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June 26, 2014

Jackie Wilson: A Story of Fame, Cheating, Violence, and Dying Broke

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Jackie Wilson was one of the first big names in Rock N Roll, but tragic circumstances have led to him being largely forgotten.  Wilson was born in Detroit, Michigan on June 9, 1934.  He began making music in 1953 when he joined the group Billy Ward and the Dominoes as the group’s lead singer. Wilson released his first solo single in 1957 and scored his first No.1 R&B hit in…

Marion Barry Claims FBI Tried to Kιll Him During Crack Cocaine Sting

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Former Washington D.C. mayor Marion Barry alleges that the FBI had an ulterior motive when they busted him for smoking crack cocaine. According to Barry, they weren’t only trying to ruin his career, but they also wanted him deαd. During an interview with “Power Players” about Barry’s book “Mayor for Life”, he explained his thinking. “I just think so, because during the trial the government refused to have that substance…

Payback Time: Miss. NAACP Head Says Republican Thad Cochran Owes Black Voters

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Mississippi  U.S. Senator Thad Cochran (R) was nearly defeated by Tea Party challenger Chris McDaniel, but thanks in large part to black voters, Cochran squeaked by a win. Although voters on the right are outraged at how black Democrats interfered in their Republican primary, Mississippi’s NAACP chief says that Cochran should repay black voters who put him over the top. Derrick Johnson, the president of the Mississippi NAACP, spoke with…