Terry Crews Says Racism Is Forgivable

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Terry Crews recently did an interview with VladTV regarding the Donald Sterling controversy. Sterling has been banned from the NBA for making racist comments on an audio recording that was made without his knowledge and then later released to TMZ. Sterling has a history of racial discrimination, some of which he even faced lawsuits for. The current controversy revolves around a photo his companion, V Stiviano, took with Michael Johnson at a Dodgers game and the conversation that took place after he became aware of the photo. Sterling has repeatedly bashed Michael Johnson and made derogatory comments about black people both in the original audio recording and during his attempts to apologize for the incident.


The backlash from the comments have been widespread with some players, including Lebron James, threatening to boycott if Sterling was not adequately and swiftly reprimanded for his actions.


Crews is an actor and former football player who is best known for his role in the sitcom Everybody Hates Chris. He has played in a number of movies and television shows over the course of his career. Crews experience as a professional athlete gives him a unique perspective on the Sterling controversy. Crews was drafted by the Los Angeles Rams in the 1991 NFL Draft. During his career, he also played for the San Diego Chargers, the Washington Redskins, and the Philadelphia Eagles.


In the VladTV interview, Crews discusses the Sterling controversy and suggests that Sterling should be forgiven. He feels as though it is hypocritical for people to judge Sterling based on comments he made in private. Crews also admits that there are things he has said in private that would most likely offend people if they were to be made public. In what may come as a surprise, Crews also sides with Bishop Don Juan and Yukmouth stating that the NBA should not force Sterling’s removal as owner of the Los Angeles Clippers.



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  1. Except he didn't just make them in private. He discriminated against black renters in his properties. So in this case, the private comments were backed up by very public actions.

  2. Goes to show that everyone should be forgiven. Regardless of color, religion etc… Not saying it is CORRECT!! However, what do we receive in return? When we can not Forgive!

  3. Yes I’m all for forgiveness when someone sincerely ask for Racist don’t hate black people because they did something wrong and need forgiveness, they hate them because they are black. Donald Sterling has discriminated against blacks and minorities for years , so let’s not act like this is a private conversation one time only thing.

  4. Forgiveness is separate from "making good" on the wrongs you did. For instance, if someone steals $5,000 from you, then later asks for forgiveness, does it mean anything? Of course not. The person has to also restore the money they stole. Sterling has a history of racially discriminatory practices, not just words, so sure he can be forgiven, but he must follow that up with meaningful actions.

  5. Sins are to be forgiven AND there are consequences for our sins. There was a demonstrated pattern with this man and for whatever reason he was able to get away with it over a good period of time- -the DOJ fine was a mere slap on the wrist. Clearly, it changed nothing. This excuse of “his comments were made in private” makes it even more insulting considering everything else. How can you believe in the teachings of forgiveness and neglect the other lesson of “what’s done in the dark, will come to light?” He is and should be held accountable and if the consequence is the loss of his team, then so be it. My question to people like Mr. Crews, “exactly, what should happen to Mr. Sterling?” (btw, who is Michael Johnson?? – -come on people)

  6. Terry Crews, has the right to his opinion. I would just hope he continues his opinion's on acting. Funny Man,

  7. VERY WELL SAID Mark Veritas! I agree wholeheartedly! As egregious as his words and nonchalant demeanor about his comments are, he most certainly can and should be forgiven. It's not easy to say, but it is simply the truth. The more empathetic this world becomes, the better off it would be. For the most part I've heard a myriad of friends, family, etc. say derogatory and unsavory things about other races and cultures. I've heard it about myself being Jamaican. I'm sure they didn't have the most malicious intent, and wouldn't say those things if they knew they were being recorded. That is why I agree with what Mark said. Mr. Sterling DEFINITELY needs to pay a steep and appropriate price for the ignorant comments he's made. Especially due to the position he holds. It's like the President saying he only supports black people because he and his family is black. That would be asinine. He helps govern an entire country of people from different ethnic backgrounds.

    I don't know how this Sterling fiasco will play out, but I don't see it ending favorable for all those who are offended. That is the sad, yet true reality of things.

  8. “If you do not understand white-supremacy/racism-what it is,and how it works-everything else that you understand will only confuse you”
    Neely Fuller Jr
    That’s worth reading again and really digesting.

  9. I say we as a people have been too gracious in tolerating systematic racism. Sterling getting crushed is hollow placation. Some might say 'the system is changing for the better… I'm Like Nina Simone : "Too Slow!"

  10. If Sterling was in the T V And movies BUSINESS, Would he feel the same way ? Base on Sterling DISLIKE For Black people, Terry Crews wouldn't be during movies or TV, That what RACISM Is all about, Sterling is a RACIST, He has the power To affected Thousand of people Life. Do Terry Crews or the ones that agree with him Have that kind of Power? The African American i know are Proud of NBA Players Hope they follow through. We are sick and tired, Of Being sick and TIRED,Rev Jackson made a Remark in the 80TH about another group, Apologize over & over again they will not forgive him, You and folks like you can forgive hm, That your RIGHT.

  11. His opinion is his own, so I ok about what the commissioner decided.

  12. Who is Michael Johnson…this credibility of journalism is deteriorating by the minute. Do not be in such a rush to get a story out that you fail to use due diligence in fact finding and spell checking.

  13. Oh, we can forgive Sterling 60 times over, but that's the least of it. Until his heart is reformed, my forgiveness will do little to change the debt he owes Justice, which states emphatically, as a man sows, so shall he reap.

  14. Thank you Mark! I am co-signing to this truth.

  15. Yes he would still be an actor because he makes Sterling money. And Jessie Jackson is never the best or even decent example to use to support any argument about moral conduct. He is even less attractive regarding this type of matter than Sterling. Because Jackson is a wolf in sheeps clothing when it comes to his "public service" to the black community.

  16. Tera Williams I wasn't talking about Moral,Sterling has no moral HE HAS MONEY, As i said Sterling has the power to Hire & fired people ,that make a different, Rev. Jackson has put his life on the line many time for African American his moral is between him and GOD. Here something I know to be True, A People without knowledge of it past is like a TREE without ROOTS (Marcus Garvey) Rev Jackson is apart of HISTORY. Peace

  17. No we were talking about forgiveness. It is funny, those that quote the bible seem to be the last to forgive. Often seeming to be judge, jury and executioner. I stand with you in that Sterling's kind of racism is particularly hurtful for the reasons you listed……the power to hire/fire, influence over someone's ability to earn a living. All things most black people have experienced here in the US. I remember alot of Mr. Jackson's history. Both good and bad, negative and positive. My opinion of his service is just different from yours but no less knowledgeable than yours. Mr. Sterling need only ask God for forgiveness. #realchristiansforgive

  18. @Tera Williams: Asking God for forgiveness without reform doesn't bring either. In God's sight, all are forgiven, all the time. What more would you expect from One who is Love Itself, "of purer eyes than to behold evil, and canst not look on iniquity"?

    We condemn ourselves. Our sins condemn us. Forgiveness comes once we remove the sin that occasioned it, and not before.

    Justice must be the handmaiden of mercy, for without it sins would multiply.

  19. Lets just remember that the original artical is about one mans opinion about the question…is racism forgivable? See those that continue to say that his words or opinion was stated in private must also acknowledge that he used his influence to deny housing to people based on their color. However, forgiving him is a separate entity. My faith and belief in God's word says to pray for him and forgive.

  20. terry crews is crazy ass hell if he thinks racism can be forgiven… Racism will never end so how can it be forgiven.

  21. You wouldn

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