14-Year-Old Boy to Be Tried as An Adult After Stαbbing His Bully to Deαth

by / June 20, 2014 Black News 27 Comments

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Fourteen Year Old Noel Estevez will be tried as an adult for stabbing his bully to death. www.blacklikemoi.com

Noel Estevez

Reported by Krystle Crossman

A stolen iPhone is believed to be part of events that led up to 14-year-old Timothy Crump being stαbbed by his former friend, 14-year-old Noel Estevez. The two used to be best friends. They would play games together, talk on Facebook, and enjoy life. Then one day Estevez was accused by Crump of stealing Crump’s iPhone. Bullying and torment for Estevez ensued.

For months, Estevez was tοrtured by his former friend. He was harassed on social media; Crump and his friends cut Estevez’s hair off and made fun of him; they spread rumors about his sëxuality; and they teased him because his mother had been arrested on drug charges. The bullying got so bad that Estevez tried to kill himself.

Finally, Estevez had decided that he had enough. One day when he left to attend class at Intermediate School 117 in Bronx, NY, he grabbed a 12 inch kitchen knife, just in case someone attempted to bully him. After school let out, he was confronted by Crump again. Crump kneed Estevez in the nose and then punched him in the face. It was at that time that Estevez brandished the knife. He stabbed Crump three times. He was rushed to the hospital and was pronounced dead.

Estevez was arrested and is being charged as an adult with second degree manslaughter as well as second degree murder. After the incident, Estevez’s mother opened the door of her home to find a group of boys that told her what her son did and that they were going to kill him. She took the threat seriously, as he had been tοrtured for months by this group of kids. They had gone to the authorities multiple times but nothing had been done. Estevez is being held without bail until his hearing on Tuesday.

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  1. Bullying is serious, and I blame the authorities for not taking the threats made against this kid seriously, which could've prevented this other kid's death. Authorities have a responsibility to take threats made against people seriously, no matter what the ages of the perpetrators or accusers. I sincerely hope that this kid doesn't have to spend the rest of his life in jail for defending himself, as I would've probably done if I were in his shoes. It was a serious altercation, and although carrying a concealed weapon is illegal, I feel that he was justified in protecting himself, since no one else was doing it for him.

  2. All threats should be acknowledged by the authorities and bring the boys together in the conference room to figure out just how serious the situation is. We have to do our best to take preventative measures to stop all this violence in our schools.

  3. I pray the jury finds him INNOCENT! #hatebullies

  4. The bully got just what he deserved! Schools, parents, laws, do not take bullying serious enough, there will be more children taking it into their own hands when they get fed up with getting beat up! This is a very serious matter and what is sad is the parents of the bully allows it to continue instead of spanking that butt and letting him/her know they will not tolerate it, I bet this mother wishes she had done her job as a parent her son would still be alive, hope this child only gets probation, he was protecting himself the only way he knew how since the adults in his life would do nothing about it!

  5. Too bad ,kid was only defending himself ,what is he supposed to do? Hope he gets off.


  7. This is a particularly sad situation all the way around. There is enough blame to go around to everyone, including the young people. As a parent, we are responsible for our children at all times. What is the best way to get the authorities involved? Keep your child home from school for a while, and see if a truant officer doesn't arrive on your doorstep…there is your foot in the door. The mother should not have allowed herself to be ignored…it was too important. The authorities dropped the ball for whatever reason. They allowed this family to "slip through the cracks" with deadly results. But the children played a significant part in this tragedy. It is easy to dismiss the culpability of the children, by saying "they're just kids". While this young man is not a hardened killer, he made a choice that ended another child's life. He was not 10, he was 14 years old. Although a teenager does not possess the capacity to make adult decisions, they most definitely know right from wrong. They must be held accountable for their actions. Children have to be encouraged to advocate for themselves, so that when a conflict starts, they are able to seek out help immediately…before the matter escalates. Should this young man be tried as an adult? Of course not. But he took someones life, and he must be punished. The punishment for bullying, is not a death sentence, and he has to realize, that he broke the law, and there are consequences. As for the bully, well, he paid the ultimate price for his mistake. I hope that both families somehow find peace and solace together, because both have lost a child.

  8. God is the author of life and death. There is no justification for taking another human beings life. No one really won, one dead, one maybe going to jail. Again, maybe because people are justifying bully equals death. This world is lost without Christ.

  9. Prayers, sad situation all around

  10. Most bully kids are raised by bully type parents themselves, so that's not much help at all. I went through this all doing my school years and it can have a life long affect on your life, so sad. I am truly sorry for both sides of this issue. I really wish that something could be done about kids being so darn MEAN!!!

  11. Most cases the staff knows what's going on they know what to look for. Victims cries for help go unaddressed so matters are taken into thier hands sometimes but just know the bully usually wins out. Those cowardly staffers are great at covering thier butts know that for they themselves are either scared, fond or sympathetic to the bully or don't like the victim for whatever reason color, low scores, smart azz, ,muslim who knows but staff, parent or students are aware but cowards don't come forward so here we are

  12. I blame this on the materialistic world we live in. I know the school and the neighborhood. It is a working class area but parents can find the money to buy a 14/15 year-old a $500 phone. Yet, those same kids are never exposed to a museum, Broadway play, or anything enriching. This is NYC . We have all types of free programs here but it’s too much work for the lazy & ignorant parents. Smgdh. Now two young lives a re lost.

  13. At what age do you gain the right to defend yourself against the repeated physical attacks of another? No one was forcing the deceased to take the action which he took, which included previous assaults as well as verbal threats and slander. He initiated the assault which ultimately lead to his death.

  14. well he didn't seek a gun or a special knife.. he was tired of being jumped! I say it's self defense and he did try to tell police.. they ain't do nothing so he has the right to protect himself… it wasn't 1 on 1. them other boys would have continued had he not stabbed their leader!!
    take out the leader and the rest will run!! 😉

  15. Delwyn, you always have the right to defend yourself against an attack. However, you only have the right to use the same amount of force to repel the attack. I am not holding the deceased blameless, but he has already paid the price for his mistake, so this is a moot point. The bully did not attempt to stab the victim, he used his hands. At some point, we are going to have to teach our children that welding a deadly weapon is not the way to solve problems. That child did not deserve to die no matter what. It is this callous disregard for life, that is snuffing out our future. It seems as though this was a perfect storm, many things came together to cause this situation to escalate, but killing the bully was not the answer.

  16. This kid faced the same as black and the system can collect the monies through taxes that entitles all citizens to fair protection under the law but it's well spent in white neighborhoods system sucks so why are we paying for a fucked system we should sue the police force and state it a right and as for the boy I don't fault him for protecting himself and race is not the matter but the system failed then and on that matter why should we keep paying for this crap

  17. Not killing the child was not right, some kids just don't know how to fight. He did what he thought was best for him. The grown ups should have done more.

  18. Alan Jenkins So because he could not fight, he had the right to use a deadly weapon?

  19. I broke the whiteboy jaw had that bitch sippin out of straw for bout 6-8 months or more for bullying me. Wanted to fuk up his racists friends too was only able to get one beats a blank this was in racist florida and I would dp it again! But O dont think he would!!!

    • Bluebeard,

      Then since you think the “whiteboy” deserved to get his jaw broken, you must also think the black boy deserved what he got for torturing the other kid, right?

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