27 people shot in Chicago over Father’s Day Weekend: Even during church

by / June 17, 2014 Black News 31 Comments

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A string of shootings throughout Chicago started on Friday night and ended Monday, according to police, totalling more than two dozen incidents that police did not know if they are connected, according to published reports.

The heightened spree of 27 shooting incident is abnormally high, even for Chicago, which has become infamous for shootings and homicide in recent years, according to NBC Chicago.

The last shooting in the spree involved a 17-year-old on Chicago’s West Side who was standing among a group of people when shot in the back of the head and died.

According to Chicago Police, the first shooting just after Midnight on Friday, involved a dark-colored sedan. The car’s occupants drove by and shot a 28-year-old man also on the West Side. He was struck in the back and later pronounced dead.

The worst of the violence occurred during Saturday afternoon and early Sunday morning, which included nine total shootings. All nine were hospitalized and in stable or critical condition, the news station reported.

After leading the nation in homicide’s the past couple of years, Police issued a report earlier this year that 2014 had seen a decrease in violence.  But critics say that the flowery statistics are a mirage resulting from a political re-categorization of shootings in a way that keep politicans from looking bad as a result of the violence.


Andrew Scot Bolsinger won more than two dozen press awards during his journalism career. He is a freelance writer, author and operates www.criminalu.co, which is focused on prison reform. He can reached at Andrew.Bolsinger@gmail.com and can be followed @CriminalUniv on Twitter.



31 Comment

  1. No doubt about 21st century genocide going down.
    Does the mainstream media brings this up ?
    Do they discuss this sunday in all the churches on sunday.
    I wonder how many black sport players know or even care ?

  2. Yes they all are concern, that’s why they and others who can afford it move as far away as possible from all of the craziness.
    We have a generation of young men and women who don’t have any respect or moral turpitude to understand the destruction they are during to their communities. We are destroying and killing each other.

  3. Peace Brady Bibbs and let’s really think and discuss what you said that this generation of black youth do not have what you said.
    Let’s really ask the question as to how they got like this?
    Let’s ask the question as to what these people have been expose to over and over for years.
    A process of gradual conditioning to self destruct and destroy.
    Let’s ask the question who really controls this process on a very large scale ?
    Do black people have any major control in relation to all types of images and behavior being fed to the masses ?
    How come so many black people dont see this and just accept this as normal with all these people being shot up and dying.

  4. Strange Brew……

  5. More failed lib policy. When will blacks wake up? The Democratic Party will not save us. We need to go back to God and family.

  6. We need more than that my brother. The government officials have taken money out of Chicago for reason because they want us to do exactly what we are doing so they can implement their plan farther. We are the only ones who stop this and turn things around but our fear and hatred will keep that from happening.

  7. Keep ya minds far more open than ya mind in situations like this…
    Lets get out of the slave mentality people, wake the fuck up!

  8. Juvone Geigher no that is all we need. Keep in mind in places like Chicago, blacks put the government in place. Blacks put lib Democrats in charge of all the big cities with their votes for them. However in the end, nothing change-how stupid.

  9. First off votes have no power in the first place just for show to make people believe that has change anything. You keep believe that garbage if you want to. 2) when there is a lack of funding for jobs for the city the people who are affected would be people who look like me and you. And when there is no source money in the form of jobs well where do you think people will turn to next…go ahead I will wait! SMH 3) who are you calling stupid… I never once in my statement put u down or called you a name. Can you have a intelligent conversation without calling names just because you disagree with what I have to say.

  10. It's shame that Black people can't talk to each other without being civil!

  11. This is a result of alll these bastard children being raised by unwed mothers. It isn’t the responsibility of churches, masjids or any other religious institution to stop the carnage. It isn’t active members of religious organizations doing the killing. It is almost exclusively children of unwed mothers…and yes, the correct term for them is “bastard.” It’s time we call it what it is. We are now faced with a lawless generation that will kill you for little or no reason and do so without remorse.

    NBA great Isiah Thomas in conjunction with Fr. Michael Pfleger of St. Sabina Roman Catholic Church has for the past few years, has been very involved in stopping gang violence. He has also enlisted the help of several members of The Chicago Bulls and other teams who have donated their time to help. All of this is nice, but it really isn’t their job to do so. Why is it Black Americans are always begging someone else to raise their children? Stop asking someone to do for you what you won’t do for yourself.

    It is time for those in the lawless neighborhoods to take up arms in defense of their lives and make these criminals pay a price for their actions. Let each man be paid in full.

    Chosinfew – one of the Frozen Chosin

    • You ain’t that d@mn frozen… if you are your azz is thawing out real fast right now!!! You really don’t know who and what’s behind all those killings… This shyt is not normal at all, and it sure doesn’t sound like the doings of black people.

      Since you say your so fkn chosin… why don’t you ask “GOD” to show you the real faces of the killers and the real underlinning purpose behind the whole thing. Racist white american is on a real mission to genocide all black people. You need not forget they have already started making themselves over to look like a blackman… then do a crime and blame it on the blackman.
      And yes I’m sick of the actions of our people too… but the real truth is “WE TURNED AWAY FROM OUR GOD AND STARTED WORSHIPING (ALL) OTHER GOD’S”…. Our God is a jealous God… so watch what comes out of your mouth because the real definition of a bastard which is God’s definition whom might I add does have the “last word”… :is a man without “GOD THE FATHER”… so now are you a bastard Chosinfew? You sound like one to me. God said he is the father to the fatherless…hum



  13. Folks need to stop acting a damn fool and stop killing each other, while a certain demographic sits back and watches with glee how we keep killing other off. Is it that damned hard to NOT kill your own people?? I have distant relatives who live in two of worst violent, crime ridden cities in the country. There is a reason why they have not seen me in the past 20 plus years, and have never met my son, who is almost 21, and they won't be seeing us. Period.

  14. I agree, Juvone. Folks in general don't realize that the purpose of social media is to gather and engage in discussion and share varying opinions and ideas, without resorting to name calling and insults. And while folks are being petty, black bodies are dropping over stupid shit.

  15. Redbone,

    Who is this that darkeneth counsel by words without knowledge? Are you so ignorant you know not the difference between “chosen” and “Chosin”? Are you that ignorant of your country’s history?

    I have no desire to engage you in conversation for I suffer not fools and the end of my days draws near with the setting of each sun.

    Chosinfew – one of “We few, we Chosin Few” the Frozen Chosin

    • Your ignorance over runs itself above and beyond the law because your are just that (“DUMB-BLIND-STUPID & FkD-UP COMPLETELY”) boy….. definitely not a real man but more so a (Perpetrator-wannabe)….wink!

    • Don’t slim-out because I made a valid point that over-road your mumbo-jumbo….. because that’s all you can actually see because you have absolutely no discernment nor tunnel-vision to see the real truth… your mind is too d@Mn militant-unstable…
      I’m a spiritual radical warrior / only God can shut me down and you don’t even know the real meaning of engage when it comes to war. Mr. Zero!

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