Suze Orman gives a retirement roadmap

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When you get old and gray, are you ready for whater retirement brings into your life?  Millions of Americans think that they are never going to grow old and spend as if life is going to stand still for them forever.  The problem with this form of logic is that you can’t work your butt off everyday for the rest of your life, since our backs eventually become too tired for us to get up and earn a paycheck everyday.

Saving for retirement is critical and most Americans are not doing it.

Even worse is that Social Security is going to be dead soon, since your friendly government was kind enough to spend all of your money long before you ever reached retirement age.  So, the question is:  “Do you want to end up begging and borrowing in your later years, putting a burden onto those you love, or do you want to be financially independent?”

In this video, Suze Orman gives a retirement roadmap for young people, particularly those in their 20s and 30s.  But the plan applies to everyone.

Don’t allow your short-term financial situation to cause you to ignore long-term financial necessities.  As Suze says, “If you can’t pay your bills right now while you’re young and have a paycheck, how are you going to be able to do it when you no longer have that paycheck?”

Retirement planning requires discipline.

Are you committed to making the right decisions now, or will life have to make you pay a price for not planning ahead?

You have to watch this video.

Just save a little bit, since it will make all the difference.

Tell us what you think.

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