BOSS Sports | UNC’s fake class scandal: Is it meant to destroy Black Studies Departments?

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The recent scandal involving form North Carolina Tarheel Rashad McCants was an embarrassing black eye to the university.  McCants claimed that, despite the fact that he rarely went to class, the university showered him with false academic honors.  The incident led to the blasting of the Department of African American and Diaspora Studies and the ouster of the former chair, who also faced criminal charges in the series of events.  But didn’t the university know what was going on?  What about Tarheels basketball coach Roy Williams?  Is he not responsible for knowing if his players are being guided by his employees toward committing academic fraud so that they can remain eligible to earn millions for him and the basketball program?

University of Louisville professor Dr. Ricky L. Jones has a few things to say about all of this, and he’s not being polite about it.  You can read his article below:


Rashad McCants, UNC, and the Necessity of Black Studies

Dr. Ricky L. Jones

Recent allegations by former North Carolina-Chapel Hill basketball player Rashad McCants have refueled perennial debates about college and university athletic department practices, exploitation of college athletes, the integrity of professors and, in this case, the viability of an academic discipline. McCants told ESPN and other news outlets that his academic advisers steered him to “sham classes” in the school’s African, African-American, and Diaspora Studies department.

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