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June 4, 2014

Pastor Jamal Bryant says destruction of the black family starts with removing the male

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Pastor Jamal Bryant has been in the news lately for his remarks on the pulpit recently, but those remarks might appear to be a minor excerpt of a longer message.  So, out of fairness to the good pastor, it makes the best sense to put an entire sermon in front of readers so they can decide what he’s all about. In this sermon, Pastor Bryant begins speaking about the kidnapped…

My Black Is Beautiful Money Saving Tips

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Stacey Tisdale is a journalist and author who has covered business and financial issues for more than 15 years.  Her book was released in 2007 and is entitled “The True Cost of Happiness: The Real Story Behind Managing Your Money.”  It was published by John Wiley & sons. Tisdale has also partnered with NFL Hall of Famer Ronnie Lott’s All Stars Helping Kids Foundation to develop a financial literacy curriculum…

Woman’s Tongue Is As Long As An IPhone

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Twenty-one year old California student Chanel Tapper has earned the unique distinction of having the world’s longest tongue by the Guinness Book of World Records.  Measuring 3.8 inches (9.75 cm) from tip to top lip, her tongue is twice as long as the average persons.  To give it some perspective, it is as wide as the average palm and nearly the same length as an iPhone. During an interview with…

Viοlence Erupts Between Latino and Black Students at Baltimore High School

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Attαcks at Digital Harbor High School in Baltimore have caused parents, authorities and school officials to come together with hopes of calming tensions. Some students at the school say they fear that unresolved issues will trigger another clash between Latinos and blacks at the school. CBS Baltimore reports that school officials invited parents to meet with police in order to address parent’s safety concerns. “There were some problems between students,…

Hip-Hop artist Nas sat down with the writers for Huck Magazine to discuss his greatest fear and regrets.

Nas: “This is My Soil……I’m a Proud American”

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In the song “If I Ruled the World” Nas rapped about a fantasy world that he’d create if he were in charge. Among other things, the rapper said, “I’d free all my sons, I love em love em baby.” But although Nas understands the pitfalls of America, he recently told PBS’ Charlie Rose that he’s still a “proud American.” During the interview, Rose held up the rapper’s “Illmatic” album and…

Dad Attαcks 11 Year Old on School Bus For Bullying His Autistic Son

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How far would you go to protect your child? Children don’t stand a chance in a confrontation against adults so it is certainly wrong for an adult to assaυlt a child, but what would be your reaction if a schoolyard bully continually harassed your child? A California father took matters into his own hands when he allegedly attαcked an 11 year old bully on a school bus. Burnis Hurd, 44,…

Mike Epps in big trouble for allegedly attacking another comedian

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Reported by Liku Zelleke Atlanta local comedian Lavar Walker says that he was attacked by comedian and actor Mike Epps after he made a video about the feud between Epps and comedian/actor Kevin Hart and posted it to Instagram. Police reports state that Walker claims Epps punched him in the face as soon as he walked out of the Uptown Comedy Corner in Northwest Atlanta. He also said that Epps…