Teen Allegedly Mυrdered Cab Driver for Refusing to Follow Directions

by / May 27, 2014 Black News 8 Comments

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A Pennsylvania teen was arrested after he allegedly gunned down a cabbie for refusing to cabbie_robbery.jpgfollow instructions.

The Times Tribune reports that when Aazis Richardson, 16, was asked why he kιlled the cabbie, he had a ready explanation.

“That’s what I do to people that don’t listen,” he said.

Richardson was charged with mυrder and robbery after Vincent Darbenzio, 47, was found deαd in the driver’s seat of his cab.

While appearing before Judge Joanne Corbett, Richardson wasted no time admitting that he’d gunned down Mr. Darbenzio because the cabbie was “taking the long way and rιpping him off.”

Richardson was arrested with bloοd stains on his paints not long after Darbenzio had picked up the teen at around 3am. Once Richardson decided he didn’t like the route Darbenzio was taking, he shοt the cabbie in the back of the head and stole $500. He told police that he dumped the money in the woods but police weren’t able to locate it.

“All hοmicides have a certain level of coldness,” Chief Carl Graziano said at a news conference after the Friday arraignment. “But this particular defendant exceeds all measurable levels of coldness.”

Investigators found Richardson by tracing the phone number used to call the cab.

When the cab was found, the victim was partially hanging out of the door. Richardson used a 9mm in the kιlling, one he claims to have purchased for $175. The 16 year old also claims to be a member of the Boyton Boys set of the Blοods gang.







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  1. If found guilty he should get the death penalty. Until this allegedly, self-confessed miscreant Aazis Richardson is found guilty he is presumed innocent. And yes my opinion still stands in consideration of him being 16 years old. Furthermore he should be hanged in a public square. And yes I am African-American! And proudly so!

  2. Wow!That’s what he said???“That’s what I do to people that don’t listen,” .THAT’S WHAT THEY ARE GONNA DO WHEN THEY KILL HIS ASS WITH THE DEATH PENALTY!BYE BYE GARBAGE!

  3. Send him away for life.

  4. This is another example of a government idea of raising a child when he/she is born the government give them a social security card so already they are the property of the government you can cloth and feed them but you are not allowed to discipline them for fear of going to jail, after the rebellion set in the child goes to prison and the new parents tell them when to go to bed,what to eat, what to wear,shut up, turn off the lights. I have worked with the Prison system for over three decades and it is terrible some of the things that young people get into all because of being left to them selves they come to ruin.

  5. There are some people I believe can never be rehabilitated. This reprobate is one of them. Condolences to the family of the cab driver.

  6. The driver should have shot him dead on the spot. It is so much more efficient and just.

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