KKK Exhibit. www.blacklikemoi.com

Actual image of artwork captured by Demetria Lucas

Reported by Nigel Boys

Demetria L. Lucas, contributing editor at The Root and cast member of Bravo’s “Blood, Sweat, and Heels,” recently attended a conference in Montreal, Canada and became bored with the art exhibit. She asked a staff member if she could see something more interesting, so the attendant showed her an exhibition by British artists Jake and Dinos Chapman.

Upon entering the exhibit Lucas and her guest were dumbstruck to see a replica of a 6-foot Klansman in full regalia. Their shock widened more as they realized that this was not the only KKK replica in the exhibition. Lucas claims one KKK mannequin was positioned to look like he was staring down at an exhibition depicting Ronald McDonald being fed a Big Mac on a stick while he was being crucified.

The attendant seemed to think nothing of allowing two African-American women into the exhibit without prior warning of what they would find inside, said Lucas. The employee seemed more concerned that people would be upset about an exhibit depicting a crucified clown and not that a KKK mannequin appeared to be looking at the exhibit.

The mannequins, which seemed to follow Lucas and her guest with their artificial eyes, according to Lucas, possessed a peculiar feature: They were all wearing rainbow colored socks in the style of the LGBT movement and they all had a happy-face decal on their gowns. The attendant informed the women that the reason the mannequins were dressed in rainbow socks was to show the contrast between the hatred of the KKK and the love and peace symbolism of the gay community, according to an attendant.

Lucas concludes that at the end of their tour of the exhibit, they were met with 20 white-hooded mannequins that just freaked her out. She adds that the concerned attendant stated that she had never seen that reaction before, which is probably because they were the first African-Americans to visit the exhibit.



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  1. Are those hoods they are wearing or pictures of the capital building?

  2. Now ain’t that a flip! Guess those Sista’s wasn’t bored after that exhibit! I’d suspect the reaction would be the same if you sent 2 white women to a slave exhibit with 6’2″ naked muscular slave statues everywhere & at the end of the tour were 6 naked slaves with hard 8″ dicks! Maybe they’d run & maybe they’d crawl onto the statues? Go figure!

  3. It's funny how Ms. Lucas is never at a lost for words on the show "Blood,Sweat,Heels", she is quick to check another sistah w/ her harsh words, but after seeing an exhibit of the KKK she can only shreak and clutch her pearls, Really?? Did she ask to speak to the manager of that museum and have a few harsh words for those people??

  4. I’d like to gather a group of “RIDE-OR-DIE” Brutha’s and go toe-to-with the klan.

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